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My friend cut his leg Sanford Medical Center in Fargo ND put 27 stitches in they did not get all of them out he got infection then sepsis which can be fatal.

He was ill and Sanford did blood tests but he got no results.

I saw him 3 1/2 weeks later and he lost a great deal of weight I encouraged him to go to the Fergus Falls ER because he looked really bad they did blood tests recommended he spend the night in the hospital they think he has sepsis.

The ambulance takes him to Sanford Hospital in Fargo.

The first night he said he was in more pain that he’s ever felt in his life he checked in around 11 pm and said the nurse was rather rude to him.

I went up and stayed the next night. He had urine on his bed I changed the sheets and tossed them on the floor as there was no place to dispose of them.

The nurses aides came in and walked over them 3 times going to assist the other patient in the room.

The aides would come in not identify themselves or ask how the patient was doing or if they could do anything for him.

One dumped the urinal and put it back on the lunch tray table with out even rinsing it- or they would rearrange the table at night and put the urinal up above the bed out of the patients reach, the call light was big and clunky no clip to clip it on the sheet by the patient so they could have access to it should they need the nurse it kept falling on the floor.

When I came the next day there was a saline solution bag on the IV pole and 2 antibiotic bags 1 was empty I asked the nurse about the empty bag assuming it needed replacement- she say’s oh I know he does not need anymore of that… the bag hangs on the pole all night.

The patient had not eaten for two days and was getting hungry and though I do realize if surgery is needed you cannot eat prior to that… BUT no tests were being ran to determine what the issue might be is he supposed to go without eating 2 more days??? NO answers NO communication.

He was in a room with a patient that hollered all night long the first two nights- they finally removed the guy then they put my friend in a “private” room because he was CONTAGIOUS … I mean WTF? I had been up to visit his 80 yr old mother an his sister not to mention his room – mate and the last TWO DAYS of his stay they determine he is contagious? HELLO INFECTION CONTROL????

He ended up going to the hospital after SANFORD stitched his leg- which likely caused the sepsis- Had they addressed the issues ahead of time this would have not gotten this far out of hand.

He signed a release to get his medical records weeks later still did not get them.. Had to request a second time.

When I inquired why his records did not go out as requested the clerk said they were requested THEN CANCELED I asked why that would be She did not know.

He was told he needed the pic line for the antibiotics he will take for 6 more weeks cleaned once a week they said it was right here at SANFORD.. SO he goes back to sanford… turns out it’s across the street my friend has a difficult time walking so this was a real struggle … some lady behind us said they told her to park in the back of the building she tried ever door on her way around … she was upset too for the lack of direct communication.

NO communication- under trained staff regarding infection control- under trained staff when it comes to patient care, compassion and sensitivity training issues.

I cannot believe they are building a brand new hospital up there seems to me they need to get their staff in tune- from the issues of getting back to patients with test results, how to treat your patient in the hospital, medical records how to follow through with a simple process of releasing records as signed for and requested.

He wants to switch to the other hospital as the care is SO POOR at this hospital.

Evidently because of what’s going on with the sepsis that is not an easy task to do!

IF you have a DEATH WISH go to SANFORD.. the staff needs some sensitivity training, and basic sterilization training as well as professionalism … I would not take my dog here.

Is Sanford Medical Center a scam?
Sanford Medical Center is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Sanford Medical Center legit?
First Sanford Medical Center is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Sanford Medical Center’s consumers?
There is/are 6 review(s) posted about Sanford Medical Center and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Sanford Medical Center located?
Sanford Medical Center is located at 801 Broadway N, Fargo, ND 58102, USA. You can contact Sanford Medical Center by dialing (701) 234-2000 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Sanford Medical Center’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $3658 was the total loss incurred by Sanford Medical Center’s customers.

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6 Reviews on Sanford Medical Center

  1. Sanford health was a terrible experience for me.

    I was being treated for high blood pressure. My doctor seemed unhappy and hurried and did not listen well. A nurse offered to sign me up for a “free” home health care service that could have a nurse call to check on me. First of all, i never got a single phone call from anyone to check on me.

    After six months i learned from my insurance company that Sanford had been billing them for this supposedly free program. When my insurance company did not pay, sanford started billing me. When i did not pay for this FREE program, they turned it over to a collection agency.

    I made multle phone calls to unenroll from this program, to no avail. I filed a complaint with the BBB and sanford refused to reply. My blood pressure rose significantly. Sanford health does not care about patients. They care about making money.

    I now work with a better hospital, and have had no luck getting sanford to send my records over, even though i filled out the proper forms. Sanford should stop growing and learn to care about patients.dealing with them is like getting tangled up in a cobweb.

  2. Horrible!

    Horrible! If you care about your loved ones, go somewhere else. Dr. Pepper probably does a better job!

  3. This doctor did not do his job, and instead wrote me off as crazy.

    Sanford is the worst health care facility I have ever been to in my entire life. I have post traumatic stress disorder, and because of this I saw a social worker for a while. I also have ovarian cysts and endometriosis. I went to Sanford to receive care for my immense pain, that has lasted for over a year now.

    The doctor took one look at my chart and told me that I was making it all up, without even taking any tests or asking me about my pain at all. I have proof that I wasn’t making it up, as a gynecologist later confirmed my endometriosis.

    This doctor did not do his job, and instead wrote me off as crazy. I spoke with multiple other women who had similar stories. I am considering suing for malpractice.

    If you have any sort of mental disability or disorder, or even if you are just a female in general, do not EVER go to Sanford. They are ableists, and sexists, who would rather sit there and create mental and emotional scars then do their job.

  4. They will end up dead disabled and or broke.

    This company is trash. If you want them to toy with your loved ones health care so they can make more money this is the place for you. Dont bring your loved ones here if you care about them. They will end up dead disabled and or broke.

  5. I've had so many bad experiences at this Hospital, especially their emergency room.

    I’ve had so many bad experiences at this Hospital, especially their emergency room. Most of the time the doctors and nurses treat me like a second-class citizen. I come in I State what my problem is and either they don’t believe me or they dismiss me. I came in today because I couldn’t swallow and I had food stuck in my throat.

    They gave me a shot of Ativan, at that point I had lost my voice and I couldn’t swallow my own spit. Then they tried to get me to drink lidocaine which I could not because I couldn’t swallow. The doctor then came in and said they were discharging me,

    I asked for a GI consult and he said no so I left and went to Avera where they treated me appropriately. Sanford was going to send me home even though I couldn’t swallow even though I was dehydrated without doing any testing or trying to find out why I can’t swallow.

    I found out that I had swelling in my esophagus and it just required a camera that went up through my nose to see what was going on. An IV with fluids and a steroid. I got my voice back and I can swallow. I was very disturbed that they were going to send me home in that condition. If it would have been food I could have aspirated and died!


    I wouldn’t even give this place one star. I had to bring my 5 yr old to the ER for head trauma. We were treated like an inconvenience at the front desk, they were slow, and had no sense of urgency. They were chatting and giggling with each other while I stood there with my child in my arms bleeding from the head.

    When we were admitted into a room the head nurse was rude and cold. She was incredibly short when I asked questions and treated us like we were keeping her from something more important. When it came time to sign papers for insurance, I wanted to be sure about a few things and phoned my husband.

    While I was on the phone a man from billing harassed and pressured my mother to try to get me to sign. He was saying things to her like, “she can read right?” “Whats the problem?” “Get her to sign this already?”. The entire experience was awful. We did not feel cared for at all. AVOID THIS HOSPITAL AT ALL COSTS!

Reported Loss :3658 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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