I have been having a lot of health problems lately and just praying and looking for an answer something to help me feel better. I ran across this Dr. Gundry on the internet, watched his video that was supposed to be short but ran forever but had hope maybe this product would help me, so I ordered it.

I got it, it was expensive and charged me for shipping when they said they wouldn’t. I tried it, it made me sick.

Then I looked on the box closer and it said contains “milk”. I am lactose intolerant. So, I called the company and asked them about their money back guarantee. They immediately started trying to get me to keep the product, let someone else in my family use it, or whatever.

Then they tried to discourage me from returning the product by telling me the only way I could get a refund was either keep the product and only get a 40% refund or mail all the product back and pay a huge amount to put tracking on the package in order to get a refund. So either way, I am ripped off money that I cannot afford. This is a scam. This stuff does not work.

I give it to Dr. Gundry he has a professional looking site and video, but all he is, is a high class, intelligent man who has learned how to rip poor people with REAL HEALTH ISSUES who are just grasping at anything to try to get help and taking away our money that we desperately need. He is just a high class crook and everyone who works for him should be ashamed to work for such a scam artist.

BUYER RUN< RUN< RUN> Don’t order this stuff. Go to your local health food store and get the same ingredients much cheaper if you do find that it helps you.

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is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
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First is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
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There is/are 21 review(s) posted about and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
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21 reviews on DR. GUNDRY

  1. William Oh

    Good review

    It is shameful that Steven Gundry is using the good name of Loma Linda University to add appearance of credibility to his claims, which are totally unfounded. Why would a trained surgeon stoop so low in making money by selling worthless snake oil to unsuspecting public?
    Nothing but greed.

    1. Roseanne Pickering

      You are correct!

      Loma Linda University, a Seventh-day Adventist University and Hospital, would never promote this type of diet or supplements. Loma Linda has always stood behind the writing of E.G. White and her promotion of a plant based diet. Adventists who follow this diet not only live into their 90’s and 100’s, but they are also among the healthiest people in the United States today.

  2. Richard Vickerman

    Extrememly High in Green Tea Caffeine to the point of making you ill!

    Beware! Beware! Beware! of this stuff as it has an extreme amount of Caffeine in it to the point of making most people sick to try it and the customer service rep. that I spoke to told me that the Green Tea Extract was very potent and extremely high in Caffeine and most older people cannot handle this high concentrate of Caffeine so stay away of this stuff as it will make you sick and you get sicker trying to get your money back from their 100% guarantee which they refuse to honor, and try to make you pay the return postage back to them for this extremely terrible and truly bad product. 100% guarantee(s) cover the (RMA) Return Merchandise Authorization with a free return postage label. Why should I pay for return postage for a Health Product that actually made me sick and all-the-while customer service is completely aware of these problem(s) and ignore their 100% guarantee completely. Beware! Beware! Beware!

  3. Norman Kuhn

    I did order 3 and got 12 of the prebiotics and they are very hard to deal with they will refund the money less the shipping and they do not care for how and were they sell and seem to protect themselves with people that are well trained in there policy. I was hoping that there products were good I am sure now that they are no better then there return policy.
    I also agree that people should consult the BBB and the attorney general office and learn for yourself.

  4. Betty Bee

    Possible SCAM! Keeps sending the crap and it makes me very sick. Buyer beware: Impossible to cancel online. Reputable websites allow you to cancel. I’ve just added to his wealth and gained nothing. I’ve emailed customer support and no response. I keep getting more. NEVER AGAIN! I NEVER signed up to keep getting it. Okay, I’m an idiot. He’s a money-making scam artist. Maybe his products work for some people and that’s fine. If that were true for the majority of customers, Gundry would make it easier to cancel. THAT would enhance his reputation. I finally called and cancelled — we’ll see if that works. Not convinced that will work.

  5. Stuart Olson

    "bogus - a scam"

    I ordered. Never received the product. After 40 days called and had a very hard time getting them to cancel. Which they said they did and I would get a refund…which of course never came my way.

  6. Cindy Parsons

    "Excellent Product"

    I eat healthily, but have a very busy lifestyle. Lasy year my energy was very low; I always felt drained. When I saw information about Dr. Gundry’s Vital Reds product, I researched it and decided to give it a try.

    Within 2 weeks my energy was high again and I felt wonderful. I have been taking it ever since by adding it to my morning protein shake.

    This product is similar to Juice Plus, which I started when diagnosed with breast cancer — concentrated nutrition from fruits and veggies. Another excellent product which I will always take.

    Vital Reds is worth a try — please don’t go by others’ negative reviews. Do your research, and decide if it resonates with you.

