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Nationwide Bank is for an auto loan only. Tried to get a mortgage through them but fortunately I secured a loan through another lender with cheaper closing costs and a lower interest rate.

My auto loan was not the greatest process in the world but I like the convenience of having the payment come straight out of my pay.

I need the title sent to Florida, it’s been over 3 months now and still not there.

I have called too many times to count. I did see a review that said he experienced poor customer service, I’d take that at this point as I’m not getting any customer service at all.

Surprising and disappointing they are such a poor organization. Hopefully they will be able to get it together sooner than later.

Is Nationwide Bank a legit?

Nationwide Bank is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 7 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Nationwide Bank located?

Nationwide Bank is headquarted at 1 Nationwide Plz Fl 1 Columbus, OH 43215. You can contact Nationwide Bank by dialing (877) 669-6877 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Nationwide Bank’s customers?

According to Nationwide Bank’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3252 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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7 Reviews on Nationwide Bank

  1. They had no record of me existing.

    Correct phone number for NW Bank is 1-800-336-7219. They had no record of me existing.

  2. dont go here is you need your funds they will mess you up..

    no star for this bank. i had issued a check by photo in the month of june. the funds were added to my account and then blocked. because they wanted a copy of the check by the sender verifying that they release the funds . even if after 3 days the money got placed in my account.

    its now july 27th and they will not un block my account. i sent them a copy of the cashed check via e-mail and post mail and still the run arounds continue. customer act as if you are wasting their time. i will be shutting down my accounts as soon as my account is un block…

  3. Their service sucks.

    Their service sucks. Has a problem sent faxes to resolve problem after several phone calls and they claim they never received the faxes after numerous followup phone calls. Their overall service is such that I would discourage anyone from using any of their products

  4. They still aren't convinced that I live at this address!

    I sent them copies of a medical bill, driver’s license, and the letter they sent me, and that wasn’t enough. So I sent them an IRS letter, a BMV letter, and even (just to show how unnecessary their practices are) my pacemaker ID card (which has my name and address).

    They still aren’t convinced that I live at this address! As utilities are not in my name where I live, that’s all I have. Frankly the DL should be more than enough. And there are other ways they can verify like the way everyone else does…

    So this was 3 weeks ago, and I still await a response, a refund of my $55, or any form of communication from them. I would do a charge-back but I’d have to cancel my card, get a new number, and reset some auto-pays… but if it comes down to it, that may be my only course of action.

    Nationwide should stick to Insurance, because they are no good at being a bank. They are definitely not “on your side” as a banking institution.

  5. NOT recommended.

    NOT recommended. There are many online-only checking accounts you can set up very easily – search for reviews of the better ones before even trying Nationwide Bank.

    First: They only take customer service calls during (yikes) “Bankers Hours”, something I thought was a thing of the past. That is, if you can get through to one of their few reps in Ohio.

    Second: They happily take your money for your “initial deposit”, which can be done via credit/debit card. However you can’t later fund the account using a credit/debit card.

    Third: After they take your “initial deposit”, they place your account “on hold” pending further verification of your identity and physical address, by faxing or scanning/emailing documents. Something NOT mentioned at any point before taking your initial deposit, unless it’s buried deep in the TOS… but the experience leading up to that indicates that you’d be using the account the same day or next day.

  6. I would NEVER! Go with this company for a car loan.

    I would NEVER! Go with this company for a car loan. This company is so crooked! I’m not one at all to “post my problems”, but this I feel all people need to know! And I’m prepared and sooo ready to scream it from a rooftop… SUE.

    There is way too much to share on a post, but if you want to be continuously lied to, screamed at by ignorant ( uneducated ) “managers”, call recordings magically erased, them dipping their hands in your bank account whenever they want and for any amount ( $2,000 over two months ), papers they say they never get!!!, then go with this company.

    With this company I’ve learned that you need to record your own calls, and take pictures of EVERYTHING you send. Document everything you do with them;) Like I said, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

  7. This is bank is a total Scam

    This is bank is a total Scam, I made first deposit of $500. to an account I opened with Nationwide, as soon as deposit the money they locked my account, I had to call them,

    when I did they told me that the account is close they will send me my refund for the deposit, a few days later when I called them for the update with my $500 and they told me since the account is close the money will remain in the account and that they will not send me my deposit,

    every agent tell me something different, I’m warning everyone not to open an account with Nationwide bank, they are nothing but scammers

Reviews: 7
Reported Loss : 3252 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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