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Terry Wilson is a cheat

I found an ad on Craigslist from Terry Wilson about the ALT software. The software can be used for a business and can be sold to others as well. I have an insurance business. So, I wanted to buy it for my business. I was told that the software won’t require any fee for working. All I needed to pay for was the monthly fee and the one time purchase cost.

The purchase cost was $997, and the monthly fee was $100. Terry Wilson told me that there was nothing extra I needed to pay. After purchasing the software, I realized that there was the usage fee which made me really upset. After I talked to him, he told me that the cost was nothing more than just 2 cents a minute.

Although he lied to me at first, the price was low for making it a reason for the problem. So, I started using it. So, I used it for a couple of hours and it costed me $30. I mean, is this what you call loyalty. He lied to me for selling the software. He lied to me for every other thing. What should I call him? He is not a business man but a cheat.

Now, Terry Wilson has set up his own software like ALT and has stopped selling ALT. But he is scamming people the same way he used to do before. This guy would give you nothing in return of $997. He gives you some training material to increase your sale. However, you would get nothing out of it. You can learn much more online for free. He is a complete rip off and using people’s innocence to make money through scam and fraud.

I asked him if he would let me use the new platform for 2 days on a trial basis and he completely denied. He said that I would have to pay $100 every month to start using the system. He said that he can waive off $997 if I start using this system but I will have to pay the usage cost.

He was trying to make me feel that he was doing some kind of favour to me. On the contrary, he was again trying to cheat me. I was anyway not liable for paying $997 as I had already paid him for something that did not work. And, he made commissions on that sale.

Plus, he was asking me to spend $100 on a new platform that I wasn’t sure about. I have met people like Terry before. He does not have any ethics. He is a scammer and he would always be a scammer. He cannot do anything apart from scamming people around. He has nothing much to do instead of making people fools and lie about his worthless systems.

If you are thinking of using his software or spending time even listening to his lies, you will repent later.

Is Terry Wilson a legit person?
Terry Wilson is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 17 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Terry Wilson located?
Terry Wilson is headquarted at 414 N Main St, Newton, KS 67114, USA. You can contact Terry Wilson by dialing 1-800-673-1728 or visit their website www.terrywilson3.com.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Terry Wilson’s customers?
According to Terry Wilson’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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17 Reviews on Terry Wilson


    My experience with Terry Wilson and Terry Wilson 3 began when I was looking for a job. I was looking for a remote work from home job because my son was just born. I got a reply to a sales job from someone named Thomas King, he told me why would I settle for an hourly rate when I could make more money with his special software. He also said if I bought the software I could make more money on commissions when I sold it. I was interested in the opportunity and bought it. Later I found out he was a representative for Terry Wilson 3. After using the software and exploring it for a couple of days, I realized all of the TW3 packages are plugins for the site which include computer software and access to bulk dialing, texting, and emailing software for members discounted use. I saw little to no value in this. I was dissatisfied even more realizing that I had to pay more on top of the $1,500 to actually use the “so-called” software. Being, Completely dissatisfied I asked for a refund. I received no timely response from Thomas King, the representative who originally sold me the software from a different company. Dissatisfied, I posted my experience on various review websites. My reviews were deleted by Terry Wilson on multiple sites which made me even more upset, my comments were even deleted on his videos. Terry Wilson eventually blocked me from using his software all together because he did not like that I was sharing my experience. I told my credit card provider what happened, they investigated the matter and found that I was entitled to the money I originally paid and I received a refund. Upset about the whole ordeal, I made a YouTube video sharing my experience. I was left with mixed comments some pro Terry Wilson 3 and others against it. Sometime later Terry Wilson made a video with the exact same title and cover image of the video I made. Terry Wilson used my photograph without my permission as a thumbnail to create his own rendition of my video rebuteling everything I said in my video. I reported the video was copyrighted because the image and content I created was used. YouTube shortly after removed that video. Terry Wilson then made another video using a cartoon representation of myself and changing my voice, which I personally find offensive and a form of harassment. Overall avoid this company because of the way they treat others. They are greedy and will do anything to protect their reputation even hire lawyers to write you letters. Take my word for it! AVOID AT ALL COSTS

  2. Bait and Switch tactics

    Terry will attack reviews that are not positive with a passion. He also attacks anyone who doesn’t try it first and has the audacity to say it’s not a real thing. Hey, I get it, I didn’t drink your kool-aid so I don’t know how it tastes. But when I walk into a restaurant and I leave immediately because there are flies all over the place and I’m sat at a table that hasn’t even been cleared yet, well, I don’t feel I need to test your food in order to assume it’s not good for me.

    The way that you are approached is dishonest. I was told I would get a job with the commission of $750 -$1500 and it would be inbound calls. Instead, as we went through the interview I was offered a job of $150-$300 commissions and having to create my own leads and cold call them. That’s a HUGE difference. Of course, I COULD get the higher commissions IF I would only pay them $1,000 or more.

    This is extreme bait and switch.

