Startex Title Company

Extremely Disappointed

We were extremely disappointed in Startex Title Company.

When we were selling our home, the buyer’s side realtor wanted to use this place.

Every step of the way they were difficult to work with.

They would not do a courtesy closing at one of their other offices that was closer to both the buyers and sellers!

Other title companies do courtesy closings at their other locations all the time, especially if it’s more convenient to both parties!

On top of that, they didn’t pay off our loan until 4 days after we closed (even though they had the money in hand) — so it ended up costing us an additional $85 b/c of their mistake!

We do not recommend these people at all – especially this location!

Is Startex Title Company legit?
Startex Title Company is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 6 consumer(s) was/were given a Startex Title Company as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Startex Title Company located?
Startex Title Company is headquarted at 12522 Memorial Dr Houston, TX 77024. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Startex Title Company by dialing (713) 464-1320 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Startex Title Company’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Startex Title Company’s customers, US $6585 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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6 Reviews on Startex Title Company

  1. What a picture perfect closing.

    What a picture perfect closing. Their team covered all the bases and could not be happier with their service before and during the closing process. I will definitely recommend all my friends and family to close at StarTex Memorial.

  2. they tried to pass blame to the bank, and the City.

    Not only were they incompetent (were not even aware of a second Leon, just days before closing), rather than taking responsibility and apologizing, they tried to pass blame to the bank, and the City.

  3. never admit he is wrong

    Their lawyer will cost them $$$$$$ to get his fees ~ and never admit he is wrong ~ They stole over 5k from me and for 2 years dodged denied lied and threatened me ~ Craig Werstbrook 281-844-0513

  4. Scammer

    If a NEGATIVE star rating was possible ? Id rate StarTex Title and their EX JUDGE lawyer ? Human TRASH ~ Judge and his ex wife is such a winner ~ They LIE cheat and steal from clients ~ Then threaten to sue you for posting reviews ~

    They are crooks ~ LIARS and have no E&O Insurance ~ They use a JUDGE ~SCUM ex judge with a super LOSER ex wife to threaten anyone STAR TEX cheats lie and steal from ~ SUE ME ~ You threatened to ? Craig Westbrook 281-844-0513 [email protected] $340k mortgage free deal they end up screwing up ~

    They then LIE for over a year INSURANCE will cover it ~ RUN ~ Any other company ~ Do not risk your cash with the Stacy Medina? Head LIAR at Startex LIAR convention ~ They are LOSERS ~ SUE me you SOBS ~ Texas Department of Insurance complaint FILED ~ Lawsuit being prepped to file NOW ~ PUNITIVE damages ~ STAR TEX ?

    Stupidest move any land owner will ever make ~I posted my Cell and e mail ~ anyone else have problems ? Feel free to contact me ~

  5. This people misled me, seller did not want to sign release of earnest money just because.

    This people misled me, seller did not want to sign release of earnest money just because…so Star Tex advice me to wait 3 years and money will be escheat to the state.

    So after 3 years they say I need an attorney to go to court and most likely the earnest money would cover their attorney’s fees!!! BTW the property in question sold few months after seller refuse to sign the release of my money.

  6. Bad Service Provide

    Before you risk a PENNY wit these FOOLS ~ Look up Star Tex SCUM ex Judge Lawyer~ Then look up his ex wife ~ that will tell you all about Star Tex ETHICS and trustworthyness ~

    They will lie and STEAL from you and deny they have E&O insurance ~ Run from these low life scum that rely on ex judges to protect their THEFTS and incompetence

Reported Loss :6585 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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