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Teeka is a Co-Editor at Palm Beach Research Group LLC and he is responsible for the Palm Beach Letters operation to get HUGE PROFIT by luring people into Ponzi schemes

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So here he start…

Jeffrey, a tuna fisherman from Maui, used the Master Plan to make $181,680 in less than 5 months!

You’ve heard of Bitcoin…

It has already rocketed up over 6 MILLION percent.

Creating 1,793 new millionaires…That’s huge!

Right now, cryptocurrencies are the BIGGEST moneymakers in the market.

And cryptos could well become the biggest bull market in the history of money!

But did you know just how QUICK AND EASY it is to take as little as $75 and grow into a multimillionaire with cryptos?

In fact, you could’ve turned $75 into a $3.2 million fortune in 3 easy steps.

Today, I’m going to show you precisely how that can happen with the right crypto plays.

You just need to act before December 31, when the second crypto MEGA BOOM gets started.

You’ll also see the real results from real crypto recommendations I sent to real readers.

Step by step, dollar by dollar, you’ll see how $75 could have blossomed into $3.2 million.

Even better, you can do it all with your computer, right from your kitchen table.

But first…

How a 12-year-old became a
self-made millionaire with cryptos

Consider this: Erik G. first discovered the same concepts behind my Crypto Millionaire Master Plan when he was 12.

That’s right, he got started BEFORE he was even a teenager!

Now, at the tender age of 18, the Idaho boy has dropped out of high school, refuses to go to college…

AND he’s a self-made millionaire.

I’ll show you the approach Erik used to make his first million…

I’ll also show you letter after letter from my readers who’ve already made six-figure profits.

Like this one:

Real people, real crypto profits:
Retired teacher Delbert M. was “fearful” of cryptos, but took the plunge and turned $5,400 into $151,000 in 8 months!

Delbert’s letter is so awesome, I’ll just reprint it right here:

I am a 67-year-old retired school teacher and small business owner from Greencastle, PA.When Teeka began providing information on the Cryptocurrencies, I was intrigued.

I was hesitant, if not fearful, to delve into this world about which I knew very little.

I had to get past my fears, or I could never participate…

In September, I finally made the decision, I have to get past these fears…

[ I ] bought a $5400 stake in October 2016. This morning it was $74,200!!!!


A few weeks later, Delbert sent in a follow-up letter because his position had doubled AGAIN:

As a follow-up, within a few more weeks after writing this my stake had climbed to over $151,000…$5400 to $151,000 in 8 months!!!!!!

You talk about exciting!!!

I even got my wife interested in following this.

If you think this isn’t exciting, for a small-town couple, THINK AGAIN!!”

I’m happy that Delbert made so much money after reading my crypto research…

But I think the best part is that he overcame his fear of doing something new… only to rake in a huge six-figure profit.

Today, I’ll show you how to get your hands on the same Crypto Millionaire Master Plan that Delbert and hundreds of my other readers used.

But first…
Here’s why the second crypto Mega Boom will be MUCH bigger than anything we’ve seen so far…
Starting with this one Act of Congress on December 31

Look, even though Bitcoin has shot up an astounding 6 million percent…

Even though I’ve already recommended crypto plays that have shot up as much as 27,166% in 6 months…

I expect a new crypto Mega Boom will erupt as soon as December 31…
Dwarfing the big gains we’ve already seen, creating an entirely new class of crypto millionaires.
One event on December 31 will be the catalyst…

Because that’s when one single act of Congress promises to shoot select crypto currencies right into the stratosphere.

You’ll see why this new law – called H.R. 835 – promises to push cryptos into the mainstream.

This “tipping point moment” will result in a flood of new buyers, pushing crypto prices to all-new highs.

I’ll share the entire story in a few moments…

But the critical part is that you see that there’s a very real catalyst for the second crypto Mega Boom right on the horizon…

How YOU can become the next crypto millionaire…
See how $75 grows into $3.2 million!

Bitcoin is the first and best-known cryptocurrency, but today there are 1,140  different cryptos.

My mission is to find the very best cryptos and send them out to my readers.

And we’ve been very successful, with real-world gains like:


The biggest gain there – 27,166% – came in just 6 months.

Imagine that – grabbing 4,279% PER MONTH – for 6 months straight!

Well, my readers had a chance to do just that.

That would turn $75 into $19,257…

And $1,000 turns into a life-changing $256,760!

Look, I need to point this out – those aren’t “back test” gains…

They’re not theoretical, fantasy, cherry-picked stuff like you see all too often.

They’re real gains from real recommendations I sent out to real readers…

Real, real, REAL!

I don’t know of anyone else in this industry that has an actual track record that even comes close to that!

Here’s the best part: If you missed the first Bitcoin boom, don’t worry.

It’s not too late to get rich.

Because, according to my research, an all-new crypto Mega Boom should unfold after December 31.

Because Congress is set to vote on a law that will virtually ensure a new class of crypto millionaires!

And I feel so confident that cryptos are on the verge of a second Mega Boom that I guarantee you’ll have the chance to make 10 times your money – or more – with my picks!

You’ll see how to take advantage of that 1,000% promise in a moment, but first check out this crazy Bitcoin story…

Bitcoin rocketed up 6,460,000% in seven years.
And right now, the top cryptos have all the potential that Bitcoin did.
Even better, these cryptos can cost just a few cents, so you can build a big stake for very little money…

Take a look at some recent crypto gains:

Here’s one called Factom.

Had you stuck $100 in it in December 2015, you could have cashed out a few months later with $3,800.

Or consider a currency named Nexus.

Since last March, it’s risen 10,209%.

Had you put $100 into this crypto, you’d have an extra $10,209 right now.

Here’s another example…


Just since this past December, this tiny currency has risen 6,604%.

And consider Quark…

In 2013, it rose an extraordinary 47,798%.

Had you put $100 into each of those cryptocurrencies, you’d have $68,111.

Or consider a crypto called Namecoin.

Its technology has strong privacy applications, which is why it has attracted attention from anti-censorship groups like WikiLeaks.

Its price has risen as much as 889% in just 11 days.

A digital currency named Ripple has developed a new payment system technology.

It’s so good, it’s already received millions in venture capital from groups like Google… and nearly a dozen other big names in the tech space.

Its share price has risen as much as 1,691% over a 6-month period…

That’s the best part – cryptos deliver such EXPLOSIVE gains that it doesn’t take much of an initial investment to get rich.

You can get started with just a little bit of money – $50, $100, a few hundred bucks – whatever you feel comfortable with.

In fact, in 2 minutes, you’ll see how $75 turned into $3.2 million.

Look – right now, I believe we’re on the brink of a second crypto boom – a much bigger MEGA BOOM that will make even more everyday folks megamillionaires.

AND I’ll show you how it has already happened for some of the folks I’ve shared the Crpyto Millionaire Master Plan with…

AND I’ll show you how you can do it yourself, with no experience whatsoever, right from your kitchen table.

It’s that easy to get started.

You can do it today.

You ready?

Great – here’s what to do right now…

How to Become the Next Crypto Millionaire

When you’re armed with the right tools, becoming the next Crypto Millionaire is a breeze…

Here’s all you need to get started now:

A few bucks (as little as $75)…
A little courage to try something new…
My Top Secret Crypto Millionaire Master Plan…
Get your hands on those simple things today…

And get started before December 31…

And you can get filthy rich, starting with just a small stake!

Look, if a 12-year-old can do it…

If hundreds of my readers have already done it…

Then so can you!

Today, you’ll see real letters from truck drivers, tuna fisherman, school teachers, retirees, accountants, housewives, wine aficionados, and insurance salesmen…

That diverse group of folks is a small set of my readers.

They have one thing in common: They took the plunge and used cryptos to make boatloads of money.

The best part is, armed with the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan, it was all pretty easy.

The Master Plan reveals everything you need to get started today, including the best cryptos to buy now.

And you can do it all sitting in front of your home computer.

Like I said, I’ve already sent this Crypto Millionaire Master Plan to a small group of early acting folks who’ve used it to get rich.

Like Ted R., who wrote me this note:

At the very end of January 2017 I ultimately decided to establish a position…As I look today my portfolio is $691,000.

