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Super Con Artists, ThickSkin Scammers, CryptoCurrency Scam

Nonstop of scamming people. What charity, what sad story of his young time and used emotion and bigluv as his tool of convenient to raise the fund straight to their own personal pocket for personal gain and benefit. They both robbed from the working class people and the “Poor” who were desperately in need for the medical bills.

Malvindran Ganesh gave empty promised of sorting out, then refused at last not responded to the poor person. How the Con artists and Big time scammer could possibly implement “BIGLUV” charity project when they did not even have a human sense to solve a problem.

Did not have any mercy to the poor and the victim. All the victims should wake up and spread the words to stop more people being scam by both of Marco Robinson , Malvindran Ganesh and his NKD and Bigluv Team.

Is Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh a legit?

Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh located?

Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh is headquarted at N/A. You can contact Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh by dialing +447538031949 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh’s customers?

According to Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh’s customers, a monetary loss of US $78702 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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5 Reviews on Marco Robinson & Malvindran Ganesh

  1. Marco is a real scammer

    Was personally scammed by this guy. Me and the whole sales team I worked on. We joked that we would reread his book cause he’s obviously a brilliant sales guy as he took our whole sales team to the cleaners. We couldn’t believe it wasn’t real because his whole concept was so good if he just implemented it for real it would seem to be insanely successful. The whole experience was simply too much to put here but suffice it to say I wouldn’t trust this guy to walk my dog. Side note, I did see videos online of people saying he was a scammer and didn’t believe them but whether the specific incidences were true or not he certainly is a fraud

  2. I agree to all the reviews here. Marco and Malvindran are BIG TIME SCAMMERS. They have owed Malaysian, Dubai & Abu Dhabi investors big time! 2018 investment has never came back, not even the capital. Don’t trust your money to these two idiots. They should be placed in jail where they deserve!

  3. Whoever wrote this is lying

    Somebody has fraudulently commented using a name belonging to somebody else: Sarah Banahan. (Check the comment below posted at Christmas).

    Whoever posted that FAKE POST from a name OF WHICH, ISN’T THE PERSON IN QUESTION needs to start defending their own battles and AVOID involving innocent people into this.

    You are scum.

    *I repeat the comment below, (from a ‘Sarah Banahan’) is a fake post because she is a good friend of Marcos. So this site is now trying to make people believe his friends are against him – which is slander?

    I hope anybody reading this can see the real vile cuplrits here of this disgusting smear campaign. The truth always prevails.

    1. I met Marco when he hired me as an escort and I would accompany him on scamming trips so I got to see first hand his fraudulent activities. I’ve gone to the police with everything I know about him so shouldn’t be long before he’s locked up.

  4. Check out Marco's latest accounts

    Makes an interesting read below. Company hardly turning over a penny and making a loss. Any shares, NKD dollars, money raised goes straight into his pocket. NKD travel doestn even exists, Atol number relates to another company, i could go on.

  5. Marco Robinson & Malvin Ganesh Exonerated in Smear Campaign

    Marco Robinson and Malvin Ganesh have been exonerated in the long running smear campaign brought on by digruntled former staff and new cryptocurrency users who didn’t understand the process of listing, setting up wallets and more.

    Due to some recent conflicts within the team, a smear campaign has been initiated against both NAKED Technologies, and its’ founder Marco Robinson.

    NullTX received a press release titled: “Arrest warrant with jail / imprisonment sentence has been issued against the Founders of NAKED Technology ICO”. The email came from someone called icowhistleblower and made it seem like the anonymous source was “exposing” the founder of the ICO for scamming investors.

    The email came with court documents, alleging that Mr. Robinson has been sentenced to two months in jail in Dubai and also banned from the country. You can find the links to the documents below: Dubai Court Order English / Arabic.

    Furthermore, the email contains a series of youtube links which show disgruntled investors complaining about not being able to sell their NKD tokens and claiming a lack of response from the NAKED Technologies team.

    According to Mr. Robinson the smear campaign was a result of alleged misconduct by one of NKD’s employees.

    According to Marco, one of NAKED Technologies’ team members who goes by the name Kishore M (Kishore Mansighani), has been under contract to sell the NAKED Dollars in Dubai. Kishore allegedly breached the contract and started selling a different cryptocurrency – future1coin – behind Marco’s back.

