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German NAZIs Were The Ashkenazi Jews, All Along (Or Vice Versa)

The German NAZIs Were The Ashkenazi Jews, All Along (Or Vice Versa)

If the modern days news is any more of an indication, it is at this point in history and time, fairly easy to conclude, without being dismissed as a “conspiracy theorist,” that the original German NAZIs were either:

(1) always German Jews pretending to be ethnic Germans (as their long, sordid history of “crypto-Jewry” seems to belie; or

(2) the German NAZIs never truly lost World War II, but merely retreated and went underground after the overwhelming onslaught of the Russian military broke into their capitol of Berlin in May 1945, with the vanquished quickly exiting the country with fake passports claiming Jewish ancestry and/or mixing in/infiltrating in with Jewish concentration camp prisoners in order to escape en masse to the United States and other western nations.

There is no other rational explanation as to why so many German Jews have hundred million dollar homes in the Hamptons of Long Island, or Hollywood, most or many of them having come here either right before, or right after, World War II.

If they were truly “fleeced refugees” of not only their earthly and worldly possessions and money, how then are they still light years beyond any other race or ethnicity in terms of combined monetary and tangible wealth, in every Western nation on earth?

It takes generations to rebuild that kind of indomitable wealth again, not to mention overcoming the much documented psychological trauma of the Holocaust and Kristalnacht persecution preceding it.

Like Kurt Cobain of Nirvana said, and David Bowie before him, in their cult song “The Man Who Sold The World,” it appears that they “never lost control.”

Indeed, now in the age of the internet, where secrets are impossible to keep, we see hastily drafted explanations from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and other NAZI infiltrated (or created) organizations and agencies, such as George Soros’ “Open Society Foundation,” (who was also confirmed to be a Jewish born NAZI in his youth) as to why in the hell did the U.S. Government import at least 1500 NAZI Germany’s brightest and most ruthless scientists, doctors, engineers, spies, to re-invent and “re-invigorate” the United States.

When this “Operation Paperclip” was broken as news, it should have shocked the United States to its core, but instead it was slowly at first denied, then partially accepted, and then re-birthed with the help of think-tanks, CIA paid authors and other academics to explain away as being “much needed talent.”

These NAZIs were supposedly cold blooded killers, supposedly responsible for AT LEAST 6,000,000 Jews killed in the Holocaust.

Or were they really?

At this point, maybe it’s time to start asking the hard questions.

For example, nearly every Polish citizen talks about how their relatives, their CHRISTIAN relatives, were murdered in the concentration camps, alongside “gypsies,” homosexuals, the disabled, and their families.

Not many of them can recall even being NEAR a Jewish concentration camp inmate.

And even looking at today’s history, Jewish bankers and financiers and Hollywood (even Germany had a Hollywood equivalent, also dominated by Jews) absolutely LOVE giving tons of campaign money to “strong men” leaders, such as LBJ, Ronald Reagan (Lew Wasserman’s project), Donald Trump, just as long as they do exactly the bidding of what wealthy Jews want in both foreign, and domestic policy.

But if that leader turns on them, or does NOT do what they told him to do, organized Jewry will wage WAR against that leader that they placed into power.

This is also what they did to Adolph Hitler, who was initially financed and placed into power by JEWISH BANKERS, FINANCIERS, AND FILM/ENTERTAINMENT MOGULS IN GERMANY.

Indeed, even today, American and International organized Jews are forcing their host nations, especially America, to fork over billions of hard earned American taxpayer dollars to support the Jewish Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his AZOV NAZI battalions to again, fight against Russia, whom they obviously still have a beef with over the above mentioned May 1945 beat down in Berlin.

So you see, nothing has changed at all.

And as The Who said in their seminal song, “Won’t Get Fooled Again,” “say hello to the new boss, he’s the same as the old boss.”

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