I am 67 years old, and it looks like I WILL be retiring within the next year. Thank you VERY much.”

Look, you don’t need to know anything special to make this work.

Ted’s a real, everyday guy who used my Crypto Millionaire Master Plan…

Plus a little courage and a few bucks…

And now he’s taking his nearly $700k and retiring early!

That’s how turnkey…

That’s how exciting this really is.

That said, here’s an all-important question…

Is this the last way for the
“little guy” to get rich in America?

Look, cryptos could be the last way for the “little guy” to get rich in America.

The best part is, it doesn’t take hard work and huge long-term mortgages like real estate investing does…

It doesn’t involve the stock market at all…

And you can get started RIGHT NOW with just a small stake.

All of my readers were completely new to cryptos when they got started.

And as you just saw, Ted made $691,000.

You don’t need to know a lot about computers or the internet.

If you can buy a book on Amazon or use an online broker, you can make huge gains with cryptos.

You don’t need to touch the stock market.

And you don’t need to start with a ton of money to make a few million bucks…

All you need is $75, a little courage, and my Top Secret Crypto Millionaire Master Plan.

That’s why I firmly believe it’s the last, best chance for the “little guy” to grow into a multimillionaire.

Especially if you get start BEFORE December 31, when the second crypto Mega Boom is set to take off…

Even better, the Millionaire Master Plan is clear-cut and simple.

It’s a little-used, even lesser-known moneymaking secret that involves taking huge profits from “cryptocurrencies” like Bitcoin.

The Millionaire Master Plan includes a meticulously detailed video series that shows you, step-by-step, how to buy cryptos.

It includes one of the very first books published  in the crypto sphere.

It includes detailed research that exposes the best cryptos to buy right now…

And regular real-time updates so you so you get into the best cryptos first… right before they take off.

In short, it’s a highly detailed GPS roadmap to riches…

It’s a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to use cryptos to become the next multimillionaire.

You’ll see how to get your hands on the Millionaire Master Plan in a few moments.

BUT – and this is an all-important catch – it takes some courage to do this.

Look, cryptos can be volatile.

Some of them can move up to 50% – up or down – in a single day.

So it takes courage to confront the potential risks and rewards that go along with these fast-paced investments.

The gain potential is huge…

And you’ll need to start soon, even today, because these cryptos shoot up FAST.

The good thing is, we’re still in the beginning stages of the second Mega Boom.

So you’ve still got a short period of time to get in before the rest of the huge gains come.

That’s why you need to act BEFORE December 31 to capture the lion’s share of the coming crypto gains…

Right now, I’d like to show you the…

Simple 3-step crypto profits string
that turns $75 into $3.2 million

When I find loose change in my pockets, around the house, or buried in the couch cushions, I put it in a jar like this one.

Last time the jar filled up, I had about $75.

And that’s all you need – loose couch cushion or pocket change – to become a millionaire with the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan…

Here’s exactly how that happens…

Crypto String Step 1:
2,326% gains in 40 days…

You start with Dash, a cryptocurrency launched to improve on Bitcoin.

Dash improved on Bitcoin’s privacy, speed, and decentralization features.

In a sense, Dash is Bitcoin 2.0, or a better, faster, more private version of Bitcoin…

On April 17, 2014 – right after tax day, you could’ve gotten into Dash for just 62 cents per coin.

Right away, you can see that just $75 buys you a substantial chunk of something that trades for just 62 cents.

You could’ve bought 120 coins of Dash for $75.

(Individual units of a crypto are called coins; they’re similar to how you buy shares of a stock.)

But look how quickly it rocketed up – Dash hit $15.13 on May 26, just over a month later.

Dash shot up 2,340% in 40 days.

Your $75 turns into $1,829…

Now, here you take out your original $75, so you completely cover your initial investment.

You’ve got $1,754 left over to plug into Step 2…

Crypto String Step 2:
9,384% gains in 33 days…

Now, let’s see what would happen if you took your $1,754 in free and clear profits and pumped it right into the second step of this real-world millionaire-making crypto string…

Your second investment was with Vericoin, another crypto created to improve on Bitcoin, to make it easier to use.

Vericoin’s major breakthrough was in partnering with tens of thousands of merchants to accept Vericoin as payment.

But Vericoin took it one step further, creating a proprietary way for folks to make small offline purchases with the currency.

So you could use it to buy a newspaper, a cup of coffee, or new tires for your car.

In other words, Vericoin became very useful for everyday purchases.

So you can see why it got popular, quickly taking off in value.

If you pumped in the $1,754 in free-and-clear profits you made from step one in Vericoin, your stake would have grown to $164,599 in just over a month.

That’s right – you would have made a massive 9,384% gain in 30 days.

Are you starting to see the amazing profit potential the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan can give you?

You can see how you can grow just $75 into millions virtually overnight…

Crypto String Step 3:
1,945% gains in 6 weeks…

So you’ve just turned a small starting stake of $75 into $164,599 in two months.

The third and final step in the crypto string is where your gains really stack up.

It’s where you potentially break a million, where you break three million bucks… and more.

Bitcoin Dark is a cryptocurrency designed to act just like cash.

Put simply, Bitcoin Dark provides more privacy, anonymity, and decentralization than Bitcoin itself.

So you can see its appeal, and why Bitcoin Dark’s value skyrocketed 1,945% in six weeks:

After this, your stake grows into $3,202,198!

That’s right, after three simple steps in six short months, your stake of $75 grows into over $3.2 million!

And remember: You took your initial $75 out, so you’re no longer risking your original investment.

From Brooklyn dock worker to Wall Street vice president:
Why I quit it all to work for the “little guy” investor…

I’m Teeka Tiwari, and I was born in London.

When I turned 16, I pocketed my 150 bucks in savings and left for America.

I landed a job bussing tables in a swanky Manhattan joint for $3.75 per hour.

At night, I loaded freight on a Brooklyn loading dock.

It smelled like diesel and the rats looked more like housecats.

Then I got my foot in the door at one of Wall Street’s biggest firms, toiling as a glorified gopher for $4 an hour.

By my 20th birthday, I had worked my way up to become the youngest VP in the history of Shearson Lehman Brothers.

Here, I honed my knack for scientific, math-based proprietary trading systems.

(I’ll show you everything about my crypto selection system in two-and-a-half minutes.)

Here, you see me on ABC’s Nightline in 2008, discussing the market crash with Bill Weir.

That’s the New York Stock Exchange in the background.

I share this with you NOT to show you that I’ve got the “insider cred.”

After all, I left behind a successful career on Wall Street.

I’ve even had a legendary investor – rumored to be worth north of $100 million – ask me to open a hedge fund and manage his money in cryptocurrencies.

I politely declined his offer.

Because really, loading tons of freight on the docks and sweating away long lunch shifts in restaurants is key to what I do now.

I left my cushy Wall Street gig to work for the “little guy.”

The dockworkers, cooks, retirees, schoolteachers, fishermen, and truckers.

Like the folks who wrote the letters you’ve seen today.

Real people, real crypto profits:
John B. gets slaughtered by Madoff,
then rebuilds with a 2,100% crypto gain…

Please consider this moving letter from John B., who lost it all and made a big comeback with cryptos:

Early in my career, I was an accountant and CPA and left that business to work in the hedge fund industry.After achieving some moderate success in building up my business, the credit crisis in 2008 eliminated one-third of it.

Then the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme came out later that year and clobbered the rest of my business.

I spent the next few years burning my savings trying to rebuild. It’s not easy to reinvent yourself when you’re in your early fifties.

I subscribed to Teeka’s service about 18 months ago and started hearing about cryptocurrencies.

It has been the best decision we could have made.

Fast-forward to July of 2017, my portfolio value is 21 times the value of the amount I had originally invested less the amount I cashed out.

That’s a 2,100% return on my net invested capital!”

Thanks for the letter, John, and I’m so glad I could help you rebuild.

That stunning story also explains my keen interest in cryptos…

Like I said, cryptos might be the last way for the “little guy” to get rich in America today.

