Dr. Sumi Kawaratani

The Attitude Of The Person Answering The Phone

It’s rare to see a doctor with such glowing reviews. And so for a long time – as I lived down the street – I tried to get an appointment with the revered Dr. Sumi Kawaratani.

I waited for many, many months. And dealt with the attitude of the person answering the phone, which should have acted as a warning to me.

To be quite frank, this was to be the second worst experience I’ve had with a doctor in California.

The first being another physician In Little Tokyo who diagnosed me with a fatal disease (by accident).

I came to Dr. Kawaratani for a physical. I found her to be rude, abrupt, cynical, condescending, verbally invasive and generally annoyed with my existence.

She reprimanded me more than once for things that were quite standard for a man’s life, in a way that made me feel like it was an inquisition.

Ask a question and I’ll answer honestly, but who the hell are you to sit there and judge me???

In addition, even though there was little to no actual physical exam – no blood test, no checking my body for anything other than weight and basic health really, she had me sit there on her examination table for 45 minutes in that bloody napkin.

Yah…like basically naked (freezing my butt off) with a little piece of material to cover me, and then she had the audacity to comment that “I didn’t look very comfortable”.

Yah hon, I’m not comfortable sitting here wearing a napkin while you tell me off for my sex life or alcohol or smoking 10 cigarettes a year.

It was like an inquisition. With her typing away on that laptop from 1983. And no offense, but our Doctor here doesn’t exactly look like the picture of Olympian health.

Perhaps she needs to take some of her own medicine.

At one point – and this is the absolute truth – she asked me a question (political?) that she didn’t like the answer to, and she told me that I “reminded her of her husband”.

I mean – really – is that a normal comment to make to a new patient? Or to anyone for that matter.

Never had an experience like this before but my strong suggestion is head over to the west side for your medical expertise.

Seems like Little Tokyo is a little off in this area.

P.S. Notice another 1-star review has to do with a MAN getting sick and there being a problem with the Doctor getting annoyed. Interesting.

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3 reviews on Dr. Sumi Kawaratani

  1. Big bummer

    Not accepting new patients. Big bummer

  2. don't call to waste of your time

    They don’t take new patient.don’t call to waste of your time

  3. If you want the best...go to the best.

    After 25+ years of care for my family, I feel compelled to say something. “Dr. K” is the best of the best. When I had a serious accident, had 12 physicians and surgeons on my payroll, “Dr. K” was the GO-TO when I needed the best advice, the most heartfelt guidance. Trusted her with my life. Still do! If you want the best…go to the best.

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