Safishing delayed my shipment and I have still not received

I am a shopping freak and that adds a list of ecommerce website to my list with whom I usually order. I keep trying new ones as well. However, I have never been scammed the way conned me. It is daunting to wait for your product that you order for weeks and especially when you are not sure when it is going to arrive. does not seem genuine and should be banned from showcasing its product.

Few companies market great offers and when you order from them, they even fail to ship the products. So, you end up wasting your money that you thought you are saving. did the same trick with me. I checked the discounts and ordered a shirt, a straw hat and 3 face shield for fishing. The amount was deducted as per the offer with applicable discount. So, I was happy. However, I did not receive any confirmation for next 11 days.

They mailed me on 12th day from the date of order about the product confirmation and wrote that the products will be shipped soon. It made me furious. First of all, they took 11 days for a confirmation mail. And, on top of that they are still asking for time to ship the product.

I decided to cancel the product and ask for a refund. But, I waited for a week. The next day, I got a mail saying that the products have been shipped and would be reaching me the next day. I knew it was too late but I has already waited for three weeks and one day would not have changed anything. So, I decided to wait.

While I was waiting for the courier and had taken a day off from my office, I thought of searching for the courier through the tracing number. When I put in the tracking number that they had sent me through mail, I found that the package was still waiting at the office to be shipped.

That was the end of my patience and I tried to contact the company. I mailed them on their email id only to get an auto respond. The auto respond said that the manager will contacting me soon. And, there was no tentative date or time.

I knew that this was not going to get anywhere. I still waited for a week and no response. I have tried all ways to get them refund the amount and the tracking number still says that the package is at their location.

This was a worst experience. I ended up losing my money and all my hopes to get my package has shattered. I only wish to warn all others who have been ordering through that they can be caught with the same scam anytime sooner or later. So, if you wish not to, check for other options. You will find many other alternatives.


Is a scam? is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is legit?
First is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by’s consumers?
There is/are 31 review(s) posted about and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is located? is located at N/A. You can contact by dialing +1561.948.6557 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $478 was the total loss incurred by’s customers.

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  1. Sommajr

    Good experience

    Shopped 5 orders between8/24/19—–9/1/19 .
    All orders arrived in 5days.Products received as ordered …excellent quality items

    1. Robyn Abbott

      Very Happy With Facemasks!

      I ordered 5 facemasks Oct 10th 2019 for my husband and his crew at work to try out. He installs and removes insulation in attics, on ladders outside drilling out walls in the cold and works in small crawl spaces under homes as well. A dust mask gets very irritating so he has a tendency of taking it off pretty quickly. As a concerned wife, I wanted to keep his lungs safer, face/neck/ears warmer and have him and his crew be more comfortable at the same time. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the material and design options. I selected 5 different styles and the order came delivered accurately. My husband and his crew love the masks! They get work done more efficiently without having to constantly adjust dust mask straps and can use them as head cover when crawling through dirty basements. Now that the cold weather is approaching I placed a second order today so they can have more backups in between washing. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was because of the quoted delivery was between 2-5 days for $5 via USPS. Order was placed October 10th, Started worrying I was scammed because I didn’t get a tracking number until October 17th, and delivery wasn’t received until October 21st. There was a holiday weekend so I expected a slight delay but in the end it was worth the wait. If I get today’s (11/02/2019) order between November 8th -11th I will be happy to change my review to 5 stars 🙂

  2. Goran


    Ordered a product, waiting 3 months for it to arrive.

    Website live chat doesn’t work, no answering on Messenger.

    Complete stealing. Beware!

    Also check this additional proof of how BS this company is:
    imgur. com/gallery/2lFr9iK

  3. Sarah

    If I could give 0 stars, I would.

    The so-called “customer service agent” that I spoke with was SO RUDE! I placed my order OVER A WEEK AGO and hadn’t heard anything about it from SA Fishing Company. I called and sat on hold FOR OVER AN HOUR. When I finally got ahold of a person (who sounded like she was from New Jersey and not Florida) she was a complete jerk! She gave me nothing but attitude during the entire conversation. I requested that she send me my tracking information while I was still on the phone. When it came through to my email, I followed the link and the link said that the tracking number wasn’t valid. When I told her about the message I received SHE SCREAMED AT ME. When I asked for her name she said, “Yeah, good luck with that.” AND HUNG UP ON ME. It’s no wonder why this company has such a horrible BBB rating! I wish I had check the BBB website before ordering. This is a rip off! I will be reporting my experience to the Better Business Bureau and will be leaving poor reviews absolutely everywhere I can.

  4. dag

    bad clothes

    i ordered a few things from them. I was trying on a pair of swim short and they ripped and fell apart. saw tag is from china and when i chatted with sa. they said they would be charging shipping for the item. one that i never was able to wear once. there is no quality control from them. sell cheep clothes with no respect for there customers.

