UpRight Law

Upright Law

UpRight Law offer a service stating they will find you an attorney for bankruptcy. State that they will help you every step of the way. For a few of 1800.00 and one you pay you never hear from them again!

Upright Law is SCAM! They are overcharging by 1500.00. I found out that I could have done the exact same bankruptcy by hiring a paralegal for 350$.

Is UpRight Law a legit?

UpRight Law is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 115 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is UpRight Law located?

UpRight Law is headquarted at 79 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60603, USA. You can contact UpRight Law by dialing 1877-927-5451 or visit their website uprightlaw.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by UpRight Law’s customers?

According to UpRight Law’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1800 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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115 Reviews on UpRight Law

  1. Cowards taking my money won't return my call I got a call from customer service today @ 8:14 I went right outside and called them back never left a voice mail or anything

    I have been calling upright law for some time wanting to know where my 1720 I cancel with them in February of 2023 they sent me an email telling me they were gonna mail me a check for 1004 dollars but they done nothing to help me all I want is my money so I can hire a real attorney not one that’s sits on their butt and take what’s not rightfully theirs I am going to speak with an attorney and see what they say because they haven’t done anything and I promise I will not go away with this matter you call customer service and the upright law number and no one even answer so don’t try and send me to customer service if I have to I will call a news channel where I live and let them come talk to me then see what upright law thinks

  2. Refund

    I decided not to file bankruptcy. Then I got A call telling me I will get A refund of 1300.00 + in 45 days well it has been more than 45 days. Now I would like to know where is my refund?

  3. disbarred and still in practice

    hired upright law to handle my bankruptcy case never spoke to them on the phone never had any services rendered and out of my $1,600 I get a $270 refund and they say I won’t see it for months we need to get a class action lawsuit together because apparently they do this to everyone who wants a refund this is shady business and considered legal malpractice.

  4. Ripped off for $2000

    Paid for the bankruptcy only to find out they are scam artists – refunded me the $2000 the bank said it’s a fraudulent check. Can’t get in touch w anyone “Joseph” doesn’t exist his direct line is fake. I call and now it’s Leonard law. I have reported this to the attorney general, consumer affairs, the police in Chicago and my state, the news reporters, BBB, the FBI, anyone who will listen. I am disgusted.

  5. Scam

    Paid Mr. Seese 2500 to file bankruptcy even sent him 41 pages of stuff he requested from me and never heard from him again.
    Code ps574

  6. Upright law is a scam find a local attorney they set you up to fail I have to wonder if they invest in real estate so screwing you over with high fees is just the beginning just a wonder


    You are scammers. You have no moral. You don’t help people you hurt them where it counts.

  8. Scammed hardworking people whom are trying to better their life

    Upright law took advantage of my hard-working money. I didn’t have to try to better my family and life for two years; nothing got done, there was no refund, and there was a line of crap with the run-around. I wouldn’t refer them to anyone. I’d like to see a class action lawsuit on them. This place is a joke, a scam, and fraud 100% nothing good to say; what a headache never again, just lies and service paid for that I never got and still fighting for what’s right; they are a corporate thief’s crooks wonder how they got a rich good call for their services, and you’ll find out don’t risk it as I did you will regret it every day after I promise that I should have listened to others tell me what am telling you now don’t be a sucker be smart to hire the right people in the right state correct city everything is a complete scam so dissatisfied not only that I let my family down by making a lousy decision on this upright law I feel I took from my family’s mouth single dad hard working and just as that boom scammed

  9. 100% Scam Run the other

    100% Scam if you have any respect for yourself or your money take it else where. This company knows you’re volunerable it a tight spot and takes full advantage of that, I was assigned Rushi Patel February 20th and paid in full on February 28th had my call with Rushi on March 1, had all documents submitted by March 3rd except Bank statements due Rushi not explaining how to submit those. Didn’t hear anything the rest of the month of March so I started calling in April called atleast 12 times, left several voice messages, sent emails, used the help in app and no replies of any type. Finally after 2 weeks someone reaches out says the “attorney” had a baby. Another 2 weeks go by before I hear from Rushi paralegal Danielle I answer some questions for her and she tells me hiw to submit my bank statements. We schedule a call with Rushi for May 4th at 3pm, yes it’s been over two months and still nothing has been done my case. Never hear from Rushi on May 4th, 5th, 6th….again sent emails and help message on the app and zero help or answers other than he’s “busy and will call you in two days”. I called the main office to request a refund or new attorney and was told on May 9th a new attorney would contact me, well it’s May 12th again have heard zero from this law firm. If for some reason you decide to use this firm and are assigned Rushi Patel run the other way and run fast, this “attorney” is a joke and should not be practing law.

  10. Upright law clearly scammers

    While calling around looking for an attourney I unfortunately dialed their number. I have been receiving 5-6 calls per hour since then and they hang up immediately if I ask them to stop calling me.

Reviews: 115
Reported Loss : 1800 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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