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BehindMLM published a firstlook of the Crowdbridge Global MLM opportunity.

The company appears to be based out of Europe and is run by co-founders Hans Pasveer and Harald Ekker, Mary Courant COO

For Pasveer and Ekker’s respective MLM histories, please refer to our published Crowdbridge Global firstlook.

One key component missing from our firstlook was the CrowdBridge Global compensation plan, which I’ve since learnt has been made public.

After going over it I concluded I had enough to publish a full review of Crowdbridge Global.

The source material is Hungarian, which I’m not a native speaker of. Still, some of the presentation slides were in English and I’m familiar enough with MLM compensation plans to piece the rest together.

Mary Courant,
Hans Pasveer
Mary Courant and Harald Ekker

Is Mary Courant a legit business?

Mary Courant is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 11 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mary Courant located?

Mary Courant is headquarted at AT. You can contact Mary Courant by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mary Courant’s customers?

According to Mary Courant’s customers, a monetary loss of US $25018 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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  1. Mary Courant and Dr.Ruja Ignatova’s Been Arrested.

    As I write this, official confirmation of Ruja Ignatova’s and Mary Courant arrest has yet to surface.

    Reports out of Germany are conflicting, with authorities yet to issue an official statement.

    A few media publications have syndicated the initial Nbox article, but only the Gerlach Report and MLM Worldwide have published new information.

    According to the Gerlach Report Ignatova was arrested in relation to an ongoing fraud investigation in Bielefeld.

    Gerlach report claim Ignatova is being held in a “transport cell” at Stadelheim prison in Munich.

    Ted Nuyten, who is believed to have received large sums of money from OneCoin and its affiliates in exchange for favorable coverage on BusinessForHome, was quick to dismiss Ignatova’s arrest as “fake news”.

    In a Facebook post published the day after news of Ignatova’s arrest broke, Nuyten claimed his unnamed ‘sources (had) confirmed the news is NOT true.‘

    Offering up a bit more information is a November 6th article from MLM Worldwide, who bill themselves as a direct selling online magazine.

    In the article MLM Worldwide claim to have contacted the German law firm Schulenberg & Schenk.

    Shortly after Germany’s top financial regulator Bafin announced an investigation into OneCoin in mid 2016, Schulenberg & Schenk were hired to publish a legal opinion on the company.

    Not surprisingly, Schulenberg & Schenk’s legal opinion completely ignored the OneCoin’s Ponzi business model and claimed the company was legal in Germany.

    OneCoin also engaged Schulenberg & Schenk were also used by OneCoin to go after rival Ponzi scheme, SwissCoin.

    Despite Schulenberg & Schenk’s one-paragraph legal opinion stating the company was legal, earlier this year in April BaFin banned promotion and operation of OneCoin across Germany.

    After news of Ignatova’s arrest broke, Stephan Schulenberg purportedly told MLM Worldwide they’d phoned Stadelheim prison and

    can confirm that our client Dr. med. Ignatova was not detained there.

    A telephone conversation with the public prosecutor’s office in Bielefeld also revealed that there is nothing there about an arrest and no arrest warrant (has been issued).

    If Ignatova wasn’t arrested, why Schulenberg & Schenk didn’t just reach out to her directly is unclear.

    Tim Curry separately reached out to German authorities on Monday and they wouldn’t confirm or deny Ignatova’s arrest.

    The Gerlach Report meanwhile are insisting Ignatova’s arrest is not “fake news”.

    The publication asks, “If Ruja Ignatova is indeed free, why does not she show herself?”

    The fact is that the events at the airport in Munich have been confirmed by several sources.

    The detention in the women’s detention center was also confirmed by The Gerlach Report.

    It is also true that the investigating authorities have to date issued “no official press release”.

    The Gerlach Report has learned this is due to “determination-technical reasons”.

    Apparently, Dr. Ruja Ignatova – in an attempt to reduce her own expected punishment – (is delivering information on) the national (OneCoin) heads.

    She is said to have already pointed out at first interrogations that “she has done everything to prohibit the fraudulent activities and actions of sales”.

    Here, the “service instructions” of the fraud network were cited.

    Whether this argument will work remains questionable.