  5. Conned again.

    Dishonest/deceptive ordering process

    I ordered facemasks, only to find out on the confirmation page, it will take 30 days to receive. This won’t work for me. Tried to call to cancel, no calls allowed. Tried to email No email. The only method of communication was chat. Started in queue position #99. Watched the screen for an hour. I finally got there with Kerstn available to chat. No chat came. I prompted twice to make sure they knew I was there. 5 minutes later, the chat disconnected.
    They sure took my credit card information and it posted to my account last night. Now, I have to contact my bank, provide documentation to get the charge reversed. Dishonesty amid a crisis, disgusts me.

  6. Terry Allen

    Dishonest Orderining Process, No Way To Cancel

    Ordered face masks. Confirmation email said possible 30 day shipping delay.
    Tried to call company to cancel. Company Closed. No way to email. Only available communication was chat. Started at position #99 in the queue.
    Watched number very slowly decrease over an hour. Finally, it showed Kirstn was on chat. He didn’t chat a word. I prompted several time to let them know that I was there; 5 minutes later, the chat disconnected.

    Wrote a review on Trustpilot. Got an email from Michael asking me to send him an email with the info, I did. No response at all. Phase 2 of the scam.

    Now I have to contact my bank to request a reversal of the charges.
    There is nothing worse than dishonest scammers during a crisis.

  7. chris

    Total scam. Been over 15 days and have not even receiveed a confirmation email. Took money out of my account instantly though. The kicker is they are still taking orders and the scam plays on.

  8. Shannon Bruno

    Customer Dis-service

    Placed an order for 3 weeks ago for “fun” shields for my teen daughters to wear. Let’s face it, these offer zero protection from this virus and we’re not worrying about a wind chill. They were simply meant to satisfy the requirements to enter a store. Instead of what I ordered, I received a sorry note saying its not what I ordered but what I need and six masks with duplicate patriotic designs

    Try to call or chat with their service team, there’s a message saying they’re closed. At 915am on Monday. Useless and I’m damn pissed. I want a full refund

  9. Michael Smith

    Rip Off

    Ordered 5 face masks. They arrived but as the tag said: “Not what you ordered, but what you need.” Instead of sending me what I ordered, they instead sent me leopard print, pink striped, and some other cartooney masks. Do you think im going to wear a leopard print and pink striped mask on a construction site?


    Customer service is IMPOSSIBLE to get through. They take your money and run.

  10. paul

    Robbed and blocked

    Made and order in March 2020 after a few days I got and order confirmation and a tracking number. I tracked the parcel over a number of days and noticed it had not left miami. I waited a number of weeks while trying to get in touch with customer services but couldn’t. Finally after 6 weeks I made contact by instagram. It showed they had seen it so I waited for a reply. By the next day they had blocked me on Instagram and Facebook. Money lost on masked that I ordered. Being a Frontline worker during Covid 19 with the homeless i had hoped these may had aided a bit

  11. jonjo rudden

    it's a scam!

    they are not a real company, they do not deliver, there email automatically rejects incoming emails and phone line just plays an automated message, please do not use!

  12. Jason

    Stay Away, garbage company

    Like most everyone else who has been taken advantage of, I have ordered 8 items from their website, only to receive 8 items I did not order. It seems like they are clearly selling items online, that they do not in fact have. I purchased an “8 Pack” where you pick your styles online. I did not receive what I ordered, but a note saying this is “Not the design you chose, but the safety you need.” What I wanted, it what I ordered.
    I started a claim with PayPal, and they have agreed to pay a refund when they receive these masks back, and I’m responsible for the shipping, but on their own website, at this link:…/reship-and-refunds/… – it states : Missing or Incorrect Item: If you were missing an item, received the wrong item or wrong size, no worries! We will send you a return label to have the issue resolved at no cost to you.
    So now I’m going to be sending back a product I did not order, and pay to send it back on my own money, not have a replacement sent, and risk them not giving me a refund when they receive it.
    I wanted what I ordered.

