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ICO NKD and BigLuv

Marco Robinson, Naked Technologies, NKD, BigLuv & New Rich List.

More than 4 million dollars unaccounted for and or lost in Singapore, Malaysia, UEA, England.  They are now on the run and went to south America Peru to Scam more people. They are just spending the investors money in Luxuries and parties.

Is Marco Robinson legit?
Marco Robinson is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 15 consumer(s) was/were given a Marco Robinson as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Marco Robinson located?
Marco Robinson is headquarted at Ship Canal House, 98 King St, Manchester M2 4WU, UK. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Marco Robinson by dialing +447538031949 or visit their website N/A.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Marco Robinson’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Marco Robinson’s customers, US N/A was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is extremely high.

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15 Reviews on Marco Robinson

  1. Marco Robinson is not a SCAM

    I worked for him this is FAKE INFO, Marco Robinson is not a Scam, He helped a lot of people to get back on their feet financially. I can vouch for him.

  2. This is a load of crap

    Be careful – this page is nothing but a bunch of thieving lunatics that stole money from Marco when they decided to work for him.

    Instead they stole Marcos clients, Marcos money and then they created a campaign AGAINST Marco.

    They are from Singapore and both live in Dubai.

    The culprits need to be punished – pay Marco his money back and pay compensation for the vile websites they are creating to sabotage Marco.


  3. Whoever wrote this is lying

    Somebody has fraudulently commented using a name belonging to somebody else: Sarah Banahan. (Check the comment below posted at Christmas).

    Whoever posted that FAKE POST from a name OF WHICH, ISN’T THE PERSON IN QUESTION needs to start defending their own battles and AVOID involving innocent people into this.

    You are scum.

    *I repeat the comment below, (from a ‘Sarah Banahan’) is a fake post because she is a good friend of Marcos. So this site is now trying to make people believe his friends are against him – which is slander?

    I hope anybody reading this can see the real vile cuplrits here of this disgusting smear campaign. The truth always prevails.

  4. Check out Marco's latest accounts

    Makes an interesting read below. Company hardly turning over a penny and making a loss. Any shares, NKD dollars, money raised goes straight into his pocket. NKD travel doestn even exists, Atol number relates to another company, i could go on.

  5. FAKE Exoneration attempt by Naked founders Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh FAIL, ARREST Warrant and JAIL Sentence Surface.

    FAKE Exoneration attempt by Naked founders Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh FAIL, ARREST Warrant and JAIL Sentence Surface.

    Click above and below for court & police documents.

    LAToken Exchange list Scam Company NKD Technology whose founders are wanted by police. Click below to see Sell Disabled by founders of NKD investors cannot sell

    Watch Above Video ☝ Marco Robinson And Malvin Ganesh Founders of Naked Technology ICO Disables Sell of NKD Token on LAToken Exchange

    Does LAToken Exchange Know NAKED Technology Founders Marco & Malvin is Wanted BY POLICE

    Marco Robinson and Malvindran Ganesh founders of Nkd technology are trying hard to hide their Arrest warrant and Jail Sentence by paying to media and ico websites to publish their Exoneration

    Naked Technology Founders Get Prison Term for 2 months. Court sentences Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh founders of NKD Technology for ICO Fraud and embezzlement of funds with imprisonment for two months and abscond/ ban from country PenalCase No 48248/2018.

    See in above Video Founders of Naked Token Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh Court Order WANTED By Police

    Marco Robinson and Malvindran Ganesh founders of Naked Dollars Cryptocurrency ICO Tokens continues to scam & fool investors by first posting on Oct 19th it will be listed on LA Token Exchange and when questioned by naked investors on his facebook that it is not listed on LA Token Exchange they pull down the post from their facebook .

    Seen in the above video is posting of Naked dollars listing on LA Token exchange on their facebook but if you visit their facebook they have removed the post which can be seen in the above video. They are now conducting seminar and scamming people in United States of AMERICA

    There is an action naked dollar grievances group formed against Marco & Malvindran ICO scam , contact on twitter handle xtools1 or click below

    Share this post with as many people as you can, we need to raise awareness and weed out these bad actors from the crypto community.

    Nkd White Paper goes missing on nkd technology website , Road Map Timeline altered from original White Paper , Jonathan Rogers is no longer Partner/Founder on Nkd Technology Website and BigLuv website is down.

    Watch above youtube video Marco robinson continues his legacy of lies and has removed the original Nkd Dollar Whitepaper and changed the roadmap on his website which initially he had mentioned in his whitepaper listing of nkd tokens in Jan 2018 as you can see in the youtube video but now has been changed on his website to Oct 2018 to make people believe that he is yet to list.

    But the truth is Marco robinson and Malvindran ganesh the founders collected Millions of dollars from their Pre ICO but disabled selling upon listing in Feb/March at Sgcoinex a scam cryptocurrency exchange so investors could not exit and were stuck with nkd tokens which are worthless and of no value today . You can also see in the video Jonathan Rogers which was one of the founder/Partner of Nkd Technology is no longer on NKD Technology Website. Also Big luv Technology website is down.

    Marco robinson and Malvidran Ganesh founder of naked technology has been scamming people all over the world and is on the run and removing Nkd Dollar ICO video and post from his Facebook and Youtube page look at below link

    They got their coin listed on sgcoinex which was not an exchange but a website created by Malvindran Ganesh and Marco robinson to fool the investors. Investors realised they were being fooled so they changed it to ER20 token and they claim to have listed on etherdelta but apparently no one can sell the tokens

    Middle East ICO Investors , Singapore ICO Investors and Malaysia ICO Investors were promised NAKED ATM Machines , NAKED & Bitcoin Debit Cards , Naked Coins they have invested thousands of dollars in naked technology ico and have lost their money watch below Video to find out their grievances.

    Marco Robinson and Malvindran Ganesh are conducting Events globally to promote their below forthcoming ICO – In the name of charity ( Get A House For Free) he is scamming people by using the buzz word blockchain.

    They claim their ICO is asset backed i.e security token but they do not have any license to issue a security token . We should make them sell their assets and recover our money. We need to inform the blockchain event organisers where marco is going to do his presentation that he is scammer .

    if you click on the below link it shows list of unauthorised companies and marco robinson is one of them

    He blocks all means of communication, does not respond to investors and gives legal threats . All those who have been scammed by marco robinson and malvindran ganesh kindly post on social media and to the police their passport details are below

    kindly take note the real name of Marco Robinson is Mark Lawrence Robinson UK Passport No GBR510565178 and Malvindran Ganesh Malaysia Passport No A40883015

    Contact Details
    Marco mobile +447538031949 and +60146622347

    Malvin +60143239863

    Marco email – [email protected] and

    Malvindran email – [email protected]

    Naked Investors Whatapp Group

    Naked Technology Social Media

    Naked Techonology accounts

    Wien Hafizah
    Accounts Manager
    Email – [email protected]

    Naked Team Of Advisors

    Dinis Guarda –
    Guenther Dobrauz –
    Alfredo Sebastiao –
    Jeffrey Hayzlett –
    Bruce Porter –
    Christopher Cumby –
    Sonya Ottaway –

    kevin Harrington from the program SHARKTANK series and Naked team of Advisors does not know marco and malvindran is scamming people around the world and on the run since he met most of them in his blockchain events so they don’t know much about him and they should be informed marco and Malvindran is scamming people .

    Over 80% of ICO are scam and naked group ( malvindran and marco robinson) is one of them

    “People have lost thousands of dollars with naked report signals and now marco and malvin is scamming people by promoting two new ico Naked Exchange and Big luv “

    We need to punish these culprits

Reported Loss :0 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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