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RoadRunner is an unethical and irresponsible company to deal with

Mathew Raving was the man from RoadRunner who talked to me about the transport of my car. This guy was a good salesman and efficiently made me ditch the other company I was in talks. He suggested that I should not go with cheap companies as they would delay the process by making excuses.

He further added that RoadRunner Auto Transport was best and would never make such delays. The dates once confirmed, stays that way. He said that the companies asking for low rates further increase the payment by delaying the shipment and this would not happen in their case.

So, I canceled the order with the other company and gave him the responsibility of the transport. On 23rd March, he provided me a shipment date of 26th March. He promised that the delivery will be made on 29th March.

This sounded good to me. Now, the next day, on 24th March, Mathew gave me a call. He informed that the first carrier he talked to, canceled the pickup. However, he has arranged other pickup. The pickup will happen on the date discussed before, but the delivery will happen a day before, on 28th March.

This was even better. I never got any calls again. On 27th March, when I called the office to know about the status and to check some paperwork, I was informed that no one came to pick up the vehicle in the first place.

I straight away called Mathew. He did not know about that incident and sounded shocked. He then put me on hold and did not even asked me to wait on the call. I was on the line for 15 minutes. After that, I hung up and called him again and again. However, he did not pick up.

I even filed the report with the concerned authorities and talked to the carrier that was assigned to make the pickup. The person on the line said that there was a breakdown and they would be picking the vehicle at 2:30 PM and would deliver by 29th March.

Again, I thought to let it go and got busy with my work. I got a call after 5 hours from the second carrier and he told me that the pick was canceled as the truck was stuck in the mud. A few hours later, Christopher called me and said that they would be aligning another pickup. I asked for a refund.

I received a mail saying that the refund will happen in a week’s time. Next day, I tried to connect with a different company for scheduling the pickup. However, they said that the request was still with RoadRunner and they cannot do it.

I called these guys back and they only answered saying, dude, it takes time. So, now I will have to wait until they cancel the booking from their end. These guys scammed me. I believe that they were specifically the low-grade companies that Mathew was talking about.

Is RoadRunner Auto Transport a legit?

RoadRunner Auto Transport is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 15 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is RoadRunner Auto Transport located?

RoadRunner Auto Transport is headquarted at N/A. You can contact RoadRunner Auto Transport by dialing +1 888-777-2123 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by RoadRunner Auto Transport’s customers?

According to RoadRunner Auto Transport’s customers, a monetary loss of US $219 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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15 Reviews on RoadRunner Auto Transport

  1. Awful service and complete scam

    We paid for two day service for our car. Three weeks later there is no sign of it and the woman that answered my call would only say it’s at least a week and a half away. When I asked where it was she didn’t know. I told her that at this point we may have to get our attorney involved and she said “Go ahead we have attorneys too and get sued all the time so we know how to handle it”. Appalling response and no respect. We are filing a law suit.

  2. Scam/rip off/unprofessional/pissed/

    Original Complaints (OC):
    1. Price quote: $750, told the drivers were asking $1075 and that I need someone w a twix card bla bla. Was also told most drivers are illegal aliens who can’t get this card. The Driver told me it was posted on a dispatch board for $750, and that was what he was getting paid.
    2. Driver wasn’t able to pick up on Friday bc he wasn’t going to make it to the port on time. Had to pick up on Monday, didn’t arrive until Saturday @ 3pm. It was a 7hr driving distance.
    3. Shipped by another company from Korea to Tx. Asked to have driver check the vehicle before pick up and turn it on b4 accepting receipt. I was told, by the driver, it started w a jump… turns out the battery was disconnected, he never checked, therefor, it had not started with a jump. That was a lie. Had there been some other issue with my car preventing it from starting, I would have been screwed!
    4. Was provided nothing w the transporter’s information to give to the port. Anyone could have picked it up.
    5. I was never informed that I could pay the driver directly or make a deposit and pay the rest on arrival.

    After trying to talk to someone at RoadRunner: Talked to Jenna Welsome on 6/29: Claimed to be a manager.
    1. Jenna would not let me speak, kept interrupting me, and telling me ‘you don’t know how this works, so I’m just telling you you are wrong.’ I asked her to please let me finish, ‘You have a lot of complaints so I am not going to remember all of them, so I am just responding as you go.’ Finally, I asked if I could speak to someone else she refused. She said she was the highest manager and that no matter who I talked to I would get the same response.
    2. OC #1 Jenna said it’s the drivers that tell them the cost, then claimed they had to post it at a higher rate or it never would have been picked up. So which on is it? She said some of the cost is their fee but she is not allowed to disclose how much. Told her the driver said he saw the $750 post and called to accept the job at that rate, and that is all he is getting paid for the job. Apparently, according to the RR website, I could have paid the driver directly. I didn’t know that.
    3. OC #2: Jenna she said it was my responsibility to inform them/the driver of the hours of the port. So it was my fault for not letting the driver know. Their site says RR does the logistics which includes location and scheduling.
    4. OC #3: Jenna stated the driver is not responsible for checking the condition of the vehicle, which she did not tell me when I asked her several times, for the driver to check and call me. I told her I could have told him not to pick it up had I been informed of any major issues. She said I would have been charged a fee, and I said, ‘that would have been my choice at that point.’ Roadrunner site says ‘initial/final’ inspection is required. Bill of lading includes information about condition of vehicle. Further, I was not provided a copy of the BoL, I took a picture w my cellphone.

