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The Most Unreliable

The Park And Associates Cpa is the most unreliable, negligent and dishonest person I know.

I have have my returns filed with thim 2 years in a row, the first year was no problem.

But let me tell you about the second year, I had all of my family members file theirs with him too considering that I was that person who deals with all matters financial for my family-

1. He filed with incorrect social , i only became aware as I was checking the updates on the IRS website only to get no status , when I inquired with him, he said he had to refile _wtf???? ok, fine that’s bad enuff as is, but 3 weeks later , still no updates????

2. state tax proposed a new amount from what I received last year saying I owed it back to the state, the state gave me 2 months to protest which i provided right away for him to draft a protest– i had to followup with him weekly until he mailed it out the day before (alledgely) thru fedex…. now month later, I get a demand letter from the state and when I called the state, they stated there has been no protest filed. WTF?

CPA’s are held to a really high standard of business conduct and this is just an outrage.. I feel totally scammed…everytime he is suppose to do something and even tells me that he has done it, i find out otherwise… and he is one of those people who has an excuse for everything….

you get better service at burger king… i am just speechless …as anyone who uses a cpa on regular basis, the service is not cheap but worth the price for the quality of work done-usually.

Dont ever go to this place, I am going to file a complaint with the IRS , Franchise Tax Board and with the California Board of Accountancy.

He is dishonest, negligent in a manner that down right criminal.

Nevermind the potetial loss i could be facing, the amount of time I had to follow up with him to get things done(and still it wasnt enuff).

It was as if having a problem employee you need to constatly micromanage, and still manage to f up cuz they just lie when they are under the gun…


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1 review on Park And Associates Cpa

  1. This man is truly an amazing man.

    This man is a hard worker. He does not own a huge company with many employees but he certainly works as hard as 5 people. I have noticed the other review being more negative but time has certainly passed by and this man has proven to be more than a capable cpa.

    He treats his workers as family and wants to build a strong and good relationship with his clients. He came from a tough background but to see how far he has come is truly amazing.

    He had the support of others and God and continues to go on each day with the best of his efforts. Yes there are days when people make mistakes but no one is perfect. However he makes the effort to be the best he can be as every individual should.

    I gave him four stars. He’s not the most amazing CPA but he strives to be the greatest that he can be and many people can see that and respect him for doing so. That is why he has many clients.

    Not only that he is a man of such a kind heart. He has donated much of his own money to African organizations to help build cafeterias at schools. One was created last year in Thucilla Primary school and it’s called Janice E Park Hall. He himself went to Africa to help them prepare the food and do volunteer work. This man is truly an amazing man.

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