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Wow! If I owned Everhome Mortgage Company I would be ashamed. We have perfect credit and have always paid our debts on time.

We got our original home on a first time home buyer program where we paid a normal rate for 80% of the loan and the city backed the other 20% at a low interest.

The note and mortgage clearly state that we could prepay either principal in partial or full with no penalty.

After 2 months of contacting them to try to pay the higher bank backed loan.

2 months because you can never get a straight answer from the tele reps and they cant connect you to a supervisor so supervisors have to call you back within 24 hours and supervisors wont give you a way to contact them.

So every time you call you have to rehash everything.

So after reviewing the contracts they said we can indeed pay off the bank owned portion and we can call in the funds electronically.

So after calling it in and directing the funds to the bank backed loan.

We followed up to see if they went through since we haven’t seen a transaction on our side yet.

Now the rep says that the amount was first applied to the city backed low interest loan first then the remainder applied to their higher interest loan and basically said if we didn’t like it we could mail a letter to their dispute department.

So basically they illegally leveraged the low rate city backed loan to try to keep their higher rate loan in effect.

We decided to pay the whole thing off because it just isn’t worth trying to play their game which is designed to wear you out by not ever letting any of their reps or supervisors accountable.

This is exactly what government regulation should be for and if regulators actually did their job the people who run and profit from this company would be jailed.

I can only imagine what they are doing to other unwitting customers.

Is Everhome Mortgage Company a scam?
Everhome Mortgage Company is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Everhome Mortgage Company legit?
First Everhome Mortgage Company is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Everhome Mortgage Company’s consumers?
There is/are 18 review(s) posted about Everhome Mortgage Company and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Medium.
Where is Everhome Mortgage Company located?
Everhome Mortgage Company is located at 8200 Nations Way, Jacksonville, FL 32256, USA. You can contact Everhome Mortgage Company by dialing (904) 281-6120 or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Everhome Mortgage Company’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $2776 was the total loss incurred by Everhome Mortgage Company’s customers.

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18 reviews on Everhome Mortgage Company

  1. Joe Mark

    Please do not consider this mortgage company.

    Please do not consider this mortgage company. Dealing with them was one disaster after another. Everhome does not hold the customer as priority. The customer service was extremely poor. They are disorganized and communication is poor.

    Back during the mortgage crisis they found every possible way to be underhanded with their “loyal” customers. There are some great mortgage companies out there….and Everhome is certainly not one of them. We are no longer allowing Everhome to serve our mortage needs. The best financial decision we have ever made!

  2. Duane Young

    Formerly Everhome, now Everbank.

    Shady business practices, ill treatment of veterans exercising rights while in Iraq and Afghanistan, attempts to illegally change mortgage contracts sold to them by other banks, their “insurance” department is not only high in costs,

    but goofy, and they have had class action suits. Personnel representatives have trouble with English language and knowledge of business (perhaps not all, but majority from my experiences). Formerly Everhome, now Everbank.

  3. Zelza Wright

    These people are thieves and crooks.

    These people are thieves and crooks. Run from them and let them go out of business. They told me they would remodifiy my loan and told me to pay $50 bucks a month till the re-mod and then they would roll it all back up in a new payment!

    Repeatedly telling us not to worry we would not lose our home… After 8 monthes of sending and re sending and sending some more papers, hardship letters, etc… they told us to bad so sad, pay us $10,900 or go into foreclosure.

    Then they came at us with full tilt aggression threatening letter after letter, their lawyers were worse… the banks own the world and they make policy ALL policy vote out any dem or repub that is backed or stands for the banks they are devils…

  4. Eric Scott

    stay away form this company..

    the worst company on the planet..period….they are rude and constantly harass there customers on the phone……i have never been late on a payment,but they call every month to harass me. this is going on for over 5 years…this kinsd of harassment should be illegal…..stay away form this company….

