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I do not feel they will stand behind their work.

I purchased the big deal through Angieslist and posted pictures of the work I needed completed. I needed my front wooden overhang replaced. The job took way longer than I expected. Omar came out and did the work. He  called the office for a second man to come help, but Tracey (the owner) did not want to send another man. After he finished, he left the trash in front of the house and took my white paint with him.  I told the company and they did not send him back to clean up.  Instead, the excuse provided by the company was that he did not know what to do with the trash since no one was home when he finished.  Really he could have taken the trash with him in the truck was my expectation and response.

Later, my neighbor (whose boyfriend is a contractor) said she was glad I got the overhang fixed because they saw  black mold on the exposed overhang wood and insulation.  Realizing this, I called Tracey and asked the company why they did not tell me about the mold. I asked her to send Omar back out and remove the overhang so I could treat the mold. She stated that I hired them to replace the overhang and that is what they did.  It was not their job to tell me that the dark spots could be mold. Tracey is refusing to send her people back and have basically left me to deal with it on my own.  Remember, I sent them pictures of the work I needed.  You can see the black stains in the pictures but the company excuse is the pictures are small and cannot see the details very well. I do not understand why they did not tell me until after I mention the dark spots that they could not see the pictures very well.  It was my understanding when we scheduled the appointment that it was very clear the work that needed to be done based on the pictures provided.

As I mentioned, he left the removed wood pieces laying in my front yard and they have black stains.  I am very frustrated, because I now need to redo everything.  I need to take down the overhang and treat it for possible mold and then replace the overhang.  I will not use this company ever again nor would I recommend them to friends. I do not feel they will stand behind their work.

Is Handyman At Your Command a legit?

Handyman At Your Command is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Handyman At Your Command located?

Handyman At Your Command is headquarted at us. You can contact Handyman At Your Command by dialing (301) 556-3948 or visit their website handycommand.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Handyman At Your Command’s customers?

According to Handyman At Your Command’s customers, a monetary loss of US $879 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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    We had a leak between the dry wall near a window and when they opened it up, they noticed the floor had decades of damage, moisture buildup and apparent mold which we discovered later was actually incorrect. At first, the window leak was going to take a day, then Jose came by and said the work with the molded subfloors and new floors could take 3-4 days. He recommended stripping the entire room and put down new subflooring. They charge by the hour, and the price was $180 per hour for two workers. Jose scared us to think the mold was extremely bad and we thought it was odd that the workers were not taking any precautionary measures (wearing protective gloves, masks, etc.) when exposed to the “mold”. We brought this to Tracy’s attention and she mentioned no safety precautions were required, which we found extremely suspicious. This made us rethink if we needed to work with them to complete things right away to prevent mold inhalation and pay an hourly rate with no clear path on when the job would be completed or go with another contractor who could provide us an actual estimate of our project cost. After contacting a home inspector and 2 other contractors, everyone said the window and floor repair should be estimated around $1000 total. At this point we had already paid $2000 for Tracy’s team to strip a small portion of the main flooring/replace the water damaged subfloor, which took their team members roughly 10 hours to complete. We immediately informed them that the only scope of work we’d like them to complete is to put a layer of drywall and prime/paint the area by the window where the original leak occurred. Their team came by the next day to complete the drywall/paint which took the 2 workers almost 5 hours just to drywall. We told Tracy it was taking too long and they should have come back a different day if the drying process in between layers needed longer because we noticed the workers were standing around while it was drying. The drywall that required 5 hours resulted in bubbles and bumps throughout the wall. Tracy responded to that saying it was because we were concerned about how long it was taking so they basically blamed it on us for rushing them. It was evident the wall needed to dry longer and the team could have returned another day instead of charging us for the time required to dry and for an awful finish. We also learned later through research that the workers should’ve utilized a hot mud vs their joint compound, which would’ve been quick setting and allow the team to put multiple coats on the same day. This was clearly a price gauging technique to extend the project where they could indicate that their workers dedicated time “working”, but in actuality, this was an inefficient use of their billable time and our money as they continued to rack up the tab by billing us hourly. We also noticed the window work resulted in the outside siding being dented near the window (which they denied but we sent before and after photos). When we refused to pay for the last day due to the damage and finish, they threatened us with a mechanics lien.

