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Rude And Disrespectful Staff

ProCare Medical Group has really rude and disrespectful staff; it’s located in a bad and unsafe neighborhood, so that is already obvious.

The doctors there don’t really care about what’s wrong with you; they always try to deal with you as fast as possible and get out the door, and make the staff that has lower job positions than them get you to get out of the room for the next patient to come in because they are always overbooking people on purpose.

I’ve waited 3 hours before in the waiting room, only for them to tell me that my doctor wasn’t even there and won’t be able to see me.

They didn’t even bother to tell me, yet scheduled me for that day and time because they claimed that my doctor was available.

I’ve seen others come in waiting 4 hours to be seen, and patients that just got there entering to see the doctor before them, as well as those that got tired of waiting for so long that they just simply walked out because of how unprofessional and unorganized the staff are there.

There was a time when I had to provide a doctor’s referral to a surgeon by hospital policy to even be able to get an important surgery to be done, and I had to go to this health clinic EVERY SINGLE DAY to tell them to fax over my referral to the hospital because they kept saying that they were going to do it and never did.

Even the hospital tried to get in touch with them for x-rays and never could.

I have also sat in their waiting room for 2 hours waiting to get my blood drawn, and other patients went before me; even though I was signed in ahead of them, simply because the nurse “forgot” about me.

They also have a cardiologist that said nothing was wrong with my heart or chest problems and that I was “healthy”, leaving me in pain to deal with for a long time.

I have switched to a different clinic since then that is more organized and professional that doesn’t overbook, and actually cares about my health, as well as being more affordable for my health insurance.

Is ProCare Medical Group legit?
ProCare Medical Group is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 7 consumer(s) was/were given a ProCare Medical Group as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is ProCare Medical Group located?
ProCare Medical Group is headquarted at 3727 W Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee, WI 53208. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact ProCare Medical Group by dialing (414) 291-2626 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by ProCare Medical Group’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by ProCare Medical Group’s customers, US $3252 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is medium.

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7 Reviews on ProCare Medical Group

  1. To all Procare patients, please read, I worked there for a bit

    I worked there for a bit, a few years ago. The staff is alright, we did the best that we could with the situations we were in, it’s the “Lead staff” and “Managers” who need a smack in the face, dare I say, the owners too (metaphorically and my “biased”, meaning I was just a staff member, opinion of course).

    Someone already mentioned this before, but they do train staff. There’s literally nothing wrong with training non-clinical staff, it’s when the same non-clinical staff is given “Lead” or “Managerial/Supervisor” with shitty-attitude staff positions that this business fails, and, IT IS for a lack of trying. Not only do non-clinical staff get trained, also “MA”‘s get “trained”. I knew getting into it that you don’t necessarily need to be Certified to be trained to be an MA, but a lot of REAL places that ACTUALLY seek to give patient care REQUIRE it. a lot of peoples situations are ” I only applied because I had a kid and I needed a lot of time off at the beginning and Procare seemed to be the only place at the time who was very accommodating with my schedule” which seems to be a trend that they hire almost anyone, Getting back to the point, I saw many MA’s get trained by non-certified MA’s, in fact, a good 2/3 of the MA staff is not “Certified” at every clinic at any given moment(it has to do with shit wages). Once, it got so bad(people quit left-and-right there, some not even showing back up at all) that there was only one MA who was Certified. Again, I get that all MA’s don’t have to be certified, but when most aren’t and neither are the “Leads” it makes for bad patient care, in their case VERY VERY BAD patient care.

    “Leads” and “Supervisors” don’t have these (I assumed)business degrees you’d expect them to have or maybe any degree related to what they do. They have “many-hats” for one person, at which point they figure if you’ve been there long enough and get enough insight on what to do…”Hey! You get to run the clinic! You’re now a “Lead”!” Which means they also have to “Lead” trained MA’s which has made huge issues because the majority of the people who have been there for a long time(and un-surprisingly are “Leads/Supervisors”) are clique-y, rose from non-clinical(i.e. receptionist / billing-backgrounds) and have never had any experience in supervising people in such a manner that patient care is top priority. I keep quoting Lead and Supervisor because the managers call them leads but if there’s ever a rude patient they automatically start saying they’re managers and/or supervisors, I quote those terms because THEY use them interchangeably, but once you’ve worked there long enough you know who the real “Managers” are, there’s a hierarchy within their clique of “Managers/Supervisors/Leads” who interchangeably use to name their roles, and again, that adds to the bad care. There’s only about 2-3 “Leads” that CAN and have been nice and patient, but their humanely-conscious-driven-personality is shot down often by the HUGE stress that comes with seeing so many patients, we did SO MANY procedures throughout the day that having to deal with one MA that messes up(mostly the new ones, with choosing rooms or taking too long) or a pt who gets inpatient or a receptionist who keeps nagging for signatures becomes a huge daily burden of stress when it happens hourly. Those situations happen too often.

    It’s always been unclear who the mastermind/s behind “Double book any 15, 30 and 45 minute appt” is/are, the rationale that seems to be recurring when you work there is : “The owners(3 MD’s) should be responsible, as the “Leads” enforce it, but, whose to say that they ARE responsible? After all, the clinic needs to meet metrics, patients need help, patients problems are not chosen by them and we are there to provide care, PLUS if a patient does not show up at least the other is there”. WRONG. When “patient care” takes a doctor 5-7 minutes in a room it’s called RUSHING, when a provider’s schedule is overbooked it’s called STRESS and BACKLOG/LAG, when you are weeks behind on signatures it’s called BEING LATE, when Staff makes mistakes and they happen often it’s called UNACCOUNTABILITY, UNAWARENESS, NOT ENOUGH TRAINING, NOT THE RIGHT TRAINING, when a patient complains that they’ve been there for hours it’s called OVERBOOKING. How does this all add up to a business that provides care? it doesn’t. That same double or triple booking bullshit is the same reason why; YOU CANNOT expect 1 MA to room two patients and do two procedures on those same patients in 15 mins, NOT in 30 mins, MAYBE in 45 mins, what they(whoever smart person came up with the double booking bullshit) seem to forget is that if the provider is LATE for every patient for just 5-7 mins you’re(as an MA) already fucked.