  5. Robert Adams

    Bad Service Provide

    wow everybody that i read there review of everhome is virtually the same dealings as i . yes they are very rude they have laughed at my wife over the phone sorta like laughing right in her face . they have done this with me also . good thing i found my police style whistle . they did not like that .

    but asap when i can iam going to go down there with the money to pay off the mortgage and shove it someplace to where they have to got hospital to get it out and then close all my checking and savings accounts and goto a judge and get a pfa or anything that will stop them from contacting me directly , indirectly or anything of the such . they will only be able to contact my lawyer .

    i just do not know how they are in business still . it is like we are dealing with a payday loan company . i have written to the BBB and my attorney general and floridas ag and they really cannot do much . they say just hire a good lawyer and get everybody that has to deql with them into a court room and maybe something can get done . i working on this

  6. Peggy Mitchell


    Yep, would give them no stars if I could. DO NOT FINANCE/BANK with Everhome. They took over my mortgage from BOA while I was trying to get help and took me to foreclosure within 2 months as I was trying to work with them to get help.

    Everytime I filled out paperwork from them, they would send me a letter saying I was denied because I ddin’t send in all the paperwork. Filed for Bankruptcy to keep this stupid house and they are still harrasing me saying check were returned to them due to NSF.. dumb a$* I don’t send you checks!!!!

    I do it electronically and I have NSF protection on my bank account!!! so there were no NSF checks, what the H*%& are you trying to pull. WORST MORTGAGE COMPANY EVER

  7. Mercedes Perez

    This is the worst company ever.

    This is the worst company ever. It is the most unprofessional with the rudest most inept staff. It is a model on how not to do business.

  8. Terri Roberts

    Do NOT do business with this company.

    Bank of America handed our mortgage over to Everhome on July. My husband had been unemployed for over a year and since unemployment had ran out and most of our savings and all of our 401K was gone, we contacted Bank of America to let them know we could no longer make the payment but we had the house listed with a real estate agent since January but no bites at that time.

    The next thing we knew, Everhome was our mortgage company. They immediately began calling us once and sometimes even twice a day asking the same 30 questions and wondering when they could expect payment. Even before we were behind 2 payments, they hired people to change the locks and even though we were paying someone to mow the lawn, they hired a firm at three times the cost to mow the lawn.

    Then they called the electric and gas companies and changed service to their name. We had up until that time been paying those bills. We received a letter giving us a name of an account rep that we were to deal with exclusively.

    But every time we called that person was not available and the person who answered the phone went through the same 30 questions. We requested a short sale through Everhome and BofA and BofA granted it but not Everhome. They even sent us foreclosure papers knowing we had a contract on the house.

    They added more fees causing the short sale to not have enough money to close. Our buyer came up on her offer so we could continue with the short sale. Hopefully the short sale will close before February 12th and we can kiss Everhome goodby. Do NOT do business with this company.

  9. Marcy Turner

    I'm going to report them as an unscrupulous lender.

    Same thing as everyone says, they lie and say they did not recv the payment on time so they can charge a late fee or phone process it on the lst for a fee. The only way around the fee is if you pay it by auto withdrawal. I’m going to report them as an unscrupulous lender.

  10. Renee Phillips

    They should be out of business.

    They are the worst. I have had them for years. This is my second mortgage with them & we did have trouble at the end of the process – almost didn’t close, but this complaint is about something totally different. Had a house flood & many of the structural repair checks from insurance had to be made out to Everhome & me, which meant they had to endorse the checks before I could deposit them.

    After submitting the final check for the repairs, they tell me that I have to go through this arduous process before they’ll sign since I’ve exceeded their $10,000 threshold. What?? It’s not their money! It’s also being used to repair a property that they have an interest in. . . now they are saying there have to be inspections, etc. that could take another month since their inspector can’t even CALL ME for 7-10 days!

    What??? They are awful. Talking to a supervisor gets you nowhere – they have no power to do anything for you & basically HATE the customer. I will change companies as soon as I am able. They should be out of business.

  11. Robin Morrison

    I would like to know if this is happening to anyone else?

    At the end of June I received a notice from Bank of America that they were selling my mortgage to Everhome. I also received a notice from Everhome “Welcoming” me and that I was to mail my July payment to them in the envelope provided, the address on it was to their payment center in Atlanta, GA.

    I mailed it on July 5th and today is August 8th and they still have NOT cashed my check! After July 16th they started calling my house and sending me Delinquincy notices until I called and they have since stopped that; but still haven’t cashed my check! The second week of July they sent me a payment booklet and the payment center address on it is in California!

