Peter Sarkis

Excursions disaster!

Peter Sarkis aka facebook troll is running this website selling excursions in Tenerife but be aware you will book and wil never see your money again…I have booked a few excursions thru hes website and never received the tickets and upon contacting the places they have never heard of him..Further investigation leds me to alot of other websites and Facebook pages he is not even in Tenerife he is in the uk

Is Peter Sarkis a scam?
Peter Sarkis is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Peter Sarkis legit?
First Peter Sarkis is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Peter Sarkis’s consumers?
There is/are 26 review(s) posted about Peter Sarkis and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Peter Sarkis located?
Peter Sarkis is located at United Kingdom. You can contact Peter Sarkis by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Peter Sarkis’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $87883 was the total loss incurred by Peter Sarkis’s customers.

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26 reviews on Peter Sarkis

  1. Mark

    Stay Clear Of Peter Sarkis

    Wish i have seen this before i booked Peter sold me a few excursions and ive never seen my tickets money lost…

  2. K. Tanner

    This must be a lie !!! Lots of people are very happy to have Peter 😉

    This must be a lie !!! Lots of people are very happy to have Peter. 😉

    Easy to check out the truth, visit the forum and read all the positive reviews. 🙂

  3. Peter Sarkis

    Left an after taste like Biltong.

    Awful service. I forgot whose team I was on and ripped myself off. Luckily, I got the money back because I sent the money to my own bank account. Cheers.

  4. Stilgoingstrong

    Obviously by someone with an axe to grind. Sounds lovely ke sour grapes.

    You say you have purchased a few excursions from Peter but never received the tickets. Why would you continue to buy another excursion if you never received the tickets for one you had bought before. Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes to me.

  5. Penelope


    I’ve never read such a load of codswallop in my life. Peter runs a great group and monitors it well to keep exactly this sort of thing off it. He is a decent, honorable man. Whether or not he lives in Tenerife is totally irrelevant.

  6. Peter



  7. Trisha


    I browse Peters Facebook on a regular basis and from what I’ve seen he has done nothing but help others, he is certainly not dishonest … I think the review saying he is a scammer and troll is fake and has been done deliberately to discredit him … common sense would tell me if I had been scammed from someone I wouldn’t want to do any more business with them, why does ” anonymous ” claim to have been scammed on a “few occasions”

  8. Carol

    Peter Sarkis accusation

    This is actually a pack of lies! You need to be careful what you put on this page, defamation of character is illegal. Why would anyone repeatedly use someone who has kept their money? ‘Anonymous’ needs to grow up and find better things to do with their time, may I suggest brushing up on a bit of spelling and grammar.

  9. Carol burns


    This man has help loads of people why don’t you get a live and stop trying to rueing a good mans reputation you could not even put you name that alone says alot

  10. Hugh


    Petes an honest guy. Wtf is this bullshit about? How old are you virgins 6? 7?
    whatcha think I do?
    Sling skins for a living,my name ain’t November
    This ain’t Thanksgiving, you ain’t Michael Bivins

  11. Dave

    What absolute bollocks!

    Why try to blacken an honest man like Peter?!
    Why…because the author of the article is full of horseshit!

  12. William nicol

    Peter sark is a good guy

    This guy is A fair guy and runs a fair website giving good advise regarding Tenerife and has NEVER tried to extort money for any reason. If the person making this accusation has any balls he or she wouldn’t be anonymous, man up or shut up.

  13. Sharon

    The post is written by a coward

    Whoever wrote this is either on drugs or suffering from Delusional disorder. So come on anonymous stop being a coward and put your name to this. Peter Sarkis runs a great page on face book and is highly regarded by those who read and keep updated. This person is a sad individual who does not have the courage to sign his name.

  14. Carole

    Peter has high morals and standards this post is written by a troll

    Total rubbish the anonymous person that wrote this must be totally deluded and have a personal gripe against Peter, this dirty scam post is obviously written by a toxic person. Peter has always had high moral standards and I hope no one will believe the rubbish the anonymous person has said about Peter, they have slandered Peters name and that is wrong.

