Square Yards – Tanuj Shori

Square Yards Partner with Scammer Barworks

Square Yards Promoted an Barworks investment For Higher & Quick Commissions which turned out to be a scam, There are legal actions in progress against Barworks & JP Morgan Bank in USA, However Square Yards & Agents Like Him Are Equally Responsible for this Scam, and must be held accountable.

How Square Yards Ditched Their Clients :

– SY hv not done any due deligence. (they dont know the fake man CEO Jonathan black does not exist while promoting the investment in overseas)
– SY sold it to investors with Guarantee & Commitments, Because of which investors put their money ( So SY must be held accountable for this )
– They even keep selling in March April when it was clear that something is wrong with BW, and rents were delayed…

– SY did it for higher & Quick commission i.e. 20%, which is one of the main greed for agents to kill their investors.

– SY is history cheater :





Bar Works: The return of Renwick Haddow

Is Square Yards – Tanuj Shori a legit?

Square Yards – Tanuj Shori is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 11 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Square Yards – Tanuj Shori located?

Square Yards – Tanuj Shori is headquarted at B62, Al Maktoum Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates. You can contact Square Yards – Tanuj Shori by dialing N/A or visit their website www.squareyards.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Square Yards – Tanuj Shori’s customers?

According to Square Yards – Tanuj Shori’s customers, a monetary loss of US $10000000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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11 Reviews on Square Yards – Tanuj Shori

  1. Scammed by his own employees too ( they sleep at there homes hiding in dubai and Abu Dhabi) he should wonder when all left why they still there( already lots of complaint done about them to rabiah) he should know why only 20 people left now

    First and most important leaders level should be higher than the hired employees ( imagine few people who have found a way of fooling and still attached without doing buisnesss since last 4 months) because no one will hire them outside
    They come to offices and leave in an hour and sleep in there offices since 2019 start till 2021 end when rabiah was reported amd May be she started checking on them.
    Hire people who have self respect and capabilities
    Buisness comes sometimes when talented employees are hired not because of them
    They had 4 years to build a team and 0 again today

    What type of leaders are these from where people learn 0 , and talented go and start there own buisnesses and still tell them as dumbos

    Be aware mr tanuj
    Clean the old dirt in IPM

  2. Fraud Company Square yards and fraud management

    Dear Square YardsTeam,

    My name is Deepak Kumar Tyagi. I made 1 booking in ithum73 on 24 october 2021 at square yards company.
    Due to some personal issues, I decided to cancel my booking, And on 16th November emailed the company to ask for my money back. But no reply was received.  Then I contacted your customer service center several times.
    Then your transaction team told that they are not getting approval from sales team. I have also requested the sales team many times. But the your nri noida branch head Mr. Vikas Tomar is deliberately not approving my refund.And threatening that no one can harm me. Do what you want to do and continue to abuse me.

  3. Individual villas in madampatti

    Thank you for sharing…

  4. Gated community villas in thudiyalur

    What I feel is square is such a good platform.

  5. Cheaaterssss and Fraudsterrrsss

    They promise you many big big things while buying home from them and then say all those benefits will be given once flat registration is done….. Post that they get their commission from builders and then will never ever reply to your calls or mails… Have even mailed 100 times to Tanuj shori who is the CEO but not even a single reply…. Big fraudsteerrsss and cheatersss. .. Shameless creature Tanuj

  6. The Fraud "Square Yards" still active and enjoying public blood money

    Shameless Square yards still calling to buy their property and high return on investment…

    When ever they call you simply cut the call…

  7. "Tanuj Shori" - Tanuj Shori - Chief Executive Officer - Square Yards | LinkedIn

    Tanuj Shori, founded and manages Square Global comprising of entities under 2 brand names – Square Yards and Square Capital. Prior to this, Tanuj has had more than 8 years of experience in Capital Markets (Equities).

    Tanuj Shori. Employees, 1000+. Website, http://www.squareyards.com. Launched, November 2013. Current status, Online. Square Yards is a technology-enabled transaction platform.

    An Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, Founder, and CEO of Square Yards. India’s Largest and Fastest Growing Proptech & Fintech Aggregator.

  8. Scammed us on 2 projects, entire dollars lost

    They only sell to NRI customers, because they can sell at much higher prices for projects which are complete scams or will never be delivered, as we can’t check the ground situation. They are not even registered as a real estate company, they are registered as an event management company or IT company so that they do not fall under the laws of real estate.
    And after a point of time, they will say that projects are getting delayed or cancelled. Since they only hire contract staff, by that time the old team members have all moved to other companies and other countries.
    The new team will say they have no idea about what was sold to us and why and instead they will try to request us to again invest in other projects which are safer investments. Do they really think they can fool the same people twice?
    Obviously, the biggest scam (which they were hand-in-glove with) was the Barworks projects, which is now being investigated by the US government.
    We lost in that too. Along with a Bangalore commercial property called Artha Emprasa.
    Both projects were sold to us by Manasvi Mehrotra, who moved out of Singapore to PropTiger in India. Guess he’s cheating people there now.

  9. Square yards is really a ditch company having irresponsible employees

    Do not invest through SY as once they will convince you for investment ,after which person will face so much of queries and then the SY persons will not pick the phone calls and neither reply to your emails.All commitments done by SY is totally false .This is totally a company which ditches investors to gain the percentage profit from the builders.The staff is really annoying as they will never solve your query not they are bothered about any ones invested money.
    So it is better to stay aaway from SY.

  10. Tanuj Shori - Square Yards is Butcher, must be behind the bar...

    I hv lost 150k in an investment with square yards, they sold it with guarantee and raise their hands while investment turned out to be ponzi scheme.

    Read more about SY:


    Square is history cheater, whether its Singapore or India, they have stolen money from everywhere…

    With me they were butcher, I lost all my life saving due yo square yards…Tanuj will rest in hell…I wish any Arab local read our comments and protect UAE from people like tanuj shori…

    I am fighting battle in court and need helping hands as Tanuj is using his money and power to hide my voice, I am in much needed help by authorities…

  11. Tanuj and the company they are scammers and sooner or later they will found out by the authorities and I really hope they go down as the business model they run is full of lies. I have had first-hand experience.

Reviews: 11
Reported Loss : 10000000 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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