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Student Loan Forgiveness Scammer owner of business is Damian Mor

Let me be the first person to leave a review of this terrible terrible company Ace Financial Consultants LLC. First and foremost…I was employed here for almost 8 I have the real insight of what ace financial really is….it’s a SCAM.

Yes…that’s right …we lied to students who were already in terrible financial trouble and looking for a way to get rid of their student loans because they were misled and lied to by a for-profit university.

So the advertisement ace financial has lures people to either enter their info in a form…(where they will get NON-STOP robo calls every single day) and if you ask a second or third time …we reassure you that your entire debt from the fraudulent school you went to will just disappear in about a year. —-BUT……you must pay 700-1000 dollars up front for this to happen.

(Which is a complete lie) we didn’t even have a set price to ask someone to pay…we can make up whatever price we wanted! We would ask you to hold on for a moment while we put your loan information to our fictitious compliance department so they can decide if you are approved or denied for the program.

This is when we would take a restroom break …or get coffee.. then come back to the phone and very cheerfully say Congratulations! “YOU ARE APPROVED TO HAVE ALL OF YOUR STUDENT LOANS REMOVED FROM YOUR CREDIT REPORT BUT IT TAKES 12-14 MONTHS”

(Ace Financial Consultants has no communication with the department of education…NONE- and definitely has no part in the approval process).

This is the first time I have ever seen a place for reviews for this company! He made a point to never ever let anyone put any reviews about ace Financial online. That way anyone who looks them up online won’t find anything negative. I’m so happy I have the opportunity to warn anyone who may have come in contact with Ace Financial Consultants. I dont want to personally implicate anyone so I will just say…The companyis Operated by a very young person who has much to learn.

Long story short..we mislead people to think that they are approved by the department of education for the Borrowers defense to repayment program. And that all of their loans will be dismissed and they will get refunded any and all payments they made towards their loans but you must pay upwards to 1000 dollars to get “enrolled” in the program. none of that is true….not one word. You can apply for the program yourself online for free and have a MUCH better chance of getting approved for the program…and trust me…the application is not hard at all to complete..just google the words “Borrowers Defense “ and click the first option on google.

Don’t waste your time and definitely don’t waste any money with Ace Financial. Or ANY student loan company that asks you to pay ANYTHING upfront …or anything at all.

The loans are federal…any and all programs are on the department of education website…and are free. I quit working there because I couldn’t listen to these people laughing and making fun of people who actually fall for the “program enrollment” and fork over the $700 dollars, just to get mailed the application that they printed out from the DOE website.

Yeah that’s right…even after paying 700 dollars….they mail you the application in an envelope that says “do not open” and you must mail it to the dept of education yourself. That is what you are paying for…please don’t do it. And if you already did….call them and demand a refund! Good luck!

Is Ace Financial Consultants LLC a legit?

Ace Financial Consultants LLC is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 12 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Ace Financial Consultants LLC located?

Ace Financial Consultants LLC is headquarted at San Vicente Boulevard 6310 CA US. You can contact Ace Financial Consultants LLC by dialing 310-936-6640 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Ace Financial Consultants LLC’s customers?

According to Ace Financial Consultants LLC’s customers, a monetary loss of US $900 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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12 Reviews on Ace Financial Consultants LLC

  1. Do not do business with them! The owner of Ace Financial Consultants is Damien Victor Moran. He will get what’s coming to him!

    This is a scam, do not trust. Company won’t help you with loan forgiveness, they print out same docs you can get online and mail them to you and that’s literally it. They will then disappear and you’ll never hear anything from either them or department of education

  2. DON'T USE ACE Financial Education Services

    I fell for this scam and lost $900. during all of 2020 I tried to contact them many times by phone, email, letters and even certified letters for answers. NO RESPONSE TO ANY OF ANY OF MY ATTEMPTS. Their emails were being rejected right after I received the ‘packet’ of forms and they have failed to reply to any other forms of communication..

    Of course I was turned down for my application due to insufficient information… Well I provided everything ACE asked for – so how can it be insufficient.


  3. Wire Fraud White Collar Crime

    This man is now Running a company stealing retirement accounts
    “Bright Future Financial LLC”
    Elderly people are now coming forward as victims of false Precious Metals Purchases. He stole her money and never delivered the product
    200k stolen.

    Con Artist:
    Damien Victor Moran
    Michael Gavyn
    [email protected]
    Crimea Accomplices:
    Anna Smirnova
    Ana Chuch Moran
    If anyone has anyone has been a victim contact FTC/ SEC

  4. This is a SCAM

    They took $900.00 of my money and disconnected their phones.

  5. Pure B.S Scam All The Way!

    I must be the 2nd victim! I fell for this B.S. exactly described by this previous employee. I just wish I had seen it earlier like 14 months ago! I paid the $750 fee like an idiot because there wer no reviews let alone bad ones at the time. Here I sit 14 months later with no feedback from the Dept. of Education as to my application, and now 14 months worth of additional interest accrued and my student loan payment starts up again this month. Cannot get a hold of anyone at this company to obtain my refund. Looks like I got scammed big time!


    DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! I signed up and decided the next day to cancel. I received any email confirming cancelation but they continued to battle with my credit card company to force me to pay since I signed a document. Maybe I was naïve but if you cancel the next day a company should honor your request but since these people are so sleezy they refused. I tried to go to there office and there address seems to change every few months. I tried to call them and their answer is put you on hold for hours (not kidding).

    They are thieves and scumbags do NOT USE THEM…remember if it sounds too good to be true it is!

    BTW, the credit card used was Discover which was another mistake!

  7. Scammers

    Tiara Johnson is a scammer and the man who answers is a bitch. They blocked my number. This is a fake google number. I call from a different phone and they answer. They stole $600 dollars from me. I have reported them to the better business bureau and made a police report.

  8. Written by fired employee attempting to evade jail

    This review was in fact written by an employee attempting to steal private client information for nefarious use. When this employee was caught, terminated and then turned in to the authorities, this elaborate plot of martyrdom was used. Supposedly he was a savior letting the world know of the dirty scam and was taking private client information to “save” them.

    Sensitive personal information such as a social security number would not be required to be taken if this persons true intentions were honestly to warn people of a wrong.

    A few “minor” corrections.

    1) Ace Informs each client (as well as lists on website) that they may prepare and submit all documentation without help of a 3rd party, just as one may do their own taxes or represent oneself in court.

    2) Clients are not told they are approved by the Department Education, they are informed they are approved for ACE to handle the preparation and submission of their case; and guaranteed dismissal of their loans by use of the case and documentation prepared by ACE. Many clients are turned away, as the screening process is legitimate and clients must meet all criteria laid out by the Department of Education.

    3) Clients are never “made fun of.” Employees at ACE work diligently to help those in need, (except the EX employee who wrote the bogus review above to save their own skin) even walking clients in extreme hardship thru the process of creating their own documentation for submission FOR FREE.

    4) In summary; you can do any task in the world yourself, many people choose to use a service for tasks of all sorts. You want a service to correctly prepare all the documentation and guarantee that it will lead to the dismissal of your loans, of course your going to pay for that service.

    Ps: it’s too bad the internet allows spineless, manipulative thieves to hide behind a keyboard, posting slanderous information to save themself (the true scammer) from jail for stealing information. Had this awful person been allowed to continue working, you would not have read the twisted bogus review above, but the right thing was done, they were terminated and submitted to authorities.

    What a joke

    1. I fell for it over a year ago

      Everything above is what I went through. I paid 600.00. More than a year has gone by and nothing heard from DOE. My loans are still on hold and not being paid. I am so scared. I was promised full refund of all payments but when you get the paperwork it says something different and you are told it’s no big deal. Better believe this is the last time I get scammed. Lesson learned. 😞😞😞

  9. Disgusting company

    This company asked me for payment up front then when I said “you know what I think I won’t move forward, I’m sorry”. “Lana” on the other end, said, “then why did you waste my time?”. I told her she didn’t have to be so rude then she hung up on me. A few minutes later I received an email that said I was rejected from the program for profanity and poor moral character…


    1. You did the right thing. I’m sooo happy 😃 that this review is permanently online and can’t be removed. Hehehehe. (Evil laugh)

  10. Scammers

    They act like they are helping you when in fact they are not! I asked if they had contacted my fed student loan company and they said yes. I said ok I will call them and they said ok call them and give us a call back. I did exactly that and my fed student loan company had in fact not heard from them and then they tried to make excuses and i asked for my money back they said i hadn’t asked for that which i did in the first phone call. I actually filed a dispute with my bank and cancelled my card as well. Do not fall victim to this. You can in fact do this yourself and it’s free.

  11. ACE Financial Consultants or ACE Financial Management

    After reading a Facebook posting I decided to give ACE Financial Management a call. I was met with a friendly but slightly defensive young woman who answered my questions about how the process of me getting my student loan forgiven works. I was suspicious and asked if my SSN# would be required. She quickly said no. But as the prior reviewer states, a $700-$1000 fee is required to get the ball rolling once this company decides whether or not I qualify for forgiveness. I asked about the ACE company and received an email from their representative containing a link to their website and her phone number to show they are a valid company. But hey, anyone can create a nice website nowadays. So I searched for complaints against this company and came across this site. THANK GOD the prior reviewer posted a review. I did just as he suggested and Googled “Borrowers Discharge”. It took me straight to the legitimate website I need. THANK YOU FORMER ACE EMPLOYEE! I owe you a hug! I’ll do the footwork on my own without the help of ACE Student Advisors/ACE Financial Consultants/ACE Financial Management (or whatever they’re calling themselves), and save my hard earned money in the process. Save yourself and do your own work to get your loan forgiven.

  12. Thank you!

    I literally just had the exact experience you described. My gut told me this was all a load of crap so before I gave payment info I got the call back number and went to look up the company. They have a beautiful and professional website but something just felt off so I continued in my google quest and found your review. Thank you for the warning and the reminder to always trust my gut!

    1. Shitty scamming company owned by Damian Moran

      Your welcome. Since blasting this company…and revealing them. He has changed the name …and is STILL SCAMMING PEOPLE. If I ever see him on the street…he will wish he never pissed me off

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Reported Loss : 900 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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