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Dr. Steven R. Gundry, MD advertises fake offers

I receive many promotional emails from Dr. Steven Gundry and it is rare that I click on any of them. It takes me a lot to go through the entire mail. However, I checked the one about Vital Reds. It talks about strengthening the inner balance of helpful microbes. I had read about it earlier and knew about the product.

There was a link few days back that claimed to be a short video. However, when I clicked on it, it took 1 hour to complete. Although it was not a small video but the information seemed interesting.

So, when I saw the offer email, I couldn’t resist myself and instantly clicked on the offer. The offer said that there was free delivery on all the US orders and there was no shipping charge which seemed nice. So, I wanted to give it a try.

I clicked on the link and it took me to the page that asked me for my information. So, I filled in all the details with payment information. However, it was not getting through and was asking me to select the shipping charge. The cheapest plan was for $4.95. This was a big turn off and I promptly called the customer service. They were rude and did not mention anything about the offer. They told me that the offer has expired. But, they emailed me and I clicked the link right away. It also showed in the website.

So, how the offer was gone in just few minutes of typing my details. I asked them not to contact me again. This is a fake company that make you think you can get a lot of benefits. I think I was saved because later when I checked in detail about the reviews, I was stunned

They have got few great comments in the starting of the review page. But, when you will scroll down, you will find lots of people talking about their worst customer service. Dr. Steven also advertised that the green and white tea do not have caffeine. Do you think this is possible? On the contrary, they have caffeine in high amount.

People who have tried to give up on this vital red, have to go through a lot of problems. They have reported about body ache and headache. They have also mentioned the problems with their heart rate and all these are related to the caffeine addiction.

So, if you want to get rid of this thing, you need to do it gradually. It categorizes this shitty, vital red by Dr. Steven under other addictive products such as alcohol and drugs. I would not advise anyone to go for it.

This product is not worth a penny. I had the worst experience with this company. And if they continue to be like this, soon they will lose their customers for no good. Dr. Steven is fooling customers though these worthless doses and all his claims have no ground.

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9 reviews

  1. Dr. Steven is a fraud

    What a bait. They offered a free shipping order and when I tried to place the order and filled out my information, they asked me to select the shipping option. So, I cancelled the transaction. But they charged my credit card and confirmed the order from their end adding the shipping charge.

    He will burn in hell.

  2. Steven Gundry Review

    Dr. Steven Gundry’s vital red is the worst product I have used till date. It was nothing. There was no long term effect.

  3. Steven is a fraud

    I was charged twice for the shipping charges and when I asked a refund they told me that they will not charge me for my next order.

    I was not willing to make the order and asked them for a refund which took me months to get back. They kept me rolling from one department from another.

    They do not answer to the mails with refund subject. It was a horrible experience.

  4. Steven Gundry's claims are worthless

    I used his vital red for 2 months and there was not much difference. So, I asked them to cancel the third order that I had placed in haste. They completely denied of the request and sent me the order.

    The money was deducted form my credit card. They do not care about customers at all.

  5. Official Response

    Hello, Aria here with Gundry MD. Thank you for leaving us a valuable review of your experience. We are sorry to hear that you did not give Vital Reds a try, for the majority of our customers love Vitals Reds when they do. We of course understand that it may not work the same for everyone, which is why we always honor our 90-day money back guarantee. The shipping charge, as we mention in the online video, is only waived for orders over $50. In addition, shipping is only free within the United States, I truly apologize if this was confusing at any point.

    I want to point out that Vital Reds is in fact standardized to have less than 1-2% caffeine per serving. It is important to note that so that other customers do not receive the wrong information via your review. I also would like to point out that Vital Reds is not known to make people sick after stopping, and anyone experiencing any discomfort should consult their doctor immediately to find out if they are perhaps allergic to a specific ingredient.

    We always recommend speaking to your primary physician prior to introducing any new supplement into your daily health regime to ensure that you will not have a reaction to any of the specific ingredients being used.

    We’re not perfect, though we try to be. I apologize for your experience with us thus far, and would appreciate the opportunity to make it right. Please email me personally at [email protected] so I can help. Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  6. Official Response

    Hello Rora, Aria here with Gundry MD. I am truly sorry to hear about this, I understand how frustrating this can be.

    We’re not perfect, though we try very hard to be. It is extremely rare, but sometimes internet glitches may happen, which sounds like what happened when your order was accidentally placed.

    Dr. Steven Gundry is an incredible doctor who truly cares about his patients and his customers, we’re sorry to hear you wishing him ill.

    Free shipping applies on orders over $50, I apologize if this was confusing at any point.

    I would really appreciate the opportunity to make this right, so please email me at [email protected] so that I can quickly process your refund for you. Thank you Rora, I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. Official Response

    Hello Mathew, Aria here with Gundry MD. Thank you for leaving us valuable feedback on your experience with Vital Reds. I am sorry to hear that you did not enjoy the product. While most of our customer’s see amazing results while using Vital Reds, we understand that everyone is different and the product may work differently for some. I would be more than happy to refund your entire order for you just for giving our product a try. Please email me at [email protected] so that I can personally assist you with your refund. Thank you Mathew.

  8. Official Response

    Hello Amiah, Aria here with Gundry MD. I sincerely apologize that you had a difficult time receiving your refund, I want to assure you that this is not how we do business and we always honor our money back guarantee. I will be personally looking into this so that this does not happen again. Please feel free to email me personally at [email protected] with any comments or questions you may have. Thank you Amiah.

  9. Official Response

    Hello Kenny, Aria here with Gundry MD. Thank you for brining this to our attention. Please understand it is difficult for us to cancel an order after a certain amount of time has passed due to our commitment to customers that all orders will be shipped out within 24 hours. While we realize that this may be frustrating in certain instances such as this, a majority of our customers have expressed how pleased they are with our quick shipping process. I would certainly be happy to refund your entire order for you, and apologize for this inconvenience. Please email me directly at [email protected] so that I can begin processing your refund for you. Thank you again Kenny, I look forward to hearing from you.

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