    Earlier today Jan Faber, Editor-in-Chief at the Gerlach Report, asserted the credibility of the publication’s reporting;

    We stick to our story. Our sources are reliable. German news outlets will report once more information will be released.

    Being a German story, this has broken on The Gerlach’s Report’s home turf. If this turns out to be another Macau debacle, maybe it’s time to reevaluate the publication’s publishing policy?

    That said The Gerlach Report didn’t initially break news of Ignatova’s arrest, that was the Bulgarian publication Nbox.

    Since then though the Gerlach Report have very much run with the story though and made it their own.

    Personally, unlike Ted Nuyten, I’m skeptical but at this point not ready to dismiss either side. BehindMLM is just reporting what’s out there as it breaks.

    Pending further information coming to light, I myself haven’t insisted Ignatova has or hasn’t been arrested.

    The things that do strike me as strange though are:

    Ignatova failing to issue a statement or recording despite news of her arrest breaking almost four days ago
    both Schulenberg & Schenk and The Gerlach Report claiming access to what would be an ongoing operation pending charges filed
    unnamed sources cited by Nbox, Ted Nuyten, The Gerlach Report and MLM Worldwide
    I also haven’t ruled out the possibility that Pierre Arens may be cooperating with authorities following his abrupt departure last month, although that’s somewhat of a tangent.

    Stay tuned…

    November 20, 2017

  2. Mary Courant Scam Coin

    Mary Courant born in Cambodia, Lives in France and Netherland, was A Top earner in Conligus and OneCoin Master Advisor & Chief Financial Officer at Crowd Bridge Global.

    Net Income 879,000.00 CBG Ongoing
    Net Income 28,000,000 OneCoin
    Net Income 900,000.00 Conligus
    Wealth and assets are held in Cambodia and Montreal.

  3. Mary Courant also in Ormeus Scam Coin wow

    The scam artists at Ormeus Coin and Wowe Coin are both using fraud and bots to illegally rip people off. They both buy and sell millions of their own worthless coins back and forth to their own exchange accounts to raise the price and volume and give the illusion that the coins are trading in high volume and that the price is rising.

    In reality all that’s happening is that they are buying and selling to their own accounts they control so the only loss is the commission fee. They do this with millions of their own coins (the coins cost them nothing) back and forth continually artificially raising the price and volume.

    When people notice the massive fake volume and continual price climb as in 400% in 48 hours with OrmeusCoin they jump on board paying high prices for a fake traded coin.

    The problem is people will hold the coins on a smooth sail up so Ormeus and Wowe use shakeup bots that dump coins price at about 20% under value to cause panic selling and buying then they make fake trades and raise the price back up.

    This causes a price crash and massive selling and then buying.

    Before this even starts Ormeus and Wowe put out hundreds of sell orders that cover every price range and they pre do this on every exchange.

    On my images you can see the endless 100, 1000 and 29.49780097 seller orders spread all over the exchanges they use at every price point. This is a huge pump and dump but the pumping is done with fake trades and fake volumes.

    With Wowe coin they didn’t have it the scam bots as refined and tuned. You could easily see the endless pump and dump attacks when you zoomed in.

    They look like a Square tooth wave form on both the Volume and trade price. See Images:

    They are doing this again with Ormeus Coin but they managed to smooth out and cover up the Square tooth wave form now.

    I watched the price drop 20% instantly several times now with Ormeus Coin when the bot did a instant 20% price drop sell for no logical reason. I hope someone reads this and prosecutes these felons.

  4. Victims lost at least S$16,000 in fraudulent purchase scam victims-lost-at-least 16-000 in fraudulent purchase scam

    SINGAPORE: Police said on Wednesday (Dec 13) that a scam where fraudulent purchases are charged to mobile phone bills have cost their victims at least S$16,000 for far this year.

    Police said that between January and November this year, there have been 130 reports of such cases, with more cases being reported this month. This is a 120 per cent increase from the same period last year.

    The scammers would first befriend the victims online by sending a request on Facebook. In some cases, the scammers’ account would closely resemble the victims’ friends, said police in a Facebook post.

    After asking for the victim’s mobile number and service provider, the scammers would make online purchases of gaming credits or virtual gift cards using the information provided.

    The purchases would be charged to the victim’s phone bill after the scammers were provided with the One Time Password (OTP) or verification code.