All told, there are 1,793 new crypto millionaires…
And over 130,000 folks who made $10,000 or more…
This is bigger than any hot trend I’ve seen in my decades-long career:

Bigger than tech stocks in the ’90s…

Bigger than real estate, commodities, and gold in the 2000s…

And bigger than today’s mania in weed stocks!

I’ve spent months on the road, away from my family, doing boots-on-the-ground research at underground crypto conferences and hack a thons.

London… Lisbon… Las Vegas… Copenhagen… Berlin… Vancouver… Toronto… Silicon Valley… New York… Austin… Boston…

And all of that work paid off for my readers.

They’ve had the chance to grab quick crypto gains of:

27,166% in 7 months… 3,730% in just over a year… 1,331% in 9 months… 906% and 1,381%…

Enough about my crypto track record!

Let’s get back to the part where you become the next crypto millionaire.

But first, here’s…

A quick word of warning:
Beware the crypto impostors!
This market is SO HOT that there are a lot of fake “experts” popping up to jump on the bandwagon…

You’ve heard the big stories on big crypto gains…

It has become a profit mania!

Even the big-time press is on to it.

So that’s why a crop of “fly-by-night” wannabe crypto gurus have started popping up like little mushrooms after a spring rain.

I even saw a guy pitching himself as a crypto expert a few months AFTER he wrote a piece saying Bitcoin is garbage!

It’s understandable, I guess… they want to hop on the bandwagon.

I’m not gonna name any names, but it’s a bad idea to pay attention to folks who have no experience with cryptos.

You wouldn’t take swim lessons from someone whose never dipped his toe in the water, would you?

Look, I’ve not only been recommending winning crypto plays to my readers for over year, but I’ve got my own skin in the game, too.

In fact, my personal crypto stake has grown as high as 76-fold.

I even cashed in some of my profits to buy this truck:

The good thing is, you can easily avoid these impostors because they have no track record…

To contrast, here’s my recent, independently vetted crypto track record:


And we’re only just getting started – here’s another amazing crypto success story…

23-year-old “autistic” Canadian drops out of college, becomes one of the world’s first crypto billionaires…
My readers followed his example, making over 800%
per month for 4 months straight… and counting!

V. was born in Moscow, and his family moved to Canada when he was six.

Often hailed as a math genius, he was eccentric and kind of a loner, so folks speculated he was autistic.

V. taught himself to speak Mandarin, sometimes wears mismatched cat print socks, and all of his belongings fit in an easy-carry suitcase.

In 2015, he dropped out of college and released his own crypto.

V.’s crypto took off, and today, he’s likely become one of the world’s first crypto billionaires.

I learned of V.’s amazing story and rushed out my analysis and a recommendation to my readers.

Right now, they’re up an astonishing 3,235% on V.’s creation…

Here’s another amazing letter from one of my readers…

Real people, real crypto profits:
Maui tuna fisherman turned $520
into $181,680 in less than 5 months!

One of my readers, a tuna fisherman from Maui, wrote me this:

My name is Jeffrey D. and my story is pretty simple.Years ago, I realized that I had to get myself educated on handling money or I wasn’t going to have any. I am now retired at age 64.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, I didn’t know what to think. I had to get on board with this bullet train.

My wins in the crypto universe seem huge by stock market standards. The largest one is in [crypto name redacted] where I bought $520 worth. Today it is worth $181,680 as I write this.

Originally bought 100 [ redacted ] at $13 and watched it zoom over $400…

Like they say, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

I’m glad Jeffrey’s making so much money… and I get notes like his quite frequently…

Like from Mark A., who says he turned $300 into more than $80,000… “and counting.”

I’ve helped these folks learn how to make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars…

And I want you to be the next crypto millionaire.

So it’s a good thing it’s so easy and so cheap to get started right away.

Before I show you how to get started and claim your crypto package for less than five bucks…

Let me just give you a quick “peek behind the curtain” of what my team and I do in the lab, so to speak.

I think this is important to show you. It separates what we’re doing from the hundreds of “gurus” out there who are just blindly throwing darts at the board.

How I pinpoint BIG crypto moves BEFORE they happen
My top-secret weapon:
The Scientific B.I.T.S. System that has
delivered 27,166% gains in 6 months

Right now, there are over 1,140 different cryptocurrencies to choose from.

And it seems like new ones get created every week.

Considering that impressive number, how can you possibly know which crypto will rocket up 27,166% and which one will be a total dud?

That’s where my team and I come in…

We just covered my extensive, real-world track record of producing massive winners.

You saw the proof, including the incredible letters my readers have sent me.

You also saw that I’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles doing boots-on-the-ground research, establishing a priceless Rolodex of insider contacts in the crypto space.

But I have one final tool I use to select huge crypto winners…

I call it my secret weapon…

The Scientific B.I.T.S. System.

As you probably imagine, B.I.T.S. is an acronym:

B stands for Business Baseline Ratio

I  stands for Insiders

T stands for Technicals

S stands for Social Sentiment

Let’s start with the Business Baseline Ratio….

Maximize your gains by buying on the cheap…

This is a crucial parts of the system because it shows you WHEN to buy.

Getting in at the exact right time means you’ll maximize your profits, down to the very last cent.


The Business Baseline Ratio shows me when a crypto is ultra cheap.

It measures the daily dollar amount of transactions and compares it to the overall total value of the crypto.

You can see the baseline in this chart, it’s the bright green dotted line.

When the Business Baseline Range dips below the dotted line, that means the crypto’s getting cheap.

It’s price has sunk below the average.

That’s when we know it’s time to buy… because we can squeeze the biggest gains out of the crypto play.

But, you might be thinking, “Just because something’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s a good buy.”

That’s right, and it brings to mind the old saying that you don’t want to catch a falling knife…

In other words, we want to make sure that the price is done going down before we get in.

But how do you do that?

That’s where the rest of the B.I.T.S. System comes in…

Follow the “smart money” to 14,800% gains…

The “I” in B.I.T.S. stands for  “Insiders.”

After the Business Baseline indicator starts flashing, I immediately turn to my network of insiders.

Like we talked about a moment ago, I have gone to great lengths to build up a deep network of crypto insiders.

I’ve traveled over 50,000 miles, visiting 6 different countries on 2 different continents, spending well over two full months away from my family…

All to build up and strengthen this private network of insiders.

Right now, it’s at $1.51, so my readers have a life-changing 1,331% open gain.

Take a look at this chart:

But that’s not the only time I’ve tapped my network for big crypto gains…

In March 2015, I attended a geeky tech conference in Austin and met a multilingual Certified Bitcoin Professional named Catherina.

So I recommended it, and it rocketed right up. Check out this chart:

My readers could’ve gotten in at $9, and it has since blasted up to $290.

So they’re witnessing a massive 3,222% open gain as of late August.

So you can see why establishing a deep insider network is so necessary in the crypto space – it led my readers to see  open gains of 1,209%, 3,222%, and 794%…

AND 27,166%!

When I get insider intel on a promising crypto, I rush to run it through the rest of the proprietary B.I.T.S. System to see if it’s a perfect buy.

That brings us to our third indicator, the “T” in B.I.T.S…

Let the Technical Trend be your
friend with 3,222% gains…

“T” stands for Technicals.

And the Technicals help indicate WHEN to get into a specific crypto play.

I use a specific RSI indicator to show us that a crypto will go into an uptrend.

You can see the RSI at work in this chart – it’s the green dotted line.

73 When the crypto breaks through that dotted line going up, that’s when our signal triggers a coming uptrend in price.

And we use that information in combination with the other parts of B.I.T.S. to determine the best possible time to get in.

That way you lock in the biggest gains.

This brings us to the final indicator in B.I.T.S…

Use the “special sauce” for 577% profits…

“S” stands for Social Sentiment.

It’s the most potent part of B.I.T.S.

That’s why I call it the “special sauce.”

Our proprietary Social Sentiment monitor measures billions of social media and other sentiment indicators to give us an early warning on the “chatter” about specific cryptos.

And then we run the crypto through the rest of the B.I.T.S. System… I dial up my Rolodex of insiders and pump it through the other technical indicators before we take action.

Our research shows that when Social Sentiment breaks out to a new high, a big move in the crypto isn’t far behind.

