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I invested money. Made lots of winning and losing trades. Net i won. When i tried to get some of my money i was told to follow some instructions and i did.  I did not receive any money, when i pushed harder. I was told the rates on the site was not working correctly, so I could not have won the money and my account was suspended. This guy Rick sounds honest and trustworthy.

NOTE: If they were serious about the rates, shouldn’t they have stop the trading portion of the site. No it’s OK to trade if you lose, but if you win the rates do not work so they will give you no money.

If you take a chance and invest money with him or no.1. make sure he tells you the rates on this site is correctly and number 2 don’t invest alot of money until he can prove to you that you will receive a return. By that I mean you actually receive money from the company, not promises.

My opinion is that they just want to take your money and give you nothing in return.


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3 reviews on rick smith

  1. Great Company

    I actually worked with them and have found them as a great company , They gave me a chance so I can start the first investment with a low amount so I can build experience into their Company , now it’s been 2 months that I have been working with them and made a great amount as a Second Income Monthly Withdrawals now

    I worked with Jake Wayne from their company from the start and has given me some great results from the trades and the daily news from the market , He is a very friendly person , funny guy but very serious at his job.

    I would rate this Company with 5+ Stars

  2. My experience

    I personally have invested money with sure as a new platform they are far from perfect, but I can recomend this platform 10/10 because of the service.

    I have tested the platform with multiple withdrawals, and it usually took 3 days for the bitcoins to show back.

    I would like more information from the previous person as so far I had no issue whatsoever.

    As an investor I would recomend this to everyone.

  3. Bitsevens

    Bitsevens is a great company and what I like most about them is the great service. At the beginning I was a little bit confused with Bitcoin because I didn’t have so much experience but then I was able to learn a lot.The account manager helped me a lot in my procedure with the activation process and the most important part of it is when I started working with the financial adviser. She was so polite and really patient with me because I’m an old men and she explained to me everything.
    I made 10 thousand profit with them and some of the profits I used for my family, right now we are still trading with the money that is left there.
    Hopefully we will be partners for a long time because they are considered like my family now.

Approved Date:October 17, 2017
Reported Loss :46000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : ragttn
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