  7. Ginger Leong

    "Rip Off"

    No thank you for a so called subscription that you tricked me into.
    Your company seems to be another greedy rip off scam. How can you sleep at night… oh that’s right , you must be very comfortable because you’re ripping people off

  8. Laura Muse

    Thank you to people who are posting. I investigated Dr. Gundy and also was going to buy his product Lectin Shield. However, I have learned to BLOG ABOUT EVERYTHING FROM SUPPLMENTS TO SKIN CREMES, TO ITEM PURCHASES, TO SERVICES, TO AIR FLIGHTS 3RD PARTY PROVIDERS. It pays because I’ve been ripped off quite a few times. Dr. Gundy’s claims and 100% refund is a massive scam by a rich doctor who is based in California and Palm Springs. don’t buy it – it doesn’t work. Checking out other sources for lectin blockers as his research is very thought provoking but hey I’ll check with my naturopath before jumping on any infomercial site. Wasted 2 hours of my life – researching which i’m good. Don’t waste your time.

  9. Andre Fiset

    Dr. Gundry's guarantee is FRAUD

    I had purchased a number of items from Dr. Gundry MD. I was under the clear impression that my purchase was protected by an iron-clad full money-back guarantee. It turns out that the guarantee was not as indicated in emails I had received from Dr. Gundry MD. I am finding it an impossible task to have all my money returned based on the clear guarantees in the emails I received, which I relied on when placing my order. I am including a couple of those clear, unambiguous guarantees below.

    I also found their customer service from the beginning of my experience with them to be problematic and substandard. They seemed more interested in sales, sales, sales, than in fulfilling the terms of their guarantee. I feel I’ve been scammed.


    [NOTE: Of course, my personal 90-day guarantee applies to your order today — if you don’t get the results you want, you won’t pay.]


    As always, you’re covered by my personal guarantee: If you don’t feel truly remarkable results with Vital Reds — less fatigue, easier digestion, faster metabolism, a palpable sense of vitality — within the first 90 days, I’ll return your money.

    In fact, if you’re dissatisfied for any reason whatsoever — if you don’t like the taste or even the color of the label — I’ll still return your money, even if you’ve used up the entire supply.


  10. Loren R Hockanson

    Snake oil

    Watched Dr. Gundry’s long video and decided to purchase a 30 day supply of the Total Restore to promote gut health. Having been suffering stomach blot for some time. Within a few days of taking the product, the blotting and stomach pain became worse. I developed excessive gas making life difficult. I stopped taking the Total for a few days and the gas and stomach pain somewhat subsided. Thinking it may have been coincidental I started taking the product again and the extra blot and gas returned. Thinking I just needed to get accustomed to it, I finished the supply. It took about a week for my stomach to readjust from the ill effect of the product. I contacted Dr. Gundry MD website and was told I would need to return the product for a refund. I find it very difficult to return something that has already been used. The money back guarantee to be bogus. The product was snake oil. Not a new scam to the American public.

  11. Alan

    Very informative review!

    Very informative review ! Thank you for saving me from a BIG mistake.

  12. Marion

    Only good for constipation

    So I ordered the product for $134 and I have taken it religiously for a few months. I have not lost any weight but it has increased my bowel movements- was not a problem before. Last night Zach who claimed to be my account manager called and YELLED at me for 30 minutes. Important to note that I watched the entire promo before buying the product. However, here was ZACH telling me the product was not for weight loss. That it could keep me from losing weight- veggie protein mix. HOWEVER, if I paid ANOTHER $134 they would send me the red… that would help me lose weight. Zach said he would do me the FAVOR of refunding my original $134 after I paid $134. So I asked why not make this an even trade and send the new product? They need the money first. Is it a fraud- YES!! Save your money and buy ex-lax or whatever stool softener if that is your issue. That is all the Gundy product is good for.

  13. barry

    its a little sad to hear the bad news about dr Gundry but good doctors with real integrity are few and far between’ so for all you doctors out there remember you are going to be held accountable ! just like the catholic church and its offshoots just like corrupt governments and police just like freemasons and satanic groups like the illuminati and that inbred family in England .
    GOD is in control not you.
    if anyone is interested I have heard some really good things about about the john ellis water machines ‘ in regard to health; and great things about Neville goddard .
    we have a huge problem here in Australia with corrupt government wanting aussie citizens sick all the time its all about money money money ; and selling out our country to china ‘ check out accidents in china youtube ‘see how they treat each other . anyway god bless the people of America and australia