Here’s what happened with that play that could have made my readers 14,800%:

You can see that sentiment break out pretty clearly…

Here’s another example from Monero, which led to a 577% winner for my readers.

See the big Sentiment break out?

That sums up my proprietary B.I.T.S. System.

(Don’t worry – I run the system for you, analyze my findings, and send you my recommendations – you don’t have to learn how to do it. I just wanted to show you how it works in real life…)

You saw how the B.I.T.S. System led me to recommend huge prospective winners…

Like an open gain of 27,166%…

That’s enough to turn a small stake of $100 and turn it into $27,166.

$1,000 turns into $271,660.

And remember, that 27,166% came in just 6 months!

So you can see how cryptos can make you really rich really fast.

And you can see how so many everyday folks are becoming new crypto millionaires.

That’s why it’s no wonder that this huge opportunity has finally begun to break into the news.

At that point, there will be an absolute stampede into cryptos…

A tidal wave of buying will wash into the sector, and the frenzy will shoot prices to the stratosphere.

So don’t blame yourself if you missed the first wave of huge crypto profits.

Because a second crypto Mega Boom is about to start…

Which is precisely what I predict will happen on December 31…

Seeing as 1,793 folks have already become new crypto millionaires…

It’s not a surprise that cryptos have started to dominate the financial news:

Look, when the big media finally starts to catch on, the mania only gets bigger.

Add that to the wave of publicity from the new law that Congress should pass by December 31…

And I anticipate a new crypto buying frenzy is right around the corner.

This will turn into the second Mega Boom for cryptocurrencies.

That’s why you should stop everything and circle December 31 on your calendar…

What happens on December 31:
A new Congressional law called H.R. 835 should rocket cryptos into a second Mega Boom, dwarfing the huge profits we’ve seen from Bitcoin so far…

This new law will finally thrust cryptos into the mainstream…

It’s called House Resolution 835, or “H.R. 835” for short.

And it urges “a national policy to encourage the development” of cryptos and their uses.

This new law is huge…

Because it’s the first sign that the U.S. government will throw its full weight behind cryptos.

And this official approval will give millions of investors, small businesses, and even banks the push they need to take cryptos seriously.

This will lead to a huge surge of interest – and buying – in cryptos, igniting the second Mega Boom.

So, in many ways, getting in BEFORE December 31 is like raking in government-mandated profits.

In short, I believe this one act of Congress will unleash a massive buying spree…

A bull market FRENZY…

Pushing cryptos FAR higher…

Minting an ALL-NEW class of crypto millionaires.
When the general public catches on… when your local bank gets into cryptos… and when huge retailers like Amazon.com and Wal-Mart get on board, it will trigger an out-of-control buying frenzy.

That’s why I’m so sure the second crypto Mega Boom will be even bigger than anything we’ve already seen.

It’s your second chance to become a crypto millionaire…

You could reap a huge multigenerational  fortune with a starting stake of as little as $75.

The mainstream media has yet to say a word about this new law, but industry source Bitcoin.com has called it a “pro-Bitcoin bill.”

Another crypto insider news outlet, Coincenter, said “a pro-Bitcoin national policy was just introduced in Congress.”

And, in July, the federal agency called the General Services Administration hosted a government-wide forum to encourage the use of cryptocurrency-related technology.

On top of that, the DHS recently awarded a small crypto startup called Digital Bazaar a $750,000 grant.

And a little-known federal agency, the Institute of Museum and Library Services, has even supported crypto technologies for potential use in libraries!

The Pentagon, DARPA, the State Department, the Office of Management and Budget… and even the Trump administration have all embraced crypto technology behind the scenes.

So, although it has mostly slipped under the big media’s radar, the U.S. government has been gearing up to embrace cryptocurrencies in a huge way.

But the lack of attention paid to this new law is good for you – because you can quietly act and take an early position, so you fully benefit from the second Mega Boom.

So make sure you act before Donald Trump signs H.R. 835 into law – no later than December 31 – and you’re positioned to maximize your gains.

But those who wait to act until after December 31 will get left out.

In fact, most folks will simply do nothing at all… and they’ll miss their chance to become a multimillionaire with cryptos

The second crypto Mega Boom should be much bigger than the first.

But only if you get in before December 31…

After that, this historic profit opportunity will close down forever…

And, like I said, cryptos are the last way for the little guy to get mega rich, so you won’t see another profit window like this for the rest of your life…

Just how big could the second crypto Mega Boom get? Well, once it takes off…

Cryptos could grow another 100X!

Right now, the total market cap of ALL cryptos put together is just $135 billion.

That’s certainly a lot of money, but let’s compare it to a few other asset classes and blue-chip companies, so you can see just how small cryptos are in comparison.

That’s the best way for you to see just how much cryptos have left to grow… and just how big the second crypto Mega Boom promises to be…

Let’s start with gold… right now, the total value of all the gold ever mined is $7.8 trillion.

So that means, even despite cryptos’ amazing growth, cryptos are just 1.7% the size of the gold market.

In other words, cryptos would have to multiply 57 times to catch up to gold.

That turns $75 into $4,327.

$500 grows into $28,850.

Let’s compare cryptos to the S&P 500…

Remember, all cryptos combined are worth $135 billion right now.

But the total market cap of the S&P is $20.7 trillion…

Take a look at this graph. Do you see how little the cryptocurrency market is?

So cryptos would have to go up 14,800% to catch up with the S&P.

That turns $75 into $11,100.

And $1,000 grows into $148,000!

Finally, let’s compare cryptos to the value of the other world currencies.

The total value of the world’s currencies is $80.9 trillion…

So cryptos would have to shoot up 59,200% to catch up!

But here’s the thing – for you to become the next crypto millionaire, they don’t have to capture 25%… or even 10% of that market.

If cryptos only catch up to 1% of the global currency market, that will still be a 599-fold increase from here!

That turns $75 into $44,925…

$1,000 grows into a life-changing $599,000!

That’s why it’s so critical that you put just a small amount of money into cryptos RIGHT AWAY.

As the crypto Mega Boom catches on, you’ll see many, many more huge gainers…

A reader of mine, Tom P., recently told me this:

The beauty of cryptos is you can throw down a tiny grub stake and acquire thousands for just a few cents per share and next to nothing at risk…And if it goes to 5 or even 10 dollars you are talking about gigantic profits. Life-changing gains.”

Tom’s right – because I recommended a tiny penny crypto at 11 cents…

Right now, it’s at $1.33, so my readers are seeing a life-changing 1,209% open gain in just 6 months!

The final barrier you need to overcome
to become the next crypto millionaire:

Unfortunately, there’s a huge roadblock in your head preventing you from becoming the next crypto millionaire.

Psychologists and biomedical researchers call it “neophobia…”

Put simply, it’s the fear of anything new.

Usually, neophobia makes people reluctant to break from their routine, or try things out for the first time.

You’ve probably seen this when someone you know doesn’t want to eat a new food or use a new technology…

But neophobia also keeps folks from getting rich with cryptos!

It’s understandable because cryptos are pretty new, so they still seem mysterious.

But the thing is, cryptos have made too many millionaires for you to ignore them any longer.

Now I’m going to be clear here: cryptocurrencies do carry risk. This is a newer segment of the market and volatility and price fluctuations are common.

That’s why it helps to have expert analysis like you’ll get in the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan. It helps you strictly manage risk to maximize your crypto gains.

The Master Plan is also designed specifically to help you get over the all-too-natural reluctance to try something new.

It’s a fully detailed blueprint that shows you exactly how to get into cryptos and the best FOUR to buy right now.

Here’s everything your Master Plan contains…

Introducing the
Crypto Millionaire Master Plan:
Your complete, step-by-step multimedia guide to becoming the next crypto millionaire…
Get it all right now for just $4.95!

A full series of 5-10 minute videos that shows you EXACTLY how to get started…
One of the first entry-level “how-to” books on cryptos ever published…
The full details on the FOUR best cryptos to buy right now…
As you can see, it’s comprehensive.

And you can get started profiting with it right away.

Even better, the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan has been road-tested.

Relentlessly and extensively.

Because all of my existing readers have had private access to use it.