    Mr. Robinson further alleges that:

    “During his time [Kishore] collected cash money from two investors Jack SiNgh and Melanie Soo. They have since tried to charge us for money laundering and so has Kishore.”

    Mr. Robinson further explains that Jack Singh (H Jagjit Singh) and Melanie Soo (Soo Hui Ling) worked for NAKED Technologies in Dubai helping with events but, “we discovered they had been stealing money from our investors and putting it in their bank account.”

    Since Jack and Melanie are both Malaysian citizens, Marco and his team made police reports against the two in their respective country. They even went as far as to send legal letters which they have ignored. They even offered a settlement in one of the letters, which was also ignored. You can find the police reports and the legal letter in the links below:

    What is Naked Technologies exactly?
    Before we go any further, let’s talk about what NAKED Technologies is. According to their official website, it is the world’s first asset & business backed cryptocurrency. NAKED hosted a presale that raised roughly $7 million, and an ICO which raised roughly $1 million. The ICO was hosted in Nov 2017 during the peak of the crypto craze.

    Who is Marco Robinson?
    Marco Robinson – the Founder of NAKED tech – is the star and creator of the Channel 4 hit TV show called “Get a House For Free”. He also authored a bestselling book and is an award winning entrepreneur. Check out this youtube video that featured Marco giving away a house:

    While creating a cryptocurrency that is backed by real estate is no easy feat, it is clear that Mr. Robinson is a real estate investor and has experience in the field.

    What are the investors complaining about?
    In the email sent to NullTX, there were a few youtube videos from supposedly disgruntled investors who were complaining about the lack of return on their money and the fact that they couldn’t sell the token anywhere. According to Mr. Robinson:

    “These videos were recorded while Kishore M was soliciting NAKED Technologies customers, disparaging Marco Robinson and NAKED Technologies & selling his own coin : future1coin without Mr. Robinson’s knowledge or consent. It has been discovered that future1coin was a very weak pump and dump and is now at its lowest price of 0.5 cents.”

    Furthermore, when asked about these accusations Mr. Robinson said that their team responds to all emails that they get. He further mentioned that some of the emails he responded to simply bounced back – suggesting that the emails originated from non-working accounts.

    Moreover, when it comes to allegations about not being able to sell the token. Marco said that he did not want to list the token in January, but the NKD team listened to their investors and decided to list anyway on a smaller exchange called SGExchange. However, because the NAKED team wasn’t happy with the security of the exchange the listing was taken off roughly six weeks after its launch.

    That is when those “investor grievance” videos were created complaining of not being able to sell their token anywhere. Because the team wanted to wait for the bear market to be over they didn’t list their coin on any exchanges.

    The good news is you can currently trade NKD on LAToken, which added NAKED technologies back in November.

    #LATOKEN will list @NKDTechnology (#NKD)!
    Deposits: Nov 21
    Trading: Nov 27
    It will be available for eligible users with Tier 3 and closed for trading in restricted countries. Please read Terms of Use on before trading.
    More info:

    The Road Ahead
    NAKED Technologies is unique because you can use your tokens to save over 50% on your travel : which makes your vacations cheaper than any carrier in the world, you can use them on cruelty free cosmetics :, restaurants : and many other products.

    Future plans that are getting major traction are to create mass adoption for the coin and bring in thousands of entrepreneurs as merchants that can reward their customers with NAKED DOLLARS when they buy any of their products. This creates of massive eco-system of spending like on amazon. The difference is, NAKED brings in the socially excluded through FREEDOMX it’s new social impact movement which has already been approved in the usa with a 501 3 (c) and will use its own token to help make homelessness obsolete with the first two way charity based on “Conditional Altruism” I help you if you help someone else!

    FREEDOMX uses Blockchain to guarantee donations are fully received by the homeless. Marco Robinson rehabilitates the homeless through the new Rich List with many influencers and qualified coaches to bring the excluded into the included.

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    Contact us: [email protected]

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    1. Lies and Scam

      This is rubbish. You cannot sell Naked Dollars on LATOKEN – the sell function has been disabled. Huge scam.

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Severity : Extremely High
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