  12. Ken Hansen

    Worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with!!

    Worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with!!! They ask for pages and pages of paperwork, supposedly to Help. Assign a personal adviser that we never talked to personally….after 10 attempts!!

    Their customer service amounts to an agent reading from a script. Only help they offered was tho take our house in exchange for not taking it in foreclosure. Thanks for nothing Everhome!!

  13. Stiven Smith

    This bank is run by criminals!

    This bank is run by criminals! I have had the misfortune of having the servicing of my mortgage sold to EverHome Mortgage. EverHome Mortgage owes me money which was embezzled by EverHome Mortgage employees from electronic payments I sent that were supposed to go towards paying additional principal, but were instead embezzled under the guise of “PMI payments” into an illegally set up escrow account.

    This has been an ongoing issue for the past 3 years. I have had conversations with various Customer/Priority Service staff at EverHome, including Allison Buttner, Alex Rodriguez, and Vanessa Cruz, to no avail. I encourage anyone who has an account with EverHome Mortgage or Ever Bank to carefully review and monitor their statements and to report any criminal misconduct (e.g. embezzlement) to Florida Attorney General, Office of the Comptroller of Currency (OCC), and Jacksonville PD… I can almost guarantee that there are mistakes on your statements!

  14. Bobbi Fernandez

    This company has put me to my end.

    This company has put me to my end. I get no straight answers whenever I call. My payment goes up and down without any notice. They stole money from us. I would never, never reccommend this company to even my worst ememy. I am going to get too the end of this one way or another.

    Attoney please!! I was told so many different lies and prices, I don’t think they even know the truth anymore. DO NOT do business with this loan company. SHAME on you for taking peoples hare earned money without any explaintions of how, where , and what all my monet went for.

  15. Wayne Campbell

    Poor Service

    Yuk, what a bunch of losers

  16. Doug Parker

    By the way, I found out by accident that I was screwed.

    I moved out of state to take a job with the FAA and left my house, trying to sell it. We couldn’t sell the house and I couldn’t pay for it so, I let it go to foreclosure. My Wife had a chronic illness and she was getting worse so, we decided to move back to the house to be around children and grandchildren. March 23rd,

    My Wife was lifeflighted to Mayo clinic and was considered stable, she was on a respirator. My son and I moved back to the house, as I Promised to everhome. My Wife passed away on the 3rd of April, we buried her on the 7th. Meanwhile, everhome, rejected my request and sold the mortgage to an unknown party.

    They never informed me of their decision. I moved into the house on the 26th of March, my Son had moved in the first week of March. I did not get a utility bill until the 10th of April. The rep at everhome said, “here in florida, when you set up utilities, you get a form right away.” I am not in florida. I buried my Wife and now her home has been taken away from me due to everhome’s incompetence.

    By the way, I found out by accident that I was screwed. I called Everhome to inform them of my Wifes passing and that I would no longer have her disability check as income. Then I found out they had denied my claim and sold the mortgage on the 10th of April, while I was IN THE HOUSE.

  17. Sheri Evans

    This company is extremely rude in dealing with their customer's.

    This company is extremely rude in dealing with their customer’s. They have raised my mortgage $500 /mo. and are making me pay almost $1,000 /mo. to my escrow account when my taxes are less than $7,000 per year.I have paid two mortgage payments this year, already paid my first installment of taxes and almost have enough in my escrow account to pay my second installment taxes that are not due for 6 more mo.!

    They stated the fact that my mo payment went up $500 /mo. isn’t a hardship for me and stated that even though my mortgage is 56% of my pay there is nothing they can do for me and suggested that my payments were not late enough to qualify for anything, I am done being hung up on and treated like less than a person while dealing with this company.

  18. Judith Edwards

    Everhome is very fortunate to have such a great employee!

    I’ve had an Everhome Mortgage for the past 7 yrs. & could not be more pleased with the service I’ve received, Rick Therien has been our rep. the entire time and I can’t say enough about his service and constant pleasant attitude, Everhome is very fortunate to have such a great employee!

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Severity of Scam :Medium
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