    Police advised the public not to share personal information including verification codes, bank account number and passwords.


    “If you receive a friend request from a friend on social networking sites, verify with your friend via another means of communication before accepting the request,” added police.

  5. CBG Organization

    Mary Courant is our Chief Operating Officer. She is an amazing woman with a lot of corporate SCAM experience in MLM industry. She handles all operational matters in the organization and ensures that the company is running efficiently for its SCAM owners Hans Pasveer, Harald Ekker, and that you as a member, can loose all your life saving and give to Crowd Bridge Global, or CBG organization.

  6. Scam

    Corruption, embezzlement, fraud, these are all characteristics which exist everywhere. It is regrettably the way human nature functions, whether we like it or not. What successful economies do is keep it to a minimum. No one has ever eliminated any of that stuff

  7. OneCoin’s Ruja Ignatova Reportedly Arrested In Germany, this means Mary Courant will be the next in line.

    OneCoin’s Ruja Ignatova Reportedly Arrested In Germany, this means Mary Courant will be the next in line.

  8.[email protected]/albums/72157688090877951

    Norwegian citizen Harald Ekker is not what we consider a good citizen. He has made millions, perhaps billions out of scamming the public through at least two companies and he has had a number of accomplices to help him out, as will be revealed here.

    Let’s start with Towah, one of Ekker’s companies. It was a payment processor service. This very fact is a red flag, because there is potential for a scammer to profit, and Ekker’s Towah Group did. The manner in which people were scammed provides an insight into how he and his associates operate and why we should be aware that Ekker is still operational.

    Towah provided a payment service to a company called Bidify, a penny auction site based on an MLM platform. It had affiliates working in teams and in 2012 these affiliates noticed that they were having problems getting their payments. They complained to their banks about what they started to believe was a scam. This incident was followed by one in which Bidify suffered a massive fraud through multiple use of fraudulent credit cards. It looked like Bidify and its affiliates were the injured party, but read on. Bidify’s bank froze its funds, which meant affiliates couldn’t receive any money, yet Bidify was allowed to continue to keep running its compensation plan on paper although the bank froze its funds. And, Bidify was still forwarding money to Towah Club Accounts, but told its members that Towah was behind the problem. Which was true, but as it turns out, Bidify were deeply involved as co-conspirators.

    Then another Towah scam alert came to light. Towah offered Newcastle Building Society in the UK prepaid debit cards. Customers soon found they couldn’t get their money out with these cards and the bank contacted Towah, who claimed the bank had “sent the money to the wrong account.” Considering that Towah had €3million of the bank’s money it was concerned and after a failure by Towah to return any funds, NBS approached Norways’s Financial Supervisory Authority to investigate Towah. The reply from Norway was that Towah had no permission to conduct any kind of banking activity. The investigation hasn’t been concluded.

    However, what was revealed is that Bidify and Towah were in cahoots. Frode Jørgensen of Bidify and Towah’s CEO Tor Anders Petterøe and Larus Palmi Magnusson have a long business relationship that goes back to Plexpay and other Ponzi schemes organised by Frode. It seems the two blamed each other for the disappearance of $9million.

    You’ll also find that Harald Ekker was involved with another scheme in 2011 called Euro Buy-sell. This offered instant payment in any place via online transactions. This time it involved UNAICO and Sitetalk. Visit its still existent Facebook page and you’ll see a Towah prepaid Mastercard. The company strapline is “Simply Safe,” but given what happened with Bidify and NBS, that didn’t turn out to be true. SiteTalk sold affiliate packages starting at €149 and went up into the thousands of euros. Affiliates were rewarded for their online activities, until Towah struck again. Rune Evensen, CEO of UNAICO and Sitetalk reported that Towah stole €18m from the company. And with the proceeds Towah took from other businesses, its total haul is in the region of €28million.

    But Harald Ekker didn’t stop scam there. He moved into real estate.

    Ekker was a silent party in Wynyard real estate developers, but he still managed to come away with €5million in fraudulently acquired shares. And it goes on.

