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I invested money. Made lots of winning and losing trades. Net i won. When i tried to get some of my money i was told to follow some instructions and i did. I did not receive any money, when i pushed harder. I was told the rates on the site was not working correctly, so I could not have won the money and my account was suspended. This guy Rick sounds honest and trustworthy.

NOTE: If they were serious about the rates, shouldn’t they have stop the trading portion of the site. No it’s OK to trade if you lose, but if you win the rates do not work so they will give you no money.

If you take a chance and invest money with him or no.1. make sure he tells you the rates on this site is correctly and number 2 don’t invest alot of money until he can prove to you that you will receive a return. By that I mean you actually receive money from the company, not promises.

My opinion is that they just want to take your money and give you nothing in return.

Is a legit? is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 86 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is located? is headquarted at N/A. You can contact by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by’s customers?

According to’s customers, a monetary loss of US $46000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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  1. Kicked me out

    I was just kicked out of bitseven, as they tell me the reason is because of my region. However, I had a play on the board at the time I was unable to make any other plays. I had been play for 5 days, and no problems. Out of no where no wornings at all stopped all my future plays. I went to ask them why and all they send me is i am no longer offered this service in my region. So I asked what about my play on the board? Why didnt you tell me befor my play, no answer from them same thing not availiable in my region. So I got to withdraw and get away from them and as I withdraw they leave a fraction of my money in the account two low to be able to withdraw it again. I have it all on video. They charge me to send the money, then dont send the entire amount so that I cant play or withdraw it and my 30$ was left for them on top of making me close a play at a loss and also kicking me out. I dont know what I did wrong, but this is was the worse way to do it. Please stay away from this play. They are ab SCAM.

  2. I can count on homeofrecoverydotcom i was helped by them too

    I wouldn’t even advice my enemy to trade with this company they would ruin to the extreme point i was almost ruined by them well i won’t let them get a hold of anyone again please be careful and stay far from them they would begin with locking you out of your account just know once such is happening they are about to steal from you please don’t hesitate to run from threm once you find out such is happening.

  3. recover lost funds

    i lost 30k to binary trading and the money was meant for a deposit on the house, i had to get it back. i started to look into it and research and i finally met a recovery expert. He asked me for more details and i gave them to him. He said he would contact me in a week with some or all of the money. After 5days i get a call from him saying he made a mistake and got a lil more than 30 from them! lol oh my god i was ecstatic, he asked for my details and sent the money! guys if you ever find yourself in such a mess, contact littlegreenman93 ATgmaildotcom. friggin cheers to all!

  4. Be careful

    Just beware of being lied to. Very, very difficult to get funds transferred from the company. They allow you to trade stocks even if you do not have the full funds to cover, or the transaction will place you in a day trader situation. They take their commission for the trade. Then, later in the day you’re notified that your account is now in a 3 month suspension due to the trade.

  5. Scam

    Yesterday a man called me he said he was from COINBASE and that THEY where calling People Who has losr there mony by bitsevens and Monica Rose. DONT TRUST HIM HE IS ALSO ONE OFF THEM I called coin base and nob THEY did not know this. I lost a lot OFF mony

    November 22, 2018

  6. Monica Rose

    This company is big shit

    November 3, 2018

  7. Monica Rose

    I have now sinse february 2018 used a lot off mony with Monica Rose .She then tells me that the company no longer is fore people in europe but I must not worry.At the same time her email adress is closed and she tell me she have an assistent I must write to a person named Melissa Hartnett.She tells me that latest monday in the week after i have been talking to her my mony 54000 euro will come to my account.I have not seen any mony jet. She calls me telling me thet my card must be conectet so we have to use the card 3 times before she can pay out.Now she dosent contakt me any longer even if I tell her she have make me become big trouble.DONT MAKE BUISSENES WITH HER.