That means the folks who wrote every letter you’ve seen today have put the Master Plan to work…

I’ve taken all that input and applied it to improve the Plan on a regular, ongoing basis.

Let’s start with your 14-part video series…

This is a complete and proprietary video guide consisting of short 5-10 minute episodes where I answer the most common questions our readers have about buying and selling cryptos.

This one-of-a-kind video blueprint includes:

Full visual walkthrough showing you how to open a crypto account… (This is as easy as using an online broker or buying a book from Amazon…)
How you can open your own crypto account in 7 minutes or less…
How to buy your first chunk of crypto…
How to sell and take your profits when it’s time… plus much more!
Videos are perfect for this type of how-to guide because you can follow along, on-screen, seeing exactly what I see as I walk you through all of the steps…

In fact, we recently recorded a top-to-bottom video where we opened an account and created a crypto wallet for Amanda, a 31-year-old co-worker of mine who was completely new to cryptos…

Armed with this video series, anyone can get into cryptos right away.

Even if you’ve never bought a stock before!

Altogether, this comprehensive set of 14 how-to videos is valued at $147.

But you get immediate access to the whole package for just $4.95.

The first-ever crypto book written for beginners

My team just put the final edits and design elements together for my full-length book on cryptos, simply called the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan.

Look, I’ve read – or read about – most of the books on cryptos out there…

Some of them are pretty good…

Even great.

But they’re more focused on the philosophy behind cryptocurrencies, their relation to fiat currencies, and the nuts and bolts underlying crypto technology…

In other words, they’re pretty advanced books.

So I set out to write a how-to book for someone who had never used cryptos before.

A complete introduction so you can get the whole crypto story, top to bottom, in order to play them for profits…

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll see inside:

The Crypto Quick-Start Guide… this top-to-bottom quick-reference manual details the steps that show you how to get started profiting with cryptos right away. It’s the perfect addition to your 14-part video series… (p. 89)
5 expert-level crypto tips on maximizing your crypto gains… (p. 98)
Comprehensive guide to buying cryptos… (p. 136)
How cryptos will forever change the international money system – and why you need to own some NOW… (p. 17)
Why cryptos will conquer Wall Street WHILE solving the welfare crisis… (p. 58)
We don’t have the space right now to delve fully into the contents of this 185-page book…

But this is important – you can’t get my book from Amazon.

You won’t find it at any newsstand, library, or bookstore, either.

You can only get it directly from me.

For only $4.95.

Once the first printing run is finished (the book is that new!), I’ll rush a hard copy right to your front door.

And, of course, you can download an electronic copy immediately.

Armed with the Crypto Millionaire Master Plan and your 14-episode comprehensive video series, you’ll be able to go from zero to 60 with cryptos in no time.

You’ll have ALL the tools you need to get started buying, selling, and profiting from cryptos.

Even if you’re completely new to them.

But once you know exactly how to profit, which cryptos should you buy right now?

I reveal exactly that – and the names of the best FOUR cryptos you should look into right now in my urgent report The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for Right Now.

Millionaire Maker Crypto #1:

First things first, you should absolutely have some Bitcoin in your crypto portfolio.

And you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have that much to spend… because you can buy bitcoin in fractional sizes as well.

Millionaire Maker Crypto #2:

First things first, you should absolutely have some Bitcoin in your crypto portfolio.

11 major banks have already tested this new crypto because it processes transactions 40 times faster than Bitcoin.

I’ve been pounding the table on this crypto for months now – it has risen as much as 3,730% since I recommended it.

But that’s just scratching the surface.

Because my analysis suggests this crypto could deliver an additional 2,122% return.

Millionaire Maker Crypto #3:

I recently sat down with one of the wealthiest and most successful investors in the crypto space.

This guy was one of the earliest investors in Bitcoin and several other larger cryptos, and has generated an 8-figure fortune as a result.

This super wealthy investor told me he believes ONE new crypto could rise 1,000% in the next year.

In our report, you’ll get the full scoop on his newest crypto investment…

Millionaire Maker Crypto #4:

The 4th and final crypto in your report may have the most upside. It’s basically the “Google of cryptos.”

This crypto is only a year old, but it’s already giving Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn serious competition for traffic, according to Amazon’s web analytics division.

Any way you slice it…

With cryptos, you’re looking at massive profit potential…

The perfect opportunity to take a little bit of money and turn it into a million bucks.

Or more.

You’ll get all the details in my report, The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for Right Now.

You can get into these 4 cryptos easily… risk very little… and in some cases become a new crypto millionaire.

That potential exists nowhere else in the markets right now.

Like I said, in my view, cryptos are the best – and perhaps only – way for the “little guy” to become a millionaire right now.

You’ll find detailed write-ups for these 4 urgent crypto recommendations in our special report, The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for Right Now.

You’ll get the full 14-episode video series, my new book Crypto Millionaire Master Plan, and the urgent report The Most Explosive Crypto Plays for Right Now as a full set of introductory benefits to my monthly service called ThePalm Beach Letter…

The Palm Beach Letter is our independent company’s flagship service – a monthly newsletter that focuses on the absolute safest ways to protect and grow your wealth.

But here’s the best part…


I guarantee you’ll see at least 10 TIMES YOUR MONEY (1,000%) with at least one of my crypto plays…

I’m so confident that cryptos are the BEST investment right now…

And I’m so sure that my crypto plays will continue to deliver huge gains of up to 27,166%…

That I’m “putting my money where my mouth is” and GUARANTEEING that our track record will make at least 1,000% with at least one of my crypto plays over the next year.

If at least one of my track record crypto picks doesn’t go up 10 times or more, then I’ll give you a FREE extra year’s worth of membership in The Palm Beach Letter!

If I fall short of that guarantee by just a little bit – even if I deliver “just” 995% in crypto gains – then you can claim an entire free year of service, on me.

No strings attached, no caveats, no hurdles to jump over.

If you sign up right now, you lock in this unprecedented guarantee.

I realize that sounds like a huge promise.

But take a look at the REAL crypto gains I’ve already delivered my readers:


With a proven track record like that, you can see why I’m comfortable guaranteeing at least one 1,000% crypto play…

On top of huge 27,166% crypto winners…
I also recommended massively profitable stocks in
The Palm Beach Letter

As you might expect from my time as a vice president on Wall Street, I also analyze and recommend winning stocks for Palm Beach Letter readers.

For example, at the end of 2015, I pounded the table on a small chipmaker.

This company – Nvidia – would become the single best-performing stock on the S&P 500 in 2016.

NVDA crushed the other 499 companies in the S&P, delivering 231%.

Stephen A., a subscriber from Flint, Michigan, writes:

Not only am I wealthier than I was thanks to The Palm Beach Letter, I am having so much more fun as an investor.”

In fact, we have received notes from subscribers who have used The Palm Beach Letter’s strategies and made:

“Between $2,300 and $3,600 a month”
“$8,000 in profits”
“Over $14,000 a year”
“$2,200 a month”
Now, The Palm Beach Letter normally retails for $199 per year.

But, as I mentioned, you can get started today for just $4.95!

That’s how urgent it is that you get started with cryptos right now.

You saw my crypto track record, and how I’ve given readers the chance to grab gains as high as 25,676%…

You saw the letters from real readers who made tons of money from those crypto recommendations…

In fact, reader Greg R. bought a vacation house after following my recommendations.

Here’s the picture he sent of his creek view out back:

I want YOU to become the next crypto millionaire.

Don’t wait.

Get started right now by clicking the “I want it all” button below.

To your crypto wealth,

Teeka Tiwari
November 2017

P.S. I can’t stress this enough – you need to act before December 31 to make sure you make the most out of the coming Mega Boom in cryptos. That’s when Congress should sign H.R. 835 into law, pushing cryptos into the mainstream, igniting an all-out buying frenzy.

So click the “I WANT IT ALL” button below RIGHT AWAY!


All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve never seen gains like this in my life. My only regret is I didn’t act on your recommendations sooner.”– Riz M.

We are up 474%! It’s only been 18 days! Thank you Teeka and team!”– John and Sandy M.

I just want to personally extend my thanks to Teeka and the team. I’m up 396% and about to pull every dollar of my original investment out and let the ‘house money’ grow!”– John B.