    The cost increase, I accepted… until I realized I had been lied to! The delays, I accepted since half of the problem was the 1st transportation company. There isn’t any huge problem with my car, and I have it one piece, finally. However, this girl Jenna who claims to be a manager, needs a reality check. She needs to be fired. Their BBB is a 1.7 out of 5. That was my mistake not to check first. But I won’t let this go until I speak to someone in the company who can actually address this girl’s behavior.

    I have googled and reached out to the company President and CEO. I will submit a BBB complaint as I see they DO actively respond if I don’t hear back from the president or CEO in another day or two. I will also submit a complaint like this on a different site every day until I get some kind of reciprocity.

  3. Roadrunner auto transport scammer

    Booked6/6/22 for pick up 6/6/22.picked up 6/7/22.poof car is no where to be found as of 6/10/22.excuses for delays then no responce at all they stole 664.00$ from one would call back.i guess that’s why they are call roadrunner hauling a$# with our money and car.ask for reciept at pickup told to use booking info WHAT yes no reciept given I have bank statement but state farm said I DONT THINK SO. NOW WHAT

  4. 7 hours late, Still no car.

    They said they’d deliver the car by 11 am. It’s nearly 6 pm. They still haven’t shown up with the vehicle. The driver that picked up the car in NY barely spoke English and showed up saying he needed to DRIVE the car 70 miles to somewhere else to put it on the car transport.

    I made him go GET the “car transport.” 5 hours later, he showed up with a trailer pulled by a PICKUP TRUCK. Now, they’re exceptionally late and text that they need another THREE HOURS. I figure, okay, they’re bringing it to the real truck somewhere else.

  5. Insecure Company that is rude when not hired

    This is the type of response you get from Road Runner if you decide not to use them. This is the voice mail that was left for me after I hung up when he was being rude to me. I assume any reasonable individual will understand why I hung up rather than listen to him rather than put up with his disrespectful attitude which totally presents itself in the script of my voice mail! “Hi Denise or Devon whatever your name is this is Sean with the Road Runner I’m just calling back to let you know that I was only trying to help you and you decided to be ignorant immature and rude and you gave me an attitude and hung up in the middle of a conversation that I was trying to help you um it’s fine if you don’t wanna believe me but once you get scammed or they just don’t show up to pick up your vehicle just remember that I told you so and when you think of calling me back to help you with the other company _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ to pick it up I’m not gonna do it now hey I’m not gonna help you get your vehicle picked up Wednesday scam you because you decided to be ignorant and rude to me so um have fun trying to get your vehicle picked up that’s going to company was lying to you all right have a great day happy holidays Denise…”I might add the carrier I hired owns their own trucks and is not just a Broker like Road Runner. I am not as ignorant a Sean is as I verified this with DOT. Sean refused to listen or believe I had researched the company I hired!

  6. read the reviews here and on yelp, google., transport reviews

    read the reviews here and on yelp, google., transport reviews

  7. SCAMMER! Cancelled Service 5 weeks early before assinment-Charged Fee Anyway

    SCAMMER! BEWARE!I scheduled a reservation for auto transport about 7 weeks in advance and due to coronavirus and my health risk cancelled my relocation and cancelled the auto transport 5 weeks in advance well before they had assigned a carrier naturally so early. When I made reservation I even asked about fees and the person on phone assured me that there would be no fee anyway if cancelled 48 hours early.. Nonetheless, I ended up cancelling 5 weeks early before an assignment. I noticed a charge on my credit card and when I looked at contract saw in fine print the cancellation fee ONLY IF after assignment. NO ASSIGNMENT. When I called the person argued that it didn’t matter, there would be a fee even though no-one assigned anyway. I am dealing with my bank to dispute formally. Terrible scammer this company. Never use. BEWARE!

  8. Scam!!

    Stole $135 from us – “cancellation fee.” Had scheduled transport of car. Carrier had not yet been assigned, & cancellation was made more than 30 days out. Had to sell said car due to COVID -19. No service provided to us, yet they still took $135 that we need for food & rent. We are disputing charge. What a racket/scam. Employee “Jenna” was a real peach on the phone – NOT.

  9. The Customer is not King at Road Runner Auto Transport

    I booked an auto transport with this Broker. After booking I started seeing their horrible review everywhere and decided to cancel. I cancelled my booking within 4 hours.