    September 24, 2018

  8. becarefull

    Bitseven a scam they didint pay my 0.75 btc from refferal they saying we dont pay id your refferal from ur friend, Never invest and never use this scam exchange they are cheat people becarefull

  9. Theft of Money

    I joined Bitsevens in November 2017 and appeared to be doing well. I was constantly being told that I needed to invest more money. As my confidence grew, I did indeed invest more money.
    Then, Bitsevens suddenly closed down and became Bullwins in about May this year, 2018, just after a “disastrous” trade which “lost” me a large amount of money. There was some gobbledegook fed to me about rewriting the privacy policy and starting a European business section. Also that I could no longer access the US trading site. At that point it all began to seem strange, but I carried on, albeit getting ever more worried. They had wanted more money from me, but I was becoming very suspicious and, although I paid them another small amount, I was making up stories as to why I would not pay more. At this point, the woman who called herself “Elly Wilson”, came up with a weird story that she was transferring to Goldmann Sachs. and that I could stay with Bullwins or transfer my money with her to that company. I said that I would go with her and so together we initiated a withdrawal.
    At that point, I intended to recover my money and keep it. I was too late. I was transferred to a man calling himself David N Haas, who took over and helped me through an elaborate withdrawal process, which involved me paying Bullwins a VAT charge on all my money, not just profits of which there were none anyway.
    I was now convinced that I was being duped, but I was in the lobster pot. Haas, and his sidekick Michael Marek, advised me that my money would be in my bank in about 2 or 3 working days. That was on 29 August 2018. Nothing has arrived in my account. I could not access my Bullwins account, emails went unanswered, as did the telephone.
    whilst going through tracing actions one day, I tried putting in a search for Bitsevens. Imagine my surprise when Bitsevens 2018 came up. I entered my password, and up came my account showing that I had about 50% of my money in there. Proof, if any were needed, that absolutely no money had even been attempted to be paid out to me. I took a dated screenshot for my records. That account has now been stopped.

    Mr Jake, who appears as Bitsevens cheerleader occasionally on this site, would you like to contact me and make everything easier for me and, subsequently, for you and your colleagues?


    Bitsevens is still alive but banned frome EU !!!!
    Means, this site achieved again a victory !!!

    Just don’t understand why America and GoDaddy registrar, aren’t protecting their own citizen from this scam and scum ?!?

    That this is only a privately held website, you can check at this website: (please use direct check below)

    Check it here and pay attention on the part ‘Registrant contact’ :

    1) Bitsevens

    2) FINRA ( )

    3) Invesum – another example of their scam site
    Will also, very soon, write about them !!

    The intresting part is that FINRA and Bitsevens and Invesum have the same registrar ! Yes, this is America 🙂 🙂 🙂 , can’t belive it 🙂 🙂 !!!




    Just ask FINRA to do their job !

    But, if you receive a call from bitsevens where they offer you now, finnaly, to withdraw your ‘frozen’ money, please, be aware that this is again a scam, BACAUSE money has to flow AGAIN FROM your credit card or bank account.

    Yes, they will tell you a stupid story, something with GDPR and they are
    now the good guys and will ‘refund’.

    Here is the catch, they are really stupid : they talk about GDPR,
    in the same sentence, and they ask remote access to your desktop ?!?


    1) REAL MONEY (more than 50$) has to flow again and again FROM your
    bank account (DEPOSIT to some account)
    They do it trough or any other exchange )

    2) IF somebody requests remote desktop access to your computer
    with whatever reason – simply say that you are unable to do that!

    I’m pretty sure they will again kindly offer you ‘help’ .
    It’s like, a robber is asking you the keys of your home because,
    this time, he really wants to ‘help’ you, again 🙂 :).

    I have been contacted by a very stupid person from them with the code name ‘Maria’ and she offered me withdraw of the ‘frozen numbers on their website’.

    When I confronted her with the fact that bitsevens isn’t a registered company, she admitted it, unconsciously, by saying that this is for my safety ?!?

    The person who hired her is a much bigger idiot, and I know this scammers has to work for their bosses for a very tiny profit of 5% – like mafia.

    Don’t be ashamed if you were scammed – speak !
    They are on the wrong side of the life, not you !

  11. Robbery

    I invested £16000 My savings the broker was called Spencer beck he showed me my trades and profits.he was ringing me from a number in new York.. when I asked him to make a withdrawl he said he would a range it and ring me the next night.i never got the call and my account witch was showing $42000.has gone..I have been trying to get intoutch with bitsevens and Spencer beck but can’t get through to eather.
    It has deverstated my family and my self..

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Reported Loss : 46000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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