I placed about $300 in. Was left nearly speechless last night when I discovered that my $300 had grown to over $125,000. I have never heard of such gains in such a short time frame.”– Jon M.

I was just admiring your portfolio. It is like nothing I have ever seen before – I mean nothing bearing any semblance to ANY portfolio page results I have EVER seen before. Not sure how to thank you… but THANK YOU!”– R.M.

Thanks, Big T, for all your efforts. You can tell your wife and kids that you are busy changing lives in a way no one else can. Wow!”– Joseph T.

My $20,000 initial stake is now over $100,000. Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with the nominal fee I spent for your service.”– George W.

Your crypto plays have grown my savings from $20,000 into $135,000 in just three months. Retirement was a huge worry and I did not believe it would be possible. However, with gains like this I am confident it will. I can’t thank you enough.” – Michielle O.

Your information has been absolutely outstanding. I started investing in your recommendations back in December 2016, and as you know, returns have been mind-blowing. I never imagined the results would have occurred so quickly. I can’t thank you enough.” – Raymond W.

Just a note of thanks. I am now close to $200,000 after my initial funding of $8,000. Couldn’t be happier. Keep them coming.” – Pete A.

I am up over $200,000. Loving all your recommendations.” – Dan S.

I pulled a bunch out of the stock market and bought [one of Teeka’s recommendations] at $88. Was up over 21 times on my trade. This stuff is changing my life.” – James R.

Teeka, you have made me so much money. I initially invested between $6-8K. My investments are now worth over $43,000. They have changed my life and the life of my family. Thank you for all your hard work.” – Jose H.

Your education and portfolio are the best things since gold and silver.” – Don B.

I wanted to send a big thank you. Turned $600 into $10,000 in less than a year. Guess I’m a fan for life now.” – Ron L.

I joined a month ago with no prior knowledge or experience. Frankly, I didn’t know what I was doing. But I followed your recommendations and placed my first trade. Today, one month later, I’m up 151%. I am blown away. I have never experienced anything like this.” – Richard G.

My $220 is now worth $6,000! Count me in. Thank you for all the hard work.” – James R.

I finally got in in November 2016. I’m glad you kept pushing this. I stand a reasonable chance to make some life-changing gains.” – David K.

I invested $500 last year and then forgot about it. Imagine my surprise to see almost 1,000% growth when I finally logged in again. Thank you, Teeka!” – Carolyn H.

I want to commend you on your recommendations. I put in just under $10,700. Today, I am sitting near $32,000 in less than year!” – Lawrence G.

I have made very good returns following your advice… But nothing compares with the gains I have made from your crypto recommendations. It beats my best returns in the stock market by far. Thanks for everything.” – Clay F.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have been subscribed to many high-end publications over the years, but you are the only one which was worth the money for a man with minor means. I invested $2,000 worth and took some profits already three times, totaling $23,000. And I still have more than half my position left! Thank you so much. Now a subscriber for life.” – Lacsap K.

I just turned $240 into a book value of over $20,000. Thank you, sir. May I please have another?” – Bryan A.

I’m slightly unhappy. I only made $28,000 since I joined two weeks ago. JUST JOKING! It has been an exciting too weeks. Thanks!” – William N.

I’m up 550% on invested capital… and up well over six figures at this point. Thank you Teeka and the team for your outstanding advice and recommendations!” – Jeff L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You just saw the letters from my readers…Jeff the fisherman from Maui…school teachers, truck drivers and even someone who lost it all with Madoff. All of them were completely new to cryptos and yet they took the plunge. Some of my readers have already made hundreds of thousands of dollars from small stakes they put to work in my recommendations. On top of that, you’ll receive an extensive short video series, a how-to book and a special report that shows you EXACTLY how to get started. So you’re covered from every angle…

Yes because they can work for anyone with a few bucks, a little courage and an internet connection. Remember, one of my crypto recommendations made 27,166% in just 6 months. And you saw how just $75 could’ve grown into $3.2 million with cryptos. If you’re the type of person that prefers “boring” investments that make 5% or 9% a year, though, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

No! Like every other investment, there’s risk. So it’s not smart to go out there and buy stuff at random. You could lose your shirt that way. Fortunately, I’ve got a proven track record with gains like 27,166%…an objective, scientific B.I.T.S. System…and a ton of personal experience in the sector. So you’re in good hands with The Palm Beach Letter.

Yes! I watch my recommendations like a hawk and when it’s time to lock in profits, I send a detailed e-mail alert that shows you exactly what to do.

No! I run it all for you, so don’t worry about a thing. That said, I do show you how the system works so you can see why I do what I do. If you want, you can ignore all of that and just follow the recommendations themselves, too.

No! Since you’re reading this online, you already have the tools you need to make this work. If you can use an online broker for stock investing…or if you can order a book from Amazon.com, then you already know enough to profit from cryptos. Plus, I provide an extensive step-by-step video guide that shows you everything you need to get started.

Yes! We have a full model stock portfolio. In fact, I recommended Nvidia to my readers and then it became the best performing stock in the S&P 500 for 2016, shooting up 231%! In short, the Palm Beach Letter is a one-stop-shop for all of your investing needs.

Teeka Tiwari
Editor, Palm Beach Confidential


Is Teeka Tiwari a scam?
Teeka Tiwari is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Teeka Tiwari legit?
First Teeka Tiwari is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Teeka Tiwari’s consumers?
There is/are 26 review(s) posted about Teeka Tiwari and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Teeka Tiwari located?
Teeka Tiwari is located at 55 NE 5th Ave, Boca Raton, FL 33432, USA. You can contact Teeka Tiwari by dialing 561-921-8774 or visit their website teekatraining.com before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Teeka Tiwari’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $25000 was the total loss incurred by Teeka Tiwari’s customers.

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26 reviews on Teeka Tiwari

  1. Jonh Carles

    Teeka Tiwari Reddit

    Came from reddit, Too early to tell… Not invested yet by reading his newsletter but its definitely sounds legit not a QUACK

  2. Diane

    Teeka Tiwari is NOT A SCAM

    If you lost money following Teeka Tiwari, you HAVE to be an idiot. Sorry, but only an idiot could lose money trading Tiwari’s alerts….. really. He and his services ARE NOT a SCAM, they are legitimate investment services of which I have made and continue to make money with. Teeka Tiwari is legit, he is not a quack, he is not fake and you, whoever you are, find another pass-time other than trashing people on the internet.

    1. TW


      Teeka wrote this review lol

  3. James Ricker

    Very, very, very, very, life changing

    I read some of the negative reviews, I have to wonder if they applied or read the newsletter they bought. If so, why is it people I know who have it, are experiencing changed lives? There is even one in the cheaper letter for buying a group of stocks that has averaged about 20% following a formulae. But the secret is studying the letters and applying the trainings. I had one person who bought it asking me questions. I said, did you look in the website that came with your letter? No. I said, it’s all in there. This company with their cheaper letter, totally transformed my life. Secret, I study a little bit every day. And I have since 2015 when I got his first letter. I rarely sit in front of TV watching things that will not profit my life. Life is a battle and having good info from Teeka, Oxford Clubs, and Stansberry Research have made life much easier. Now i have a second income beating my business income, from a life of struggle to one that beat my business income by 4 times. I tell people. Good info is more valuable than the money to invest. With Good info, a person can take a little bit of $$, and make it a lot…. most people will not buy info, and think the money is more valuable than info mixed with study time… I’ve also learned, some newsletters don’t suit my personality, and I’ve always been refunded from Agora group companies, which all of the above are.

  4. Carl

    Yeah it's a scam

    Only have to read the literature he sends and the fake reviews to see that this guy is not good. The amazing thing is that he still in business after years running the same piece. One sucker born every minute, it must be an accurate estimation.

  5. ex employee

    Not a scam

    Worked with Teeka….dude is one of the hardest workers in the field. The marketing tactics are definitely questionable but the research is very valid. he has long maintained that the crypto bubble will pop but rebound in the long run and he insists that you don’t put more than a few hundred dollars into any one crypto at this point so if you invested 25,000 that’s on you.

  6. Mike

    Look at the dates of the negative reviews... and look in the mirror.