  14. Roger Hammerstein

    Gundry is a quack diet expert making a fortunbe off gullible consumers

    I am saddened by this heart surgeon’s claim that he is diet expert in order to sell expensive but unproven supplements to gullible consumers. Wake up, Americans, you are absolute suckers for this kind of quackery by MDs who go outside their area of competence to sell bogus products. Most discouraging is to see NPR and news organizations and publications like the the Huffington Post promote him as a diet expert.
    My fellow Americans, ignore these self-proclaimed diet gurus and stick with mainstream sources like Harvard School of Public Health, National Institute of Health, Etc. The docs that work for them are watched by other fellow experts who will call them out for such unethical and unprofessional behavior

  15. Leslie

    Don’t believe one word of this BS

    The so called moroccan olive oil is not even from Morocco.
    The label doesn’t even say who bottles it or or where it’s from.
    There is no Organic cert on the label, either they don’t know about the U.S. labeling laws, or they don’t care or they don’t want you to know where the oil is from or bottled at.
    Maybe the Dr. makes it in his garage or basement?? Who knows… I am sending mine back!
    SCAM all the way.
    Another person trying to make a buck off people who need help…..

  16. Nichole

    Thank you

    Thank you to everyone for posting reviews. You have saved a lot of people a lot of time and money.

  17. Monica

    IT IS A SCAM!!!! DO NOT BUY ANYTHING ! . I ordered Dr Gundry Total restore . I PAID 59.90 my credit card went through and I received a sales order number . Today after one month of ordering this product, an agent told me ” it was declined ” I explained to him that it went though as I received the sales order number and confirmation… He said ” there is nothing we can do. I apologize because it was declined” I explained different times that IT DID GO THROUGH MY CREDIT CARD and this guy continued stating that ” it was declined ” I asked him why they did not have the decency to at least call me if this was the issue? as I am in Canada not USA …he did not care when I told him I was going to complain and make a negative review … This is absolutely unfair!! I lost 60 CAD and …it is a scam!!!please don’t let this Dr Gundry and his dirty company to steal your money as they did with me . It sounded too good to be true ..and it really was that!!

  18. Brenda Clark

    Another Australian taken in by Dr Gundrys selling site

    I wrote my review and you have decided not to include it–this site cannot be legit….

  19. Richard

    Use for Diet only

    Do not order anything in the form of pills or other medical stuff.
    I use what Dr. Gundry gives us is in the diet form:
    Cut down the meat you eat to once a week and only a tiny portion,
    Eat more greens and salads with lots of Olive oil.
    You must have some fruit but only in season.
    Eat Pasta but only from Itay or US if it is organic, Make your own tomato
    sauce with no pits or peel.
    Positively zero bread, it’s poison to your organs and genome.

  20. Reva

    Website scam.....

    They promote one product and when you order that they offer a reduced price if you order more, and at the third discount they give you a super price. However, they don’t tell you that with each discount they are charging for discount as a new order….what I thought would be a final price of $228 dollars turned out to be over $500 for the 3 orders of the same product. I refused the order upon delivery without opening and requested it be returned. The firm is suppose to charge back to my credit card the full amount when it is received back at the firm. I also report this practice to my credit card company and let them know what the firm as stated to me about the refund. If I have to dispute this again it will show that I had already taken action. Should have known better.

  21. CJ

    You could have digestive problems

    I had my gaul bladder out in 2003. Well no matter what a doctor tells you, you need your gaul bladder or the bile does not secrete and help digest the food, take out the good nutrients, etc. After careful research I realized I needed a digestive enzyme. I tried Dr. Eric Berg product. It worked but was expensive. After research I now buy Dr Tobias Digestive Enzymes from Amazon. I take it just before any meal. Great thing about Amazon is you can return most anything for any reason. Anyway the product works for me. So do your research. Maybe your body isn’t breaking down food correctly. So buy a digestive enzyme that works for you. This really works for me. Constipation and bloating gone, lost weight etc. All the good things with a good gut. I’m also on a keto diet since March 2017 and to date have went from 210 lbs to maintaining a weight of 160 to 170 lbs. I eat one meal a day. I lost that belly I could never loose. I have more energy. Brain fog is gone. I’m never hungry. I feel great for a man approaching 60 this year. But do your research. Not everything works for everyone. But I do believe most of our health begins with our gut.

  22. sandra petersen-keegan

    Gundry supplements by pediatric surgeon-Dr. Cure all, ha not!

    Can’t stand the man. Every time I am on my laptop he gets in my face. How can 1 man have the answer for any of or all of your ills? Yes, you r right, he seems to be a rich Dr. who takes advantage of people seeking help and his prices are way out there for the average person. I am looking for a legit lectin blocker. Every one today offers “money back guarantee”. It just means u try and find out it does not do as advertised. Then try to get your money refunded. I will have to wait until lectin blockers are in the health food stores. Then I can take it back if it does not seem to be working and money back immediately!. Thus I will have to work on eliminating high lectin food from my diet. LOL

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