  13. Nicole Huffman

    Horrible Customer Service

    I am so completely and utterly disappointed in my most recent order. I have tried multiple times to get in contact with customer service or anyone really. I called the phone number and it states, “We are closed” yet all business hours posted everywhere clearly state they are open. I tried to live chat FOUR different times, at varying times a day. I waited on livechat over an hour each time. Only twice did my “Queue Position” move and when I finally reached 62 it disconnected me. The second time, same thing my position was 33 and it said disconnected. When it reconnected my “Queue Position” reset to 99. I have sent several FB messages with no response. Then you post on your FB that you have hired additional customer service staff to assist, that’s a slap in the face because 4 days now I’ve tried to get someone to provide customer service to me. I ordered 9 different masks on April 9th, patiently waited 11 days to have them shipped and didn’t received them until April 25th, only to find out they weren’t the masks I selected. They included a nice note though, “Not the design you chose, but the safety you need.” I didn’t order these masks for COVID-19, I ordered them because my wife has asthma but works construction and these are easier for her to breath in. I ordered them because I used to love your company and regularly ordered every 3-4 months. Our masks were starting to wear out so I was just placing my regular order. I was not upset about waiting as I understand there is currently high demand but I was not expecting to wait only to not receive the masks I selected. I am beyond dissatisfied and hope someone reaches out to me to fix this issue.

  14. Jon

    Hey folks get a charge back via your CC co.

    Got my money back via charge back through my credit card. SAFishing’s customer service was non-existent. Order took a month to get to me. They sent an email about 15 days later saying shipments were delayed, and my package came 15 days after that. They sent me 5 random facemasks. I ordered 5 different Plain colors/patterns. They sent me 5 random designs 4 of which were duplicates. Instead of plain I got an obnoxious neon yellow fanged skull face, American flags, etc. They had the audacity to leave a note saying they made the substitutions for “my safety”. The faceshields I did get felt cheap. The edges were frayed.

    As far as customer service, I couldn’t tell you besides there is none. The number included in the order email rings to a recorded message saying they are closed. There is no email, just a live chat feature that is torture. I sat in a queue at position 99 for 6+ hours. Sometimes I’d move up but then it’d randomly disconnect (on a wired desktop) and throw me back on top. I tried again today logging in right when they opened the chat and got position 44. After a few hours I as at #3 and guess what? Reconnected position 99.

    I called my credit card company and explained the lack of communication and that I got nothing of what I ordered and they instantly gave me a full refund. I recommend you all do the same.

    1. Simone


      Ordered masks got tracking after over a month and still hadn’t arrived to our country messaged them to say I think it’s lost. Would not reply to email did to Facebook message though. Eventually agreed to resend and gave me a new order number said tracking would be emailed in 24-48 hrs I never got tracking.
      After 3 weeks I messaged asking for tracking just so I could check progress and sent me link to the origional tracking. Said they are monitoring it.
      Now been 7 weeks no product.
      Questioned why lied about Re sending and of course no response. Had other stuff arrive in 4 days max 2 weeks from other companies 😡

  15. Seth

    Sa fishing are thieves

    I ordered from them on 4/3/20 and as of 5/2/20 have NOT even received tracking info let alone what I purchased. They are nothing more than thieves. Customer service is a joke if you can even call it that since you can’t get a hold of them other than online chat that you have to sit on for hours waiting for them then it just resets the queue line and you have to start over, they will steal your money

  16. Jade

    SA Fishing RIPPED ME OFF!!!

    After 2 months still have not received my order. They refuse to answer any of my emails and will not answer their phone. The chat feature on their website is fake – no one ever answers my messages.

    These people are obviously scammers and have robbed me.

    I am warning anyone reading this to stay away and do not fall victim to these thieves.

  17. Brittany Kushner

    49 days ago they took my money

    I still don’t have my product and we paid them and ordered 49 days ago. Phones are turned off you can’t get a human in the chat to talk to you only Automated messages . Disgusting they would take people’s money during a pandemic and not send them anything or correspond. I have filed a bbb complaint and I will be contacting news stations as well. They will be hearing from me weather they like it or not

  18. Larry Schaffer

    No service

    I put an order in six weeks ago. Got a confirmation mail, and a email the next day stating a 7 to 14 day delay a month later i recieved an email saying package on its way. Checked tracking and it still has not been shipped. The company had no service available by phone. The website recommended the live chat. That was a complete joke. I spent hours waiting for a response and when i finally got one it was a pre typed message. I have asked for a full refund through the live chat for what that is worth. Still no response from the company. I understand things are moving slow due to covid. But this is not acceptable. This was my first and last order. I will never buy anything from this company and strongly recommend that no else does either. Next step is to contact BBB and file a formal complaint.

  19. Gina

    Took my money and left me out to dry.

    My husband ordered masks, buy 1 get 3 free. With Covid, and needing to wear a mask, he didn’t want the traditional mask at work. No contact from SA Fishing for over a month. Then the ask for patience. Took our money immediately, but zero updates for one month. Now I’m sitting 20+ minutes on their customer service chat because their phones are “down”. Not worth it, I know I’m out of money, but this is crap. If you can’t provide adequate service during this time, give people their money back!

  20. Connie Lewis

    This company is a big rip off

    I placed an order 6 weeks ago. Payment was deducted from my account within 15 minutes of placing my order. I have still not received my order. To my knowledge it has never shipped. I received 1 email confirming my order and have been unable to get in contact with the company since.This company is nothing more than thieves scamming people out of their money!!