    Because they did not find a carrier for my yet, I assumed that they would not charge me a cancellation fee. They did however charge me a cancellation fee.

    I decided to call the cancellation department to inquire about the fee, and was greeted by a very defensive employee who kept referring me to their policy. Their policy is 5 pages long. I am no lawyer and no expert in the kind of legal speak that their policy consists off. But according to the very confident person on the other end of the line, their policy clearly states that I would have to pay $135.

    It would have been nice if this company would treat their customers better and have a policy that states that no pay is required if no service is rendered.

    Customer is King? Not at Road Runner Auto Transport.

  10. No Details Until You get Locked in

    GO WITH SOMEONE ELSE! ZERO STARS FOR THIS COMPANY. IF YOU ARE PURCHASING A VEHICLE FROM A DEALERSHIP, GO WITH THE TRANSPORT COMPANY THAT A DEALERSHIP USES EVEN IF IT COST YOU EXTRA. Horrible customer service. I received plenty of insults from a RoadRunner Auto Transport broker because I cancelled my delivery. I had to hang up on him and write this review. This is such a sleazy business that spending a little extra will give you the peace of mind that your vehicle will actually get delivered in one piece. There is plenty of missing information on their website including a cancellation fee. They will NOT give you a time estimate for delivery since they are all brokers and will contract out to whomever has space available in a truck. I decided to cancel my booking because the amount of time it would have taken to get my vehicle shipped from the mid-west would have taken well over two weeks. Even this company’s answers are unclear and you can only get the real estimated time if you booked online. I got scammed by RoadRunner Auto Transport because in put in a reservation because they would not give me a real estimate. Save yourself the headache and stress. Use someone that a friend of family recommends. My information was also sent to a national database for these brokers. I only wanted a single quote, but my information was sent to literally hundreds of shipping brokers who constantly call. Better yet, save your money, buy a plane ticket and drive your car home while making it a vacation. You would have spent more shipping it. Stay away from RoadRunner Auto Transport.

  11. This is a completely dishonest and unethical company. I cannot stress just how horrible they are, the company basically provides no service, takes your money and in my case didn’t even know who picked up my car leading me to believe it was stolen. There employees are rude, want to argue, have minimal skills and their only resolution is excuses. They refused any information on ownership of the company. The whole thing is a scam. If I could give zero stars I would.

  12. Worst Ever

    They are quick to take your money but will not answer the phone afterwords. Took twice as long as the quoted 3 days and never heard from them until the car showed up. Car had missing parts that nobody knows where they went. It’s all contracted out. All they do is take the call and your money. I have to say I’m lucky compared to some of the terrifying stories I’ve read about them on other sites. Beware!!!!

  13. Excellent and wonderful experience with Road Runner

    We did the usual – looked up auto transport companies. Give out your name and phone and email…click! Then come dozens of calls and emails and texts, immediately. How do you know whom to pick?
    I went with my gut, and also every contact with this company was reassuring, professional, and clear. I tentatively placed my order, an SUV from California to Illinois, and the total was under most others I received. They were prompt and ready, but not pushy, and said they could ship almost as soon as I decided. Decision made, take the chance, and they picked up the car the next day, and it was delivered to us a day before they said, only 3 days later – 2,100 miles. Excellent communication throughout the whole experience, professional service, and everything I would want in dealing with any company for any reason. High recommendations!

  14. These guys were great

    I was in a bit of a jam with my move so I needed to ship my car in a hurry. I called road runner and they were awesome from start to finish. Picked my car right up and delivered it to my new place on time. I would absolutely use these guys again.


    I would give ZERO STARS to this company. I have purchased cars and shipped cars often, and I never experienced such HORRENDOUS CUSTOMER SERVICE. The website states 24/7 Online Vehicle Tracking. This service does not exist!! The customer service Alexis and Alexandra (Alexandra Sanchez, [email protected]) were rude and argumentative when I requested updates on the cars’ location (because the status of my Transport Tracker never changed from Carrier Assignment. I.e. Current Status: Awaiting confirmation that your shipment has been picked up). At the time I am writing this the status has not changed, but the car was finally delivered.

    Scheduled for Wednesday 6/26 by Z & S transport. Z & S could not deliver to my residence. Insisted I go to Walmart 21 miles away. Finally we settled on a parking lot at a bowling alley, but the driver could not off load the vehicle because of an inoperable motor on the transport.

    After ~ 3 hours standing in a parking lot with ZERO support from Road Runner and Z & S the car was to be taken back to Philadelphia. Road Runner stated that delivery would be made Thursday or Friday. The car was finally dropped to me Friday at ~ midnight 6/28.

    I have worked in Logistics and Global Customer Service for a long time, and I can say with 100% certainty that this was twice the cost of previous shipments and less than 1% of the quality. RUN FROM ROADRUNNER!!

    USE American Car Transporters. Lower cost and higher quality.

Reviews: 15
Reported Loss : 219 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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