Nd-bd.com Took money no product

I’ve had the worse experience with this NDBD, I wished I’d looked on line first and read all this, I ordered iPad 4 on the 7 to July 2017, they gave me a tracking number, on the 14th I see that it stopped and item was delivered to Melbourne and signed for by someone.

I’m in Sydney, I Started emailing to ask what is happening to this day I still do not have a reply from them, I got hold of the delivery people in Hong Kong.

The only ones to reply, they said that it was sent to the repairs Dept for NDBD, I have email as all others, I emailed that info off but didn’t get reply, I got onto that live chat, I wrote everything but they don’t read anything .

They told me it was on its way and they’d get onto them to get a date of delivery, I told them how did they do that as only yesterday it was in Melbourne , they told me they all go to Melbourne first, they of course didn’t get back to me so next day I contacted then again, she told me that I’d get a new tracking number by tomorrow and I’d get an email about tracing.

I never did and she didn’t contact me as she said she would, next morning I contacted again as well as emails to no reply, I told her I didn’t get the new track number , she said she’d look into it, I reminded her she has said this everyday this week, I was on hold , she got back and said she tracked them me items in Sydney, I asked for the tracking number she said she didn’t have one.

I asked then how did she track, she just repeated that I’d get it soon, said it was on its way to me but couldn’t give me a date! I asked for Sydney phone number she said they don’t have one, I ask could I talk with a manger, she said they can’t, I ask her to take my number, but no one called.

After looking on line and reading so much negative things , even though after two weeks waiting and knowing nothing about my item other that my as new item was in a repair shop I dissident I’d cancel and get my money back, the lady in live chat said that was find, it sounded so easy.

she made me wait I did, then she got on and said it has been refund but depending on bank could be up to 10 day, I asked for proof that money was refunded, could kept on going around it , I told her which bank did it go in she said the one that was used?? I said there should be some numbers something to say you refunded, she wouldn’t give them to me, I told her I wasn’t going off until I had something to say she’d refund, she said she’d email me the receipt , she said she did that I told her I’d wait till I got it.

I got email it was not a receipt it just said I’d get a refund in around ten day, I told her that wasn’t good enough, then I say to her you didn’t refund me, you lie to me as if you had I’d have a copy of the transaction , it was all like talking to a robot, so 2 weeks later , I’m worn, from chasing my item , worried sick as I don’t have my money and no proof that they will put it in as she refused to give my anything, I have all transcripts and emails and the only reply from Hong Kong, i left message on face book that did nothing! Emails nothing, chat nothing

They don’t have any phone numbers other than the one in Melbourne, I don’t have STD access so I can’t call the only number for this company, oh she did she I could got the Sydney and ask them as they don’t have phone and they are not working the rest of the week she said! Just liters and cheats.

I saved so hard for my first iPad and it was a 4 as that’s the best I could do and now I have nothing nothing!, please sorry about spelling mistakes I’m disabled but tried.

I forgot to write in there some place , it’s not my bank that I’d be waiting on, it that they NDBd will put money in at around ten days, that lady never put it in, I have to wait for them to put it into my bank and I have no proof that they are going to do that or when.

Is NDBD a legit?

NDBD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is NDBD located?

NDBD is headquarted at AU. You can contact NDBD by dialing N/A or visit their website nd-bd.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by NDBD’s customers?

According to NDBD’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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5 Reviews on NDBD

  1. Dodgy Mob Phone Scam

    I bought an iphone 6s online from NDBD March 2017. Website promises 100% genuine Apple parts but there were several non-genuine parts. Phone overheated in October 2017 and never turned back on again. Tried to request a refund from Nov 2017 to March 2018 with no progress. They kept asking for more info even though I provided it to them at least 5 times!
    Better to buy directly from APPLE – it is worth the extra couple of hundred dollars. I paid for a phone which only lasted 6 months before it died!

  2. Do not go near NDBD

    DO NOT go anywhere near this business!
    I bought 3 x iPnone 6 phones for work and ALL 3 Were faulty. This cannot be a coincidence. It appears, from my experience, they simply purchase faulty phones, put them in a new box and ship them out and then when you want a refund, or the phones replaced, they use every blocking tactic you can think of to make you give up. Their customer service is a disgrace.
    12 months later and I still don’t have an outcome. The last email I sent them was never even replied to.
    I can only say that do not be as stupid as myself and always use PayPal for these type of purchases. This is normally my golden rule – never again will I break it.
    I can only hope that my loss can be a warning to others to stay away from this dodgy and dishonest operator and I would encourage everyone to find every forum you can and warn as many other unsuspecting victims as possible.

  3. Stay away from NDBD!

    My girlfriend placed an order for an used Iphone on this company late last year, which she promplty regreted and canceled a few hours after seeing the rating of the company.
    They went forward with the transaction anyway, though thye never sent anything.
    It’s been more that a month and lots of exchanged emails ever since and they still haven’t returned the money.

  4. I understand NDBD is still a very new website but this is just absurd

    I purchased iPhone 6s 128GB for $679 using a $10 discount code. (the 64GB and the 128GB had the price difference of $20~40 so i went 128) The website stated that they would ship the item during this week. Then it changed to 2-3 weeks. I emailed them multiple times asking them to give me an estimate shipping date. They ignored all of them so I used the live chat functionality on their website and the lady gave me no new info regarding this.

    A day later, I get a call from an unknown number. It was NDBD. The guy on the phone was a typical cliche customer centre guy. He told me they are very sorry and that the 128GB is not available. I asked them when will they get the 128gb model in stock and he said there is no plan to have 128gb in stock. He then told me that if I would like to get the 64gb instead.

    So far, you might think this is just a typical situation and the title is pretty absurd. Well….

    The guy on the phone said that I’d be getting a $20 refund. I knew something was not right so I checked their website immediately. It turns out they are STILL SELLING THE 128GB ON THEIR WEBSITE WITH LOWERED PRICES. I told him about the lowered prices and even HE DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS. He told me he was on the website and couldnt see the difference, then he put me on hold and took couple minutes to fix it to show the lowered prices.

    He kept insisting the refund will be $20 for some reason. So I had to explain to him how math works. He updated the order and told me I’d be getting my refund of $40.

    I understand NDBD is still a very new website but this is just absurd

  5. NDBD - Stay Away from These Guys - They are Bad News!

    DONT GO NEAR THESE GUYS. I used NDBD to buy a refurbished iPhone SE. What a mistake I made! Basically, if you ever need to fall back on their warranty, and in my case it was the supposed “No Questions Asked DOA 14 day Express return”, the service people basically ignore you and make it AS HARD AS POSSIBLE for you to get an exchange unit or your money back. Their trick is that you do not have an address for which to return the phone. When you contact their customer service team to request a postal address, they firstly request photos of the phone, then videos, then more videos, then when you finally get an approval (and no return address) …. silence. Phoning them is always a challenge. Dealing with NDBD has been one of the worst customer experiences of my life. Never again.

Reviews: 5
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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