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Do not invest your hard earned money

I am an old man and have been working with the internet for not so quite long. Although I can sense a good investment, using websites and online form filling has never been my forte. Therefore, when I attended the seminar organized by Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC., I had just one question, would these people help me get through the application process.

So, I consulted the team to discuss my concerns. To my surprise, these people happened to be polite in the beginning. But that wasn’t the case later. They told me how the investment and interest terms worked, which made sense to me.

However, as we progressed with the application, these people stopped returning calls as promised. I was in the middle of the application filling when they called me and said that my paperwork was not complete.

Surprisingly the documents they asked for were with them the whole time. After a week, they returned the call explaining that there had been some misplacements of the papers. But they also assured me that they would activate my investment plan sooner.

It took them almost two months to get me started. Yes, you heard it right. I made everything from my end, all the documents, applications, and everything they asked for. In return, they made me wait longer to get things set.

Understanding that manual errors are sometimes unavoidable, I did not say much to the guy assisting me with the investment plan. However, the sob story did not end here. It never showed up when I was about to see my first return in the account. I waited for a week.

Also, I asked my grandson to check the account details because I am not very good with the internet. He said that my account was put on hold or something. I called them back, and they said they still received some documents. This was the end of my patience.

I asked them to close the account and refund the amount. And like magic, the performance was activated again. The guy in the talk called me to apologize and said the problem wouldn’t happen again. He also informed me that I might have to wait for the updated account report with interest for a few more weeks due to these misunderstandings.

Well, it was finally updated. There were still some mistakes in the interest rate I expected. Again I had to discuss and get it fixed. All these hassles made it worse for me. The experience was pathetic, and I wish I had never opted for this investment plan in the first place.

I would never recommend this company to anyone. They might give decent returns but do not know how to make the experience great for their customers—very unprofessional and slobby behavior. Many great investment plans do not make you go crazy. And Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC. is not one of them.

Is Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC a legit?

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC located?

Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC is headquarted at 5601 South Broadway, Littleton, CO 80121, United States. You can contact Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC by dialing (720) 8053 670 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC’s customers?

According to Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC’s customers, a monetary loss of US $60579 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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2 Reviews on Phoenix Capital Group Holdings, LLC

  1. Phoenix Capital Group Looks Very Fishy

    All of the listed officers and directors have little to no experience in this field. Just go on Linkedin and check them out. There are no real industry veterans or stars on this team at all. One of them went from selling RVs to being the Phoenix Capital Chief Acquisitions Officer. Very shallow bench at best, something more suspicious at worst. Also, there is not a single printed word on their website in relation to any bond prospectus, terms of notes, financials or anything else. It all gives the outward appearance of some sort of Ponzi scheme. DO YOUR HOMEWORK; ASK QUESTIONS

  2. They are real, legit, responsible & responsive!

    Everyone’s experience differs… mine is radically different. Initially, I had their ad pop up during a Spades game on my cell. I just knew it had to be a scam… or was it? I clicked on it after about the 10th pop-up. I read through it… then did my due diligence and thoroughly researched their website: Google, Trustpilot, Better Business Bureau reviews/entries; all the filings on the SEC; dissected their offering statement and all their annual reports. This company is legitimate! Then I signed up for one of their webinars and invested a few days after in February.

    I was still a little skeptical until the first distribution. Like clockwork, the interest is distributed on time every time… well, early. Distribution is on the 10th of the month, but it is usually in our accounts on the 8th, which means we earn interest on our interest for two additional days, adding up to 24 extra days of the year. Yeah! We invested more in March, and I also transferred the remaining 2k in my TSP to an IRA with Phoenix. My daughter and my husband invested with them as well.

    I find the quarterly web updates informative and valuable, the presenters very personable, and the numbers impressive. You don’t have to be a seasoned Wall St wolf. They explain it so anyone without financial/investing know-how can understand. It took me back to the accounting and business classes I sat through in the 80s and 90s. Also, when you contact ANYONE at Phoenix Capital, you get a response! Yes, I am impressed!
    I am looking forward to becoming a Reg D investor.

    I have one complaint: Please provide more choices/tiers for Reg A investors and let us compound our interest.

    Make sure you research Phoenix Capital Group Holdings. Phoenix Capital Group is a wholly different and unrelated company.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 60579 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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