    Dude, if you would have not sold like a pussy in October (when this was posted) and waited like– 7 weeks you’d problaby have been thanking Teeka.. you just didn’t either comprehend, trust (or both) his information and you sold all of your coins for nothing to people like me. This review is an example of someone who sold within 60 days of one of the biggest bull run in financial market history. It will not be the biggest or the last.

  7. PBC Subscriber

    Dec 2018 Teeka and Palm Beach Group are slimy and opportunistic

    I’m a current PBC subscriber. I made 600% with the 2017 crypto run and am now down 90%. The content from Teeka has dwindled in 2018 – a lot of hold on, be patient. I’m a believer in the crypto market but not so much in Teeka anymore. Especially since today he is trying to sell another crypto service to his existing PBC subscribers that is $1500 to join and $1000/year after that. I already paid $2500 to join PBC. The whole thing is feeling pretty scammy at this point. I’d pass on the service.

    1. J

      Timely advice

      If you had paid attention to alerts when to sell, you would have made a lot if money. You have to listen to his advice.

    2. Randy Charbonneau

      Yes a scam , my bullshit meter went

      Yes my bullshit meter ,i said it and it happened when i signed up for the best deal”” 97.00 or something like that and since that one week i got like 15 emails maybe more at least 4 a day, now when i wanted to buy a stock all these videos and links brought me to the kicker “YOU NEED TO BUY SOMETHING ELSE FROM ME EVERY TIME” now to me thats a crock of shit …but im not upset as every situation , emotion i practice COMPASSIONATE ACTION ALWAYS. Therefore life is fantastic ,hope yous dont get fooled …i will say this if you are lookkng into investing im thinking VIRTUAL REALITY ( Health wise) and MAGNETICS OR DESIGNER MAGNETICS… feel it, its the truth…

  8. Michael


    For a slimy half cast crook from god knows where Teeka is the lowest form of maggot the planet can produce. Lie after lie after lie – why is an almost human or human look alike allowed to live and take up space on earth? Scum bags like him do don’t even deserve to go to jail because it would cost the state money which they ca certainly spend on more worthy projects instead of feeding maggots like this guy. I read all about this maggot and listened to his bullshit and quite frankly I do not feel sorry for any dickheads who believe him and lose their money. This maggot is so obviously a scammer and a liar, even if you an an IQ of 40 you could tell the maggot is a scammer.
    Keep away from scumbag fraudsters like tis repulsive maggot

  9. Chris Stegman

    Teeka said onJan 18 2018 that Cryptos could go as high as 50K this year. I signed up during the Glenn beck promo in late July and my partner and I have $20K into Bitcoin and Etherium combined, including $2500 to join his insider news group at PB The value is down by 50% at the end of the year.

    1. ella

      Any updates as of today 2020? I am considering joining the club.

      Were you able to make a good profit as of today? I tried to reach their customer service to ask how it can be done in a few days as they are saying that the cut off day is May 12, 2020. They don’t answer the calls. I don’t have any experience in this field and not sure if their online instructions are easy to follow. Do you need a special bank account to buy the coins he recommends?

    2. Tom

      Hope you kept your coins!

      Where are you know, hope you kept your bitcoin!

  10. Steve ginkel

    Palm Beach Confidential has one objective and thats sucking your money. We paid the $2,500 for 2 years. We started following Teekas instructions totally since August last year. We have done nothing but lose. When we objected to the live teams shown online as nothing but more money sucking sales presentations, our invitatlons stopped. The Palm Beach is the biggest scam I have ever seen. At this time we are demanding our money back! Palm Beach Confidential has not offered on thing we could make money on. Its all a fraudulent sales.

    1. Patrick Clahane


      Hi Steve, I’m a journalist for BBC News. It would be good to have a chat with you about your experience. Please can you drop me an email at [email protected]. Thanks

    2. J

      This Article is Ridiculous

      Has anyone noticed the guys complaining are the ones who didn’t hold on to their bitcoin? I’m a bit behind and didn’t invest when I should have. I still make over a thousand dollars off of BC. Imagine if you had invested when Teeka recommended it. Look at the people saying he’s a fraud and when they complained compared to the end of 2020. 40k for one BC. Dropping the mic.

  11. Duosraids

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  12. Olive


    I signed up for both Palm Beach Confidential and Crypto Income. Then someone contacted me about the lifetime subscription so I figured might as well so I did that and they said it covers all new and current subscriptions. Well, now he came up with a new subscription service and has restricted those of us that paid for the infinity subscription from accessing it.

    1. Salvar


      Teeka and his group is a complete fraud, scam operation, he has started trading on behalf fo clients, you load crypto into a platform they recommend, they then show absurd gains which are all on paper, when you finally want to get your profits they shut down the trading platform and disappear, have lost serious amounts on his cam, reporting at and will make it all public. DO NOT by any means give this man money or take him seriously,

  13. Jobe

    Other than you being totally in denial, please don’t kick your dog!

    As far as recommendations go, if I hadn’t listened, my personal finances would still be on life support.

    So your recommendation can kiss my ass lol !!!!

  14. Kris

    Not worth it. Avoid.
    I am stuck, recently subscribed. Not getting money refund on asking to cancel.. Option is being given to subscribe another from Legacy Research Group.

    1. Kim

      They are full of it!

      Been with the program almost 3 years. I have lost so much, I don’t want to know exactly how much. I am embarrassed for being taken up like that. They report huge profits, but I have been following the recommendations and I only register reds. Moreover, because of selling BTC at high prices to enter new altcoins in 2018, I ended having to report profits in 2019 while the portfolio was on the ground! They are smooth cons.

  15. Tammy

    Con Artist Teeka & Brian Rose of London Real Are Thieves

    We used to respect Brian Rose of London Real…. no more!!!! We thought he was introducing us to a life-changing opportunity – NOPE! You are all scam artists. Suffered through a pathetic 75 minute infomercial to find out of course, OF COURSE this is a scam and you have to pay $2,500 to sign up for Teeka’s useless newsletter. Honestly – people are literally dying, we’re on lockdown, millions are losing their jobs and the morgues are piling up with bodies, but you couldn’t tell us that this is a con?!!!!!! Brian – you should be ashamed of yourself!!!

    1. Gerald Schwartz

      Brian Rose of London Real is a SCAM now

      Tammy you are so correct! I cannot believe what happened to Brian Rose! And every day, now..2/3 emails from Brian Rose LondonReal liars!! ??? LondonReal Hucksters and scammers. I am so ashamed I referred my family/.friends to London Real now.

  16. Adam Viviola

    Another “expert” who knows NOTHING Except How To Lie

    My little brother fell for this scam, losing the only few thousands dollars he had saved up. Broke my heart to see him crying. Mr Teeka Tiwari is a serial fraudster & con artist. Back ground check shows zero credentials: no degree in either finance or computer science. He’s not a professional trader. No professional experience or a shred of evidence to prove his outrageous claims. He targets the most vulnerable, people who are desperate and simply don’t know any better.

    Just google his name. All the websites on page 1 are owned and operated by him and his scumbag crew, defending and praising him. His website has countless spelling & grammar mistakes, written at a 6th grade level while promising 10x returns a year! He uses SEO to scrub search engines of his horrible reviews. Hundreds have tried to warn others but his sites are the main ones to appear. Hell, half the reviews in this very review thread were written by him and/or his team. He’s a skilled marketer & manipulator.

    Please don’t fall for it! Use common sense people! Would someone (supposedly) worth hundreds of millions of dollars be trying to sell you $1000/yr bullshit “I want to make you rich” course?? Is that what any of the industry titans, experts, & professional analysts do?

  17. Dean

    Teeka Tiwari

    I am going to fall short of calling the man a scammer. I don’t believe he is one, however, I do believe he is alleging a premium service for something you and I could do if we just spent time doing our own research that is all on the web or in black and white.

    I watched his recent webinar sales pitch (and it was a sales pitch) that essentially had no tangible substance. Why in the world would you not disclose those crypto currencies that have made the substantial and in some cases astronomical gains is strange. Rhetorically speaking; surely these are not the same ones he is going to recommend?

