Angela L. Roberts

Thieving, Lying, Drug Addict Ex

This trailer trash psycho while sober and on her mental health medication, was actually quite nice. However once she became close to me, she stopped taking her meds, returned to her drug life of meth and heroine and who knows what else. She stole from me while living in my house, moved people in while I was on vacation and away, all of her illegal activity resulted in my eviction. She stole money, clothes etc. from me, damaged my property, stole from our storage unit, had her druggie friends break into the unit (using her access code mind you) and steal more that she sold via “OfferUp” under her email address phone nunber and username. Then lies and falsely claims that I stole from her to all of her mental midget drug followers in attempt to defame me and in hopes to have them once again steal from me or my famiiy. Yes, I have email, text messages, voicemail and video proof of her bragging about this and threatening to do it prior. She jas since been arrested and out on imaginary bail for several charges mostly relating to drug possession, drug sales and theft including identity Thurston County cause # 1710047834 & 1710000934 as well as several district court cases. In the meantime she is still out, a danger to herself and others as she continues to make false accusations and death threats while violating the no-contact order issued by a judge!! The local law enforcement agencies do nothing, hhmmmmm… could she be an imformant??

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8 reviews on Angela L. Roberts

  1. Ken varner doesn't pay his bills

    Kenneth varner is a liar.just ask his own family who were there on my behalf when Mr varner didn’t show up for varner is being sued and charged with fraud.and the state if California is investigating Mr varner for a fake passport and I’d under the name carlo digiovanni..this man is a con man who is being charged with fraud in Thurston county.

  2. Kenneth Ray varner is a total liar and don't pay his debts

    Considering Kenneth Ray varner owes me 70grand and I’m suing him in Thurston county and charging him with fraud.theft.lying to get a protection order.lying on a preotection order.and considering he’s lied about everything from day one including wtf he was no he wasn’t raised by grandparents in New york.his accent and all is fake.considerijg he’s on several videos one where he picks up 5grand in a loan.another where he’s counting out 15 grand that he owed for dope in california.and a video of him thanking me for loaning him the money and loaning him the money for his kids graduation.that he’s yet to pay anything don’t suprise me that he’s still making up B’s.but he has to be sued and charged with fraud before he will man up and pay what him and everyone else lse knows he owes. All ken did then was talk.all he’s doing now is talk.and I want paid back for the 450 a mo for your kids child support her private school the grand of mine u gave Kathy for a down owe alot of money and hell ya I’m suing your lame ass.i want the money back that you clearly say in the he video is a loan. You even say in the video you will pay it back.get a job and pay and shut your mouth as when you open it lies fall out.grow up and pay wtf you owe that’s all I want is wtf you glad your whiney selfish ass is gone but your paying the money and if you got to pay in prison wages then so be it.

  3. Ken varner is a lying lame who don't pay his bills

    The only ratt I no is you. but keep giving me more annoyed to due you for as your just a disgusting in punk bitch who wasn’t raised by anyone in New York and I’ve got lots of botorised statem nts to give to the judge that you lied and misrepresented yourself to everyone your New York accent is fake too and you never had custody if your kids in Vegas either as a matter of fact you didn’t even pay child support until you got out of prison.and I’m assuming your mooching off of someone else now since you can’t seem to get a job …or do you have someone else selling your dope for you too…as everyone knows how long lazy your pillow princess ass is

  4. Internal affairs fraud division of California would like to locate Kenneth ray varner.
    I’ve got no problem getting restitution on what you owe by your prison wages Ken,too bad you involved your own kid. Not my problem.
    I’m getting the $70,000.00 you stole and the cost of the 3 stolen cars from you and your kid.your not a very bright conman and you will be convicted in court.and your lies are just that.your lies.its wtf you do .lie and steal money.but you will be busy for the next 7 years.

  5. Ken Varner is a thief &liar and fraud charges have been filef

    Fraud charges in wa state and identity theft charges in CA for his fake Carlo digiovanni Li’sence and fake passport are being filed against this conman.his own family believes he killed his own father and after him attacking me when I asked for my money I believe they are right.
    This guy killed his own father and everyone knows it.

  6. Ken is a liar.a fake and a fraud.and a ratt

    Ken does nothing but lie.he told everyone in town that he was raised by grandparents in new York.he has no grandparents in new York. He also involved his own daughter in stealing a car that he is beibg charged with.ken doesnt pay his bills and no I didnt rob my own storage unit.hes so full of shit but he did ratt on me as I was given his copies of emails that he sent to the prosecutor on a case I thanks to he has to be charged with fraud and theft fkr him to pay what he wasnt my problem lr issues.i didnt ask him if he wanted my money he came and asked for loans for money that he doesnt want to pay so its goikg to court its not tje first fraud or theft charges ken has faced just ask his own family.hes been stealing money from women his whole life but this time hes on yes he was recorded at my moms house amd he can lie all he wants I’ll see him loose in court.

  7. Ken just keeps lying

    Ken was vacationing on my money.ken lost the hkuse cause Ken didnt pay what he was suppose too..and lied yo everyone the whole time.and Ken is going to be charged yet again for fraud and theft and perjury because Ken can’t seem to grow up amd pay his own bills or be smart enough to get away with the stealing because he’s a fake and a fraud and Ken cant tell the truth but his own words are going to get him convicted as his uncle is going yo court with me.he owened the home Ken wasnt keepijg his end of the deal on amd it will all be proven in court.ken also stole his cousins blazer and had it btougjt back minus parts cause I no for a fact he did this as I was there.ken will not tell the truth. And his hr long video of him at my moms shows wtf he really is as he states going to california to get his share of pats millions..ken is always looking for the next scam.only I was smart and recorded it all.denie it all your burnt in court.

  8. Ive been ripped off by ken varner /carlo digiovanni

    I’m the women who supported Ken for almost 2 years.and to see that hes really just a punk who has women pay his way is really rather disgusting
    The fact that I filed charges to get my money from him
    .and when he sais I had fake bail.pardon me but look on my cpurt paperwork cant fake a bail company

    Ive learned from kens family that this is what he does. He owes people money then lies about dont bother me I’ll wait for my day in court against this ratt.
    As hes a drug dealer who also has a. Friendly relationship with the prosecutor enough so that he rmails them.
    Ya not exactly cool considering he sells drugs.pardon me that he has other people sell drugs cause believe me when the heat is on Ken disappears…he has nobodys back and he will flat out tell on you.i no I have the paperwork to prove hes a ratt.
    Ken plays both sides of the fence ..ratt and dealer not exactly the safest thing to do…

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