Lawrence C Cheung

Never Thoroughat of All Appointments

My dad saw Dr. Cheung a few times. Besides being nice this doc doesn’t seem very knowledgeable of his line of work. My dad only speaks Cantonese. Dr Cheung is always quick and never thorough at all of my dad’s appointments. He would prescribe my dad medicated skin cream that irritated his skin even more each time. And his staff is horrible.

My dad came back from his appointment today and was upset that the front desk receptionist collected $20 from him instead of his usual $10 copay and was not given a receipt. I tried calling the office to speak to the front desk receptionist and the office manager Tanisha answered the phone. Wow talk about rude. She was over the top rude and unprofessional.

I was trying to explain to her what happened and she was no help at all. She kept arguing with me saying that no one collected the $20 from my dad. When I asked to speak to Dr. Cheung Tanisha was sarcastic and very difficult with me saying that doc doesn’t have time to speak with me and that’s why she’s there to deal with things like this. Lon story short she kept arguing with me and finally she hung up on me. 10-15 minutes later she calls me back and did not apologize at all but to give me some bogus explanation of why her staff collected $20 from my dad today.

Her story was that my dad’s co-pay went up from $10 to $20 in September of this year and that they only collected $10 from him back in September and not $20. So my dad owed them $10 copay for month of September. Tanisha’s story dose not make any sense. If that were true my dad would have owed them $30 and not $20. I’m sorry but I don’t understand how is it possible to have a office manager like her. Her story changed from saying “no one charged my dad $20” to “his co-pay changed that’s why her receptionist charged my dad $20 today”. Overall horrible experience with the staff at this office. My dad will never go to Dr. Cheung again and I will definitely spread the word to people I know. ***ZERO STAR FOR MY REVIEW

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6 reviews on Lawrence C Cheung

  1. I really don't understand how these people run business.

    Glad to hear he has had a ‘come to Jesus’ with his staff – it was overdue ! Unfortunately Jesus and the Ivy degrees didn’t help him from failing to diagnose or treat the melanoma I asked him to examine. Thank God for my excellent Internist.

  2. I really don't understand how these people run business.

    I received an invoice after an office visit and wanted to talk to someone from billing to get this covered by my insurance. I didn’t get a single call back after numerous attempts. Two years later, I got a call from Ms. Tanisha Brandy from Dr. Cheung’s office asking about the payment. When I asked why she didn’t call me back two years ago, she denied it and told me “it will be your words against mine.

  3. Not recommended. Basically a "rookie".

    One of the worst dermatologists ever visited. Bad bedside manners. Very cold, sterile and apathethic to my visit of chronic skin problems. Not recommended. Basically a “rookie”.

  4. I moved on with my life.

    I’ve only been to this dermatologist for my rosacae and he’s done a bang up job. I’m not as picky as other people when it comes to things so I’m just going to say I paid this man money, he treated my problem professionally, and I moved on with my life.

  5. He is one of the best dermatologist in the city.

    He is one of the best dermatologist in the city. My mother had such a horrible experience with bunch of doctors who didn’t know how to treat her skin condition and Dr. Cheung was able to take care of it very quick and effective

  6. I would highly recommend Dr. Cheung.

    I have had a great experience with Dr. Cheung and I wouldn’t consider going to any other dermatologist. He is friendly and has a great bed side manner. He patiently answers all of my questions.

    He is confident and knowledgable. A couple of years ago, I had to have a mole removed from my face which can be a scary procedure. Dr. Cheung did an excellent job and you can barely see the scar years later. I would highly recommend Dr. Cheung.

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