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I borrowed 300.00 from mountain summit loans financial Upper Lake, California and they told me that the interest will be 45.00 per week will be levied which is already very high as per the united state private lender laws

Once I have taken loan, I was very curious to know how much should be my interest on the loan amount of 300. Only to find out interest I have checked with them and the interest was 90.00 week on 300.00.

mountain summit financial are looting poor people like me, they must be punished under united state’s lender law formed by group of committee apart from that, they are into wrongdoing and deceiving united state’s people.

Is Mountain Summit Financial a legit?

Mountain Summit Financial is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 11 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mountain Summit Financial located?

Mountain Summit Financial is headquarted at 635 State Hwy 20, Upper Lake, CA 95485, USA. You can contact Mountain Summit Financial by dialing +1 855-819-7200 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mountain Summit Financial’s customers?

According to Mountain Summit Financial’s customers, a monetary loss of US $160 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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11 Reviews on Mountain Summit Financial

  1. If this company is not legit I need all my money back asap

  2. I had got a loan from mountain summit last year and I’m still paying them. When I got a loan from them they never told me how much interest I was I was paying each week . I’m still paying them as of now
    They take out 263.00 every other week I should be threw paying these people . I only got a loan for 1500 deduction to a financial to 900 dollar



  4. Extremely High Finance Rates

    The rates to finance this loan are EXTREMELY high. I’ve taken out this loan twice and paid it back on the next payday. I believe the rate is at like 168% where most loans are between 25-70%.

    I have a loan that I’m paying back that’s $1200 and my payments are $50 a month. I had a MSF loan out that was $500 and I was paying $140 ($70 bi-weekly)! Gives you an idea of comparison. It’s about 3x as much as regular loans. At least twice.

    The reason why I keep going back is because they’re approval process is so easy. As long is it keeps being this easy I will keep going back. They will literally accept anyone with a pulse and a bank account.

  5. Mountain summit are Scammers!!!

    I borrowed $1200 and ended up paying $3000. I spoke to them and they told me that extra $1800 was interest. $1800 in
    interest?! That is ridiculous! They would not negotiate with me to drop it. I was paying $261 every two weeks and my principle would remain the same. People come to borrow money in a time of need and they end up taking you for more than twice what you borrowed. DO NOT BORROW FROM THEM!

  6. SCAM!

    I was searching for large loans in the &50,000 to $100,00 loan amounts and lane all of a sudden an emailed bill came from mountain summit for $1,000. I had never heard of them and I believe they are a snake in the grass stealing innocents people’s information online. They will not divulge my information and continuously make calls telling me I own money when none has been put in my account. I’m a 100% permanently disabled veteran and am not repaying any money I have not applied for OR received. Any tips will help, I need to save my credit. Thank in advance. Lisa P.

  7. They are scammers

    They told me one thing over the phone when I declined the loan so I would except it. I borrowed $600 and agreed to pay $800 back. When I saw contract later is say I will pay back $1867.On the phone I agreed to $88 every weeks but they take $103 out of my account every 2 weeks. On January 3, 2020 they took 2 payments out my account instead of one like the contract said per pay. I wish I had stuck to “Never mind I don’t want the loan”. Now I have to pay a overdraft fee to my bank.

  8. Scam of epic proportions

    They intentionally screw up automatic payments. And don’t email or call telling you that the bank drafts are not processing (although we spent 1 hour on the phone with my bank ) the 2 months later my 1200 had gone to 3000. Negotiated a 1900 payment. This is nothing more than a scam with loan shark tactics. Please go anyplace other than here to access $.


    Spoke with Tony he took his time answered my questions. I didnt feel rushed. Interest high but when you’re in need their here

  10. Scammers and liars

    I got a loan& asked the guy what was this payment detail about because if I got 800 I was not about to pay 3,000 back& the representative told me oh no you do not pay that back you only hbe to pay 240 back.& I have been lied to because I have already paid 800 back& supposed to have one payment left& when I look they want to keep taking money out of my account until March 2019 which equals out to 3,000 as I have asked before getting this loan.They are liars& would not answer the phone.

  11. Not a scam...a way people with bad credit can get a loan. High interest but all is disclosed in documentation and over phone

    Mountain Summit Financial is an alternative for people with poor credit to obtain a loan. Yes, you pay high interest but that is disclosed in the documentation and over the phone with a representative. When you have poor credit, you will usually always have to pay high interest. They have been nothing but helpful and understanding with me.

    1. ripoff

      i talked to someone and said that i would look over the loan it was for 1000 i said what would be my payment and what is my final cost they told me 1200 i couldnt get any documents and i didnt accept the loan but they did send me the money so i payed back the 1200 and now i said iam done she said no u owe 3100 i stopped my payment and are going to find someone to stop this

Reviews: 11
Reported Loss : 160 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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