    Harald Ekker’s name frequently appears in the Norwegian press for his association with pyramid and Ponzi schemes. For example, he was a top earner with World Games Incorporated (WGI) and this scam was a Ponzi-style stock market game. Some of his friends were also prominent in WGI, namely Tor Anders Petterøe. This pyramid scheme stopped paying out to its affiliates in 2004 and declared itself closed, yet within a few months there was a new scheme called Aspiritus. WGI members were told that Aspiritus had bought WGI, but this was nowhere near the truth; Aspiritus and WGI were being run by the same people. What the top leaders of the new company did was offer members who were owed money by WGI, ‘units’ in Aspiritus. These were of course without any value.

    And in June 2017, Harald Ekker is still in the scam business. The USA’s SEC charged top promotor Trudy Gilmond over $1.7m stolen from Zeek rewards affiliates. This case is linked to Bidify mentioned earlier, because Bidify was based on Zeek rewards. There are angry people out there and as one person commented online “If we find the scammer Harald Ekker, we find the money,” talking about the millions he and others took through Towah.

    Compared to Tor Anders Petterøe and Frode Jørgenson, who has an enormous ego and likes to challenge his critics online, always claiming that everything published about him is ‘fake news’, Harald Ekker has a talent for keeping somewhat out of sight. But he will not have stopped operating in Ponzi and pyramid schemes, because that is his natural habitat. Do watch out for Harald Ekker’s name in connection with any business opportunity – with his track record it is almost 100% certain that it’s a scam.

  9. to be or not to be

    The real sin with Social Security is that it’s a long-term rip-off and a short-term scam.
    Mary Courant, growing to be.

  10. Top 5 MLM Scammers and how much they`r worth

    Top 5 Scammers and where they hide their Money

    Help Stop Scammers
    All earning are in Euro currency

    Mary Courant born in Cambodia, Lives in France and Netherland, was A Top earner in Conligus and OneCoin Master Advisor & Chief Financial Officer at Crowd Bridge Global.

    Net Income 879,000.00 CBG Ongoing
    Net Income 28,000,000 OneCoin
    Net Income 900,000.00 Conligus
    Wealth and assets are held in Cambodia and Montreal.

    Ruja Ignatov AKA Dr. Ruja

    BigCoin HK, OneCoin Cofounder
    Net Income 10,000,000.00 BigCoin
    Net Income 380,000,000.00 OneCoin, Ongoing
    Wealth and assets are held in Dubai, Bulgaria, Estonia, Panama, and Thailand.

    Harald Ekker

    Wenyard founder, Towah founder, Sitetalk, Cofounder at Crowd Bridge Global.

    Net Income 1,780,000.000 Crowd Bridge Global ongoing

    Net Income 21,650,000.00 Towah
    Net Income 6,980,000.00 Wenyard
    Net Income 875,000.00 Sitetalk

    Wealth and assets are held in USA, Norway Under sibling’s names to avoid Norwegian Tax Authorities, Dubai & South Africa.

    Hans Pasveer
    Born in Holland, Live in Amsterdam and Surname
    Sitetalk, Leocoin, CBG Coin, Cofounder at Crowd Bridge Global.
    Net Income 3,800,000.00 Crowdbridge Global ongoing
    Net Income 8,900,000.00 LeoCoin
    Net Income 2,700,000.00 Sitetalk
    Wealth and assets are held in Suriname and India

    Sebastian Greenwood

    ​Born in UK, Swedish Nationality

    Sitetalk Director, OneCoin Director, Rune Evensen advisor
    Net Income 800,000.00 Sitetalk
    Net Income 145,000,000.00 OneCoin

  11. Mary Courant Scam Coin

    What characteristics determine whether or not a Multi-level Marketing company is actually just a scam is to review Mary Courant Scam Payplan.For starters, She pushes you to build more team members than it does to sell products, take warning and Mary Courant is aware of that, While having people under you generally gives you an opportunity to make more money, it should not be the main focus. A great MLM will be OK if you only want to sell products not some Fake Coins such as the one Mary Courant is selling and have no interest in managing a team. It would also be a bad sign if the team she recruits are the customers. There are a few other signs to look for to determine whether or not Mary Courant MLM company is a scam or legitimate. Based on network marketing guru Jason Lee tips, they include.
    It sounds too good to be true. Usually, if something sounds too good to be true, it is. If the opportunity is promising you a lot of money with little information to back it up, run and don’t look back. You might have a problem instead of a job on your hands.

Reported Loss :25018 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
Views :