  21. Vince Tkac

    Terrible customer support

    Placed an order 3 weeks ago, can’t reach anyone in customer support via chat, email or phone. Waited in chat for 3 hours on multiple days and just get disconnected.

  22. Pete

    Terrible Customer Service - Still don't have product, or money

    I ordered on 4/17. I get that there is a crisis right now. I wanted to give my money to an American company. They wasted no time in taking my money. I have yet to receive the product. When trying to use their “Chat Now” feature two weeks ago to get an update, I waited a couple of hours and was told that my order would ship on 5/11. I followed up again on 5/12 because I didn’t have tracking. Waited another 2 hours and was told that my order contained items that were no longer in stock. I was offered the opportunity to change my order to stock material and it would ship in 2 days. I changed under that agreement. I tried following up again on 5/14 and 5/15. Waiting hours only to get kicked off when I was “next in line”. Today, after receiving a generic “update” email regarding the chat now feature, I logged on again to check on the status of my order. I’ve been waiting over 5 freaking HOURS to get an update on an order that this company has my money for. You would think this company would be EMBARRASSED by these accounts, but instead, they are on this site flagging comments instead of giving people information on their orders. Despicable. Meanwhile, I had ordered from another company after I placed this order for (1) gaiter, to find out the company was in China. Yeah … I have that product now. Absolutely embarrassing that this is the level of service coming from an American company in the middle of this pandemic.

  23. Bruce

    Where are they located

    Ordered six face masks on April 14th 2020 have not received a tracking number cannot get through on the chat line but they still have the balls to keep sending me emails to buy more face masks and gear that they don’t send out,
    piss poor company that takes advantage during a crisis… I find out where their warehouse is located I’ll get my masks

  24. Jay K Barker

    I placed an order over a month ago and still have not received an email or anything but money was taken out of my account this is poor customer service in my opinion with no end in sight.

  25. Larry Schaffer

    Horrible company

    I placed an order on 4/6/2020 and got a confirmation mail, and a email the next day stating a 7 to 14 day delay a month later i recieved an email saying package on its way. Checked tracking and it still has not been shipped. The company had no customer service available by phone. The website recommended the live chat. That was a complete joke. I spent hours waiting for a response and when i finally got one it was a pre typed message. I have asked for a full refund through the live chat for what that is worth. Still no response from the company. I understand things are moving slow due to covid. But this is not acceptable. This was my first and last order. I will never buy anything from this company and strongly recommend that no else does either. Next step is to contact BBB and file a formal complaint. This company is a total scam and will take your and not send the product you order. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE RIPPED OFF.

  26. Molly G Maroney

    Took my money, never received product

    I ordered $46 worth of masks and rings (6 of each). My payment was processed but I never received even a confirmation email much less any sort of tracking information about my purchase. I attempted contacting them almost 2 dozen times via email, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger. Each time my comments were deleted (if public) or ignored (if private). It’s now been over 3 months with nothing.

  27. Michael Hough

    They took my money, I never got the order

    Never recieved my order. Customer service was rude and offered no help. Beware of these fraudsters

  28. jeff

    Beware you will never get your order!!!

    DON’T ORDER FROM THEM SA Fishing! They went fish be back never. No one in the chat in customer service order june 23 and its july 27 no word just take my money to bad must call my bank and report fraud because no one ever gets back to you. #safishingscam

  29. Darius Thorne

    Great Products, Low Price.

    I bought a number of items from SAFishing, a hat, tshirt and about ten face masks, they all arrived after about a month (I’m in Ireland) they are great quality, have been using them about two years now, have given some away as a gift to friends and family and they love them, I have just ordered more, since the pandemic has really made it a thing that I have to wear these everywhere now, easy to breath through, great products, I work in Security, so they’re always handy for cold nights too.

  30. David

    Do not deliver what is ordered, promises to make it right are never fulfilled

    My order took over a month to arrive, and then did not have what I ordered. Further their promises to make it right have dragged on for 5 months without resolution.

  31. Kevin Harter

    Still waiting over a month NOW!! with zero help from SA FISHING

    I placed a large order over $150 on 5 DECEMBER 2020. Thinking I would give the stuff as Christmas presents. Well It has been over one month. Today is 6 Jan 2021 and still nothing. Even after contacting them on several occasions. I was emailed a tracking number but it provides ZERO information. it cannot be tracked through any of their carriers.

    This company’s Customer Service is absolutely ridiculous. I am normally a pretty even keeled person and I think I have been more than patient, but this is deception and quite frankly fraudulent what they are doing to their customers.

Reported Loss :478 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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