Begum saira faruqi

Total fraud

She is total fraud and fake dont ever believe her please she only doing this because of money but nothing happen she got too many website and different names and locations please dont trust her she is doing this for money

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2 reviews on Begum saira faruqi

  1. Big fraud

    She is the biggest fraud ever

    1. Soma

      Bagsum saira is totally a liar She just get your money & lie to you . She wants money because I’m her dream she hear a voice telling her ask ppl for money and help them . So they can Go to Heaven . If you didn’t pay her then of course you go to hell . Cheap lady liar . You go to hell because you lied to people . Please don’t trust her please! She lie lie lie just just a money lady !

    2. Hamza Sarfraz

      Salma yeh Kya number hai inka are you talking the Maryland one ? Her number stars with area code (1240 ? Plz tell thank you .

  2. Its a big fraud

    Its a big fraud. Dont trust

    1. Hamza Sarfraz

      Sweetie are you talking about the one that lives in Maryland area code starts with (1240 ? Plz tell thank you .

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