    He continually emphasises with choice words and body language two forces coming together to create this phenomenon.

    The first force is the bitcoin halving. Anyone worth their grain of salt and has intermediate knowledge of the cryptosphere knows all about the bitcoin halving and the short term bull run it produces. We also know that it deflates or adjusts after the run. Teeka claims to have some insider knowledge from people in Hedge Funds and other influential people in the circle pulling out of centralised markets. There are many inferences that can be drawn from some of what he says. One could draw the inference that this wealth transfer could be in the crypto currency markets. We can only speculate. It is hard to justify spending $2,500 USD subscription only then to get the 5 coins for $500 (each) brings the total to $5,000 (USD). Off course if you are going to make $5,000,000 that fee is a drop in the ocean. However, no guarantees are made with respect to making that kind of money and the drive is purely an emotional one. Marketing 101. The only guarantee made is that a bull run will occur on or about the bitcoin halving.

    I can give you that guarantee that one of those forces being the bitcoin halving will happen and it is free. In essence, his whole sales pitch is based on the halving and his alleged inside knowledge of talking to some people in a swanky lounge and some graphs showing incredible gains on past cryptos whose names are not disclosed for some reason.

    My 5 coin pick (this is not financial advice and I recommend you do your own research) are as follows:
    1. HEX (needs a little learning and research – 30,000% since December 2020)
    2. Crypto.com CRO (not MCO)
    3. Bitcoin (short term gain then flip it and go back in when it has adjusted)
    4. VeChain
    5. Pundi X
    Heck, ill give you 6.
    6. Nucleus Vision.


    1. A F

      He is a scammer

      Nooo…he is a scammer….that’s what they do, make you think they’re on your side and rip you off at the same time.

  18. Tom. Cincurak

    Teeka Tiwari is the master of master scam artists. I only tried two recommendations from him which was Crypto’s and a new tech pharmaceutical that only took me me deeper and deeper in the red. Good thing was that l only lost $10,000.00 instead of my life savings. If l ever saw him on the street l would definitely punch him in the face for being a con artist and Fraudster. Tom

    1. Dave

      Thanks Tom for you experience with him a lot of what he says just does not add up. I even wonder if he did in fact work for Lehman Brothers. if he really wanted to help people why is asking for money. its wake up world top of the scammers, if they can not give you a 3 month trial so as to prove them self’s to you walk away because you are being conned and if they don’t have a physical address that you can go and meat them also walk away. I have wasted thousands on people like Teeka Tiwari and non of them work end of story. And the good reviews are all set up.

  19. Willis


    Teeka is a dishonest fraud. The sad thing is that he is probably creating good results, but he seems to have a great need to distort the results to make them look much better than reality. He is lying! And, it is a shame because he is probably creating good results but not the fantastical results he always seems to claim.
    For instance, he claims huge % profits by recommending several products and ADDING the % of profits of each product instead of AVERAGING. So, for instance, if he recommends 10 products and each increased 100% he adds the 10 x 100% profits and claims that the profit % of those 10 is 1000%. (He coyly uses the word, “cumulative”!) So then he claims that he has created a 1000% profit. Then he compounds the distortion with a huge lie that says that if you invested $10000 you would have earned a profit of $100,000 when, in fact you would have earned 10 x $1,000 = $10,000.

  20. Scott Yoffe

    Flood you with general info that can be found all over the internet

    I have received an ungodly amount of Palm Beach newsletter and Teeka Tiwari emails. Everyday It feels like all you get is a bunch of information which I’ve read and no real direction on what you should do with any of it. In his presentation, he talks about wanting to help others succeed but I have received nothing of any value. Chalk this one up to stupidity. Out of work over 7 months and was looking for a lifeline or a direction that might help a bit. Not too many people want to hire an older person.

  21. Walter B

    Scam - Did not Receive the Options Purchase

    I paid $1,750 for the options trader and was purchasing for a specific move. When I tried logging, I couldn’t. I contacted them several times telling them the problem.

    Needless to say, no response, I missed out on the trade and they took my $1,750!

    The whole TEAM, especially Teeka, including the other Consultants all belong in jail.

  22. Nick Fasole

    Seems very shady & gimicky >>> it’s a no for me

    I never signed up for his newsletter. I only watched his ad. Here is why it’s a hard no for me.

    1.) I lost interest by minute 27. Holy cow …. why is his infomercial so long?

    Sometimes I have incredible patience so I watched until 3 mins short of the end. I had to stop it. I thought if I don’t, he will start talking again. Length is a bad indicator he will waste my time later. I don’t need to pay someone to waste my time. I can do that all by myself for free.

    2.) His networth is only 6 million (after a Google search). If he’s such a major player and so talented an investor/money handler, his networth would be a lot more. You can make that by not doing much.

    So I won’t be buying in. Don’t trust that.

    Ug is there anyone on the Internet NOT selling a scam? People are willing to pay for help, why don’t they just provide honest help? Is that too much to ask for. 🤦‍♀️ Some people just have that mental sickness where they need to scam people. 🤷‍♀️

    3.) How is paying into a wordy newsletter (just guessing from the ad I just watched that it will deliver a excruciating mind bending torture + boredom product — hard to accomplish but it can be done) going to help anyone? If you want to sell a newsletter and it’s a scam, the value is $0.

    4) I don’t trust anyone who has a multi-leveled buy-in model with a promise of a unicorn 🦄 at the end of it all except his disclaimer that profits can’t be predicted.

    And #5) Top shade factor — why does he not name the companies with those huge profits in his charts? One should be able to research what he says is real and legit. If you can’t search it, it doesn’t exist.

    He gets points for being well spoken, polished & and having pretty signage and nice data charts. Good presentation but I could have done without the the tacky mention of his Rolex and showing a Porsche (& the 60 mins) which can be fabricated (Vomit emoji) 🤮 Those things mean nothing to me (or any person with a brain). Show me real hard evidence.

  23. AN

    Scammer latching onto crypto

    Avoid predictions

  24. Graham Hughes

    Sucking money our of your account like a good scam does

    Just buy this, then you must buy this, then your need to buy this, then video look to be honest you really must now buy this ever one costing more and indicating all the others have been a waste of your honest money.


    Teeka is a scam

    Teeka Tiwari subscription for PALM BEACH RESEARCH GROUP is a rip off for 2,000 which he just provides ordinary coins like BTC, DOT etc. . The salesperson on the phone sold me the world that they provide 6 small market cap coins which are new and when I logged in I did not see any of that information. When I called them back they tried to upsell me another 500 for that package making my total to 2,500. Be aware you can find better information for free on the crypto market on YouTube. Also every time I call them back now three days in a row they keep telling me the refund has to be approved by their manager and will be done by the end of the day.

  26. Andrew Swank

    Teeka promised to reveal one of his altcoin tips in exchange for watching his 90-minute sales pitch. So long watching for such a “nothing tip.” His tip is “Buy Ethereum..” What common knowledge as everybody is advising to buy Ethereum! What wrongful advertising. I refuse to buy his advice when I feel he scammed me to watch.

  27. aussiealoha

    Gross overstatement of talent

    I rarely rely on outside advice, but being new to Crypto, I signed up for what was supposed to be the great future picks in Crypto for investment. After listening to Teeka sell his subscription, and stating I had to move quickly since these Cryptos would move quickly at the end of the month!, I paid $2500 for this data. For this subscription, I received the “research” justifying his picks of Crypto, leading off with ETH, which was already well known and well established, nothing new, and listing 5 Crypto to invest. I invested. Over 3 months later, these Crypto are down 25% to 50%, except for one, which is up slightly.
    Its not that I placed too high an expectation on Teeka’s list, but that he has clearly set the expectations far too high, even stating what would quickly happen in these Crypto values. I do not hold anyone else responsible except myself. It is always better to do your OWN research, and to make your OWN decisions, and to avoid making payments for information which will be no better, and potentially worse, than your own picks. Then old saying, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. Teeka paints a picture perfect scenario to snag his subscribers, and I applaud him for walking the line in overselling these subscriptions. But it doesn’t stop there! Once I subscribed, I was literally bombarded with emails asking for more payments to get the inside track on Crypto.

Reported Loss :25000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
Views :