    We found another person to come fix their paint job, and even they mentioned how bad and bumpy the wall was. We also found out when we were refinishing our floors with another contractor that the plywood was fine and naturally discolored with NO MOLD!!! Thankfully we stopped working with Tracy, but we still lost THOUSANDS of dollars. We have yet to fix the siding because apparently it was magically dented. We had to throw out all their trash (damaged plywood and chunks of drywall that was cut off the walls) that they shoved in our shed. We are first time homeowners so this was extremely heartbreaking for us to experience and wish we had some support or understanding from Tracy when we explained our financial situation at the very beginning to not be taken advantage of. Thankfully we found other efficient and professional contractors in Maryland to help us.

  2. Company Upcharges-Warning

    I cannot believe I found this truthful site. Angie’s list used to have a slew of negative feedbacks (mine included) that are mysteriously gone. José was the brains and brawn behind the company, I can no longer find mention of him anywhere. Tracey was the office manager. I guess they broke up and it’s been downhill ever since.

    We hired them to remove a gutter cover system. This was not done. As others mentioned, a complaint brought a second person out, which resulted in an upcharge although I specifically said (after seeing the Angie’s List mentions) I would not honor any upcharges.

    Guess what, system still had not been removed. Tracy came out to review the work. We had an 8am appointment, she showed up in dirty clothes and said José was ill. I don’t mean dirty clothes like she had just left another site, I mean like food was on her outfit and her hair was not brushed properly. At one point, as we were speaking she stumbled backward in a way that made me think she was not sober.

    I told Tracey that I did not believe José was ill, I did not think the guys had been her employees–they were day laborers she picked up from somewhere–and, although we had previously done business in the tens of thousands on multiple homes we would no longer be doing business.

    Since Angie’s List removed the negative reviews the company received, I no longer trusted them as well and never used them again. Buyer beware!

  3. Your company was among the best.

    I would like to thank you for the outstanding service you provided during our roof repairs. The workers were polite and professional. I did not think it possible that color could be so well matched to an 18 year old roof.

    After the job they picked up every piece of debris. Also, the job was completed promptly. My wife and I have engaged in numerous home repair/improvement projects over the past few years. Your company was among the best.

  4. Very Bad

    These company is bullshit, they charge by the hour. They will send 1 man out, then he calls for a second man which raises the price, then they send out a supervisor to sell you something you don’t need. The job started out being 1100.00, they called for a second man which raised the price,

    by the time the supervisor got there the price was 2800.00. It got up to 5300.00 They wanted to lower my ceiling by 8 inches which would take 3 days. All I wanted was a joist repaired, called someone else and they charged me 200.00 per joist. I spent 430.00.

    After I told handyman at your bullshit not to come back they invoiced me for 500.00, the guy got there at 9am made an assessment went to home depot at 9:30 did not get back until (get this) 11am. Home depot is 7 minutes from my house,

    the guy cut 2 ft of roof and tried to sell me on dropping roof, I said no and I get a 500.00 bill. What did they do that cost 500.00? If they say they need a second man for the job look out, it’s coming.

  5. Do not use this company.

    Do not use this company. They are difficult from the start. I purchased 3 hours of services and later spoke to someone name Tracy. She made it extremely hard to schedule a date. When she did schedule a date and time, the owner Jose came extremely late with someone name Omar.

    They did an incomplete job. They were late and only stayed a hour. They charged me for three hours. And, they left a mess in my house. Stay away from this company that actually operate from their home.

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Reported Loss : 879 $
Severity : Extremely Low
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