Mark Honn

Can you believe this?

Beware! Mark A. Honn of Aurora, Illinois is a narcissistic con-artist who is a married monster with children. He is a maintenance man who slithers around looking for prey.

He will tell you he is a ‘chief engineer’ but in reality he is a glorified janitor who spends much of his time knee-deep in raw sewage and feces – which is where he belongs.

Do not believe his All-American/Captain America act. He is convincingly nice, but it is just a con who no one should believe. The nice guy is a front he uses so that no one will believe the monster that is underneath – part of the act is that he’s always a VICTIM.

He is a raging alcoholic, a degenerate gambler, not to mention he has a bad haircut. He is an uneducated college dropout who had to join the military. He probably didn’t even succeed there.

He tells everyone his wife made him quit the military – and he hates her for that. Who knows what the real story is. Mark was fired from one of his many jobs for sexting over 1,000 pages of smut with the office whore who we will call Woman#1.

He called her ‘Bonita’ and she called him ‘Guapo’, they spent all day sexting and didn’t do any work. He got fired for sexting – copies of the sexts were found on Woman#1’s computer after she got canned. Mark begged for mercy and told the boss the reason he is an idiot was because he had a bad marriage.

Nope dude, you are just a loser. They regularly hooked up at the Red Roof Inn in Naperville, Illinois. Mark told anyone that would listen that he had a bad marriage and it was ‘his fault’ because he married a woman he never loved.

Boo hoo, poor Mark. “Poor Mark” syndrome was born. He complained that he made $100k per year. His wife managed the money and gave all his money to his wife. The wife gave all the extra money to her family and Poor Mark only received a $20/week allowance (but apparently enough for a flea bag hotel). Poor Mark’s house was going to get foreclosed on! Boo hoo.

Enter Woman#2. She thinks he is amazing and wonderful. She wants to help “Poor Mark” with his pathetic life and situation. Mark is more than happy to entertain his next victim. Once he is fired for sexting with Woman#1, he told Woman#2 he was wronged by the company and this was all false and misconstrued.

Woman #2 defended him to any and all . . . and he let her (much to her later embarrassment). Woman#2 is convinced the hero is being mistreated and proceeds to help him in every way she can. Mark senses this opportunity to con his next victim, which is a game to him.

He’s always trying to top himself on the next available con. He tells Woman#2 that if he does handyman work at her home, he could convince his wife this was legit if she paid him $200/week. Woman#2 will do anything to help the hero escape from his ‘misery’ and proceeds to give him side work, and over $1000/mo since he wasn’t working and had family to feed.

In addition to all the money, with love she gives him time away from his ‘horrible’ home life, unlimited expensive booze, cigarettes, home-cooked meals, sex, movies, lottery tickets, lunch money, gift cards, pocket money and anything else he might possibly need.

She even went online and paid all his unpaid parking tickets so his car didn’t get towed. About a year into the “Save Mark” campaign, he admits to Woman#2 that he really did have an affair with Woman#1 (the office whore).

Poor Mark said it was the second biggest mistake of his life – can you imagine what that list looks like? Even though her heart is broken, Woman#2 regretfully still loves this loser, as he manipulated her into thinking this was acceptable.

This goes on for 1.5 years and during this time he spends all his free time with Woman#2 and ZERO time with his children, yet raves about what a great father he is. She continues to wait for him to make a true commitment to her but it never came. He was mean and verbally abusive one day and Woman #2 finally realizes it is time to cut this swindler loose. Poor Mark is pissed.

Woman #2’s heart is broken. Mark waits a few weeks and with extremely cruel intent, tells Woman #2 he wants to come over. Woman#2 thinks he must miss her and love her. She could only hope.

But of course Mark is a hustler, and he tells her exactly what she wants to hear in an attempt to keep her hooked. He tells her he is getting divorced and will have a lot of free time.

Mark has even calculated the 32% child support he will have to pay. Woman#2 is thrilled and of course falls for his lies and says she will support him 100%. Make no mistake, he is a con-artist and doesn’t love you. He isn’t capable.

So Poor Mark left with the loot and her heart. On to his next victim. I cannot stress enough how you should steer clear of this plague of a person. He is like a succubus and, like a bad alien movie, will suck all your resources dry.

Is Mark Honn a legit?

Mark Honn is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Mark Honn located?

Mark Honn is headquarted at United State. You can contact Mark Honn by dialing 3127518100 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Mark Honn’s customers?

According to Mark Honn’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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4 Reviews on Mark Honn

  1. Clues

    If he calls you Bonita, Bella or Lass run. He’ll hint that he prefers a landing patch and red lipstick. No money, nothing to offer but grief. Lots of health problems. He won’t be on top because of his reflux (sure) you always have to do all the work. Complains his wife was a virgin and didn’t know anything. He’s no expert either. Manipulator of the century.

  2. Well written


  3. Tyrant

    Always goes in a stall to take a leak.
    Something is wrong there.

  4. Right on

    Not the first time he’s done this.

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Severity : High
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