    Picture this situation(this is often the what the beginning of the day looked like0, you’re an MA, your provider is just 5 mins behind schedule, she came late, for her first patient, there’s two patients scheduled for a 15 min appt and each is running just 1 minute and 3o seconds late and it takes you 3 1/2 minutes to room 1 patient(vitals and documentation), the provider spends 6 minutes with each(the provider is rushing because they are behind) one needs a shot(it takes roughly 2 min’s to prepare the shot, 1-2 minutes to administer since the patient has to get ready, roll their sleeve up, you have to disinfect and also provide immunization information if they have a question and another minute to document the administration, for a grand total of 5 minutes to give 1 shot) , the second one needs an ekg- 5 mins, plus the provider needs to come back in the room and let the patient know the results and make a referral and answer any questions-2 1/2 mins.

    The first appt shows up 1 minute and 30 second late, plus your 3 1/2 it takes to room one, that’s already 5 minutes into the visit, the provider was 5 minutes behind so she comes in immediately(which almost never happens)
    you call the next patient and room them in 3 1/2 minutes but it’s done within the same 6 mins it takes the provider to see the first patient.
    The provider finally finishes with the first patient ,by this point, it’s been 11 minutes since the second patient’s appt time. The provider Immediately goes to the second patient
    You give the shot to the first patient then the first patient is gone, 15 minutes have passed by. It’s now time for the next 2 15 min appts, but you stay because you are not done yet. The provider is done by the 17th minute and you do the EKG.
    22 minutes by the time you finish the EKG.
    the provider comes back immediately.
    24 1/2 minutes
    The Next two patients after them checked in on time, the provider is(24 1/2-15= 9 1/2 + 1 min. which is the extra time between you checking in 1 patient minus the time it took for provider entering the referral= 10 1/2 mins ) 10 1/2 minutes late to go to the first of those next 15 min appts, and 16 1/2 minutes behind to the second of those(basically all the 15 minutes)practically, the provider is now behind by 1 whole patient in just the first 30 mins of the day.
    that was in an ideal world, no concern for the patient before the ones we started at and no concern for things that can happen like slow internet that causes delays or anything that could cause a small delay like cleaning a room thoroughlu, especially through covid( 1 min to clean per employee per 60 patients = 1 less hour a staff member is available).
    MY POINT IS that staff BY THEMSELVES CANNOT be responsible for the LAG.
    Double booking is fucking dumb, they do this and will continue to do this.
    I recommend you to NOT GO THERE, THERE IS NO PATIENT CARE. the number of patients that get seen, is a mask called “patient care” covering profit margin, that’s as simple as it gets. I’m not a fucking expert and I can do the math, SO if its not that they just care about numbers and money then what the fuck is it but don’t you dare call it “Patient care”

    Also, don’t work there, the stress is abundant, the pay is laughable and borderline unacceptable. It makes you not feel appreciated, it’s not worth the stress, and it shows through in many staff
    When I got out of there, the start rate of these other places was beyond comparison, I was shocked!, just for receptionists even, its just night and Day.

    Lincoln St- The “Lead” is a garbage human being who has no sympathy or respect in general, often gets mistaken for racism, but its really just that she hold no respect for anyone other than people she knows, meaning they’re mostly Hispanic, overworked staff, often understaffed

    Layton Blvd- too overbooked, not enough space, probably the only place where good staff shine but still has many issues.

    Wisconsin Ave- TRASH, main location, lack of leadership, overbooked, dirty, overworked, “feel important” higher ups work here. the “leads” pressure staff into hurrying up, rarely stand up for their staff even when a pt is annoyed, they’d rather have the employee give them a complaint form, often understaffed

    I hear their capitol location clinic is closed, again for legal reasons, this is just my opinion

  2. How can they be in business?

    Zero stars actually. Doctors and NP’s fail to sign notes and then Medicare fails to pay. The government needs to shut them down. We work hard our entire life and then Medicare fails to pay our bills because of them?? Shut them down – the place is a sham.

  3. Racist Clinic on 56th n Lincoln

    The Pro Care Medical in Milwaukee is a shame. Go to the one on 56th in Lincoln they only want latinos they are rude and disrespectful. I have recordings I will be using to show the world and they engage in medical fraud. The front desk staff are all off the street trained young females who can use racist language without fear. Doctors are never present just the practioners.

  4. Awesome, timely, and attentive!

    Awesome, timely, and attentive! Came in with a massive headache and numbness in my arm, left feeling energetic and free of my pain. Amen!

  5. Never Again

    The wait time whether you have am appointment or not is hours amd they don’t care.

  6. This place is definitely not recommended as a healthcare provider

    Not this place. Then they just don’t fill the refill orders for the pharmacy which makes you have to call them to find out why. Then you are sitting on hold for 10-15 minutes just to find out and then they put you to voicemail They apparently think you have all the time in the world to wait for them. A very unprofessional place. This place is definitely not recommended as a healthcare provider

  7. It honestly does not deserve any stars.

    It honestly does not deserve any stars. This is the absolute worst place to try to get a hold of somebody. Difficult to get your refills because the doctors don’t sign the refill order. Frequently they make you come in for an appointment in order to get a refill. I am talking about medications that most doctors give you one year refills for.

Reported Loss :3252 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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