  15. Louise Chapman

    Utter lies you must be very bored or jealous

    Absolute lies you must be a clear low life out to write such rubbish about somebody he runs a very helpful group for all the many thousands of holiday travellers who visit the island providing invaluable information as for the trips what a crock of s*** no one believes a word of your post.

  16. Abi

    Absolute rubbish

    What a load of absolute garbage. Peter is a decent honest guy and definitely not a fraudster. My opinion is that this is a vendetta being carried out by a conman with a grudge.

  17. L.Brown

    Faceless Moron

    Peter Sarkis is an pathetic faceless moron if you disagree with something on he’s groups or pages you get blocked…………He likes to think he can control everybody.
    All the peep standing up for him is in complete denial you follow him like slaves and doing what he ask facebook trolls feed of attention like this.
    Did anybody actually meet him before?most probably not’
    After reading this report and seeing all hes rants that he have on hes groups i decide to leave the group i also found this post about him

    I also searched hes name in a few other groups and seems like hes all over the place upsetting everybody.

  18. Cibele Gonzales

    Peter Sarkis

    I came across your site and the review about Peter Sarkis and I highly doubt that this review is genuine.

    Peter is admin of some Facebook groups about Tenerife and he is lived in Tenerife for long time and knows it is a place that has plenty of scammers, specially waiting for new expats.

    I was conned last year by a woman that advertises all over Facebook groups and when I contacted the admins of all groups, all of them new the bad reputation of this woman but she threats those admins with legal action to have the negative posts about her removed. Peter was the only one who helped me to warn other people on his pages to be aware of this woman. And he helped lots of other people doing a similar job as your page but called My Tenerife Report.

    Because of that he has some enemies, local scammers hate him and would do anything to damage his image. So I believe they are using your page to spread lies and damage the image of a person who has been doing good.

  19. Tony bennington


    Peter runs a group this has been very helpful peter always look out for people who asked for help i cannot belive you have said this abkut a good man who helps others

  20. alicia

    He is an idiot

    Sorry folks but you are all deluded about Peter Sarkis. He was a troll for many years on the original Tenerife Forum under the name of Juba. Just do a search on him – he immediately tries to get revenge on anyone who says anything negative about him and has lied about many respectable people in Tenerife, including a very well known lady who has probably the most informative and well known website in Tenerife. You dont hear the negatives because as soon as anyone queries anything he has said on his forum he blocks them forever, whilst pretending he is the innocent party. A very dangerous man who will stop at nothing to get revenge if you upset him. I have never been banned from anything in my life until I objected to him slandering people. As all the comments about him on here are on the same day I can only imagine he has asked you deluded people to speak out for him.

  21. David Hughes

    Just stay clear, Sussex police have paid him a visit.

    He has trolled and caused people lots of people upset and the police have been to see him for ripping people off. Don’t take chances stay away from this pond life. He always responds with fake profiles saying how good juba Peter sarkis is.

  22. Shiver me timbers

    Well known scammer and troll peter sarkis

    “They walk among us”, they certainly do… peter sarkis is a well known internet troll, his pathetic attempt to discredit companies is now back firing on him, his victims have now got together, the clock is ticking for him…TICK TOCK

  23. Sandra

    Tax Evader

    I bet he works illegally and doesnt pay tax like those Astley people at sa tech. Bunch o losers the lot of them. That Stuart Astley fella is just like him. what a tosser and they all scammers.

  24. Andrew Chestnut

    Why....just why.

    What is it with people who post this rubbish? Peter Starkis continues to be one of the fairest and honest people on FB. What he doesn’t do is suffer fools, trolls and trouble makers lightly which leads me to believe that you are one of those disgruntled, petty man-childs he has rejected from his forum for bad behaviour. Get a life…for your own sake.

  25. Peter Sarkis

    The truth will always rise to the top.

    Truth is always stranger than lies.

  26. Chris Teek

    Peter Sarkis

    Sarkis got sent back from Spain for fiddling with kids, he was found out after being caught filming in a children’s playground and was arrested, police found loads of illegal pictures and videos including children on his hard drive including one of him filming himself abusing a child. He was sentenced to 10 years in 2002 and was released and sent back to the uk in 2007 and changed his name to Peter Sarkis, he currently lives at 40 Lancaster court, BN3 2TQ

Reported Loss :87883 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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