  3. Three months in and I'm loving TW3!

    I discovered TW3 in mid July and was thrilled to find them! I was looking for a way to work for myself from home and it’s perfect! I get to be creative and in control. So far I’ve spent $550. Real businesses have real operating expenses and yes, take risks! If you want limitless potential you have to be in business for yourself. This is a career that takes work too. If you thought it was a get rich quick scheme, or an MLM then you weren’t listening! I’m sure you were told there were no refunds too.
    You do not make money from what the people you sold the system to make. It is possible to use all of the training, tools and software without even selling TW3. Therefore it is not MLM. The youtube videos are for non-member consumption. They are not the actual training videos!
    The longest I’ve ever waited for an answer was 7 hours and it was because my trainer was at a Drs. appointment! Lol
    I’m sure you could figure it all out on your own if you were computer savvy and had one thousand years! I thank God I found a system I can jump in and do without reinventing the wheel. I totally love being my own boss and not having to give an account of my time. Its awesome! I highly recommend TW3

  4. Plain and simple; Short and Sweet; Just take one look at him and you will immediately know he is completely out of control. I/we have reviewed his product in detail and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. What a complete joke! Don’t be foolish enough to give your hard earned funds to this “scam artist”!

  5. Awesome Company

    I don’t get these negative reviews. My experience has been awesome. As long as you follow the system, you make money. Simple. I suspect the negative reviews are by those that were unwilling to follow the system. It is work, but it rewards you for that hard work and handsomely. Every time I’ve had a question, or needed help, they have been right there with answers. Best job I’ve ever had and I get to work from home to boot. You have to be good on the phone and be willing to put in the time. If that’s the case you will do well

    To the comment that you just need to watch some youtube videos and you can do the same thing, good luck with that! I would love to hear how that guy has done with that strategy. That didn’t work for me. Terry Wilson has it all laid out in a way those youtube videos never could.

    Anyways, It has worked for me. I’m very happy and living well. I wonder why after 7 years or however long it’s been Terry Wilson doesn’t have the internet filled with these naysayers if he is soooooo bad. Makes me wonder who these guys really are.

  6. Disappointment

    I answered a job posting on CL. When I called the 800 number, the name Terry Wilson was mentioned and then when I pushed an extention number, it sent me over to a representative who blabbered on and on about a life alert system and how I really needed it. All I wanted to do was inquire about the job position and I got all this instead. I ended up hanging up on the rep because she talked over me and wouldn’t direct me to the person in charge of hiring. What a disappointment.

  7. TW3,as bad as it gets

    I submitted a review, please feel free to contact me

  8. TW3

    No need to go into a lengthy email here. My experience was just about the same as this guys. But, for an added touch, they don’t even have a customer service department that you can get hold of. They use fake names and a number that ALWAYS goes into an answering machine! THIS for paying customers.

    One other thing, I paid for a voice broadcast (as a member) and they claimed to have done my broadcast, yet there is no proof of it. They never even contacted me after it was scheduled. Thank God I tested the service and wasn’t involved in trying to resell it, which by the way, is all they really want you to do anyway. It’s basically MLM.

    Oh, and Marc Griffin who is their frontman is complicit as well. I’ve talked to him several times (you have to make an appointment, lol) and he simply uses circular “logic”. Also, when I confronted him about statistics to back up his claims of income selling the software, he couldn’t produce any. In fact, he was more worried about defending his position with that (in a subsequent conversation) than he was trying to solve my problem, which he never did!

  9. I truly question these "reviews." TW3 is an amazing opportunity.

    TW3 is a business, and if treated as such it is a wonderful company. All one need do it follow the very detailed and through training; then follow the system. I don’t know of another business opportunity that costs so little to get up and running. My sense of these “reviews” is that these people did not take the time to listen to the training and follow the system. EVERYTHING is explained thoroughly up-front. Anyone who didn’t understand it simply was not paying attention. I did pay attention; I did follow the instructions. I recouped my initial investment in the first 6 weeks and I have the convenience of working from my home office.

  10. Company should be under Federal Investigation for fraud

    I am happy I found this site to express my thoughts. Without getting into specifics, anyone thinking of doing ‘business’ with Terry Wilson needs to understand they are going to get ripped off! This man is a smooth talking southern snake oil salesman! I ‘purchased’ his ‘software’ to use as a home business. When I realized, 6 (six!) DAYS later that I had to post craigslist ads to ‘sell’ the same crap I just bought, I wanted a refund.. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. The ‘software’ I purchased? A link.. which was terminated within minutes of asking for the refund…At any rate, this asshole company is ripping people off daily who are only trying to make a better life for themselves. STAY AWAY !!!


    Craigslist should bain Terry Wilson. By allowing him to use their system to cheat people, they are aiding and abetting his crimes!

    Avoid him like the plague!


    I had an encounter with TERRY a year ago. My first impresion was that he was a SCAM ARTIST. Listen to what he says. He is selling you AIR. I had posted reviews about him and I recieved a email stating he was able to remove some of the NEGATIVE reports about himself. Others have the same reports as I have posted. Look into this SCAM MAN before you waste your money on his SCAM

  13. Avoid at all cost

    The company does not provide any software. They give you access to the backend of a WordPress account and you have to watch a lot of videos for training. They expect you to make your own leads and you are restricted a lot of freedoms. They are happy as long as you make them money. They even refused to give me a refund a day after I paid. It shows they are trying to get rich quick off hustling a mediocre program. Don’t sign up with them or get involved. I made a mistake because I was in need of a job but they took advantage of me. Watch YouTube videos for free and save yourself the $ and pain. They will probably try and get legal involved because they are sore losers too.

Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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