Karen M Horton

Dr. Horton sells herself

Please do not support Dr. Horton as she has MAIMED, as evidenced here, many women.

Please read all one star reviews and take them to heart. I, unfortunately, did not and will pay the price for the rest of my life.

Horton is great at marketing herself but should recuse herself from doing anymore surgeries on patients with Tuberousis. Horton did not listen to me and admitted to FORGETTING my desires and that I loved my original nipples. And while she really expends a lot of effort into making you feel taken care of she made MANY mistakes and her methods are, in my opinion, out dated. I am ruined by my experience with her, as many others here have expressed.

Please look elsewhere for Reconstructive Surgery and Tuberous Breast Correction.
Original “nice” version while in recovery: I was born with Tuberous Breasts and also had a lumpectomy to remove a large Firberadenoma when I was 18. I waited 10 years and only ever promised myself I would do this if it was the right surgeon and if I could pay for it. I went to Dr. Horton with my meager life savings and all the hope in the world. She assured me that my concerns of having an abnormality from the lumpectomy were unfounded (they weren’t).

I have since had 2 surgeries with Dr. Horton and many complications… too many of which I was not warned of. Many of those complications I believe to be simple mistakes she could and should have avoided. Short story… I think she has done a pretty bad job on me. And I know she has not really listened to my wants or concerns. This entire experience has been devastating and confusing….

She is a nice person, but not at all what she sells herself as. Please do not seek reconstructive surgery with Dr. Horton.

Is Karen M Horton a legit?

Karen M Horton is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Karen M Horton located?

Karen M Horton is headquarted at United State. You can contact Karen M Horton by dialing (415) 923-3067 or visit their website drkarenhorton.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Karen M Horton’s customers?

According to Karen M Horton’s customers, a monetary loss of US $415 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Karen M Horton


    Dr. Horton has made my mother’s life a living hell since her first procedure on 11/2015 and the second on 08/2016. When we complained about how it was still a failed result and that we did not want a 3rd surgery which Horton suggested, she terminated my mom from her system when she was still recovering from surgery only a month out.

    Since then, my mother has been in ICU every other week, lives off solid pain medication, and has had her entire life crippled thanks to this monster. Every test has been done through 6 accredited hospitals where every test turned out further negative, proving that her handy work caused my mother to have her life turned upside down.

    She should be stripped of her license and arrested for what she has done to my mother and how she deceived our insurance TRI-CAR. Heed my warning, STAY AWAY FROM THIS BUTCHER! ! I will expose her in the media for what she has done to her mother, and hopefully, no one else ever has to suffer.

  2. My second procedure with Dr. Horton went great.

    My second procedure with Dr. Horton went great. No issues and healing up really nice. I am super happy with the results. Beyond my expectations. Great staff and nurses. The Sutter Hospital team was terrific. Took great care of me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Horton and her team.

  3. Dr.Karen Horton is amazing! She listens,never rushes.

    Dr.Karen Horton is amazing! She listens,never rushes . Your time is as important as her time. She is compassionate, understanding, intelligent, I could go on and on! I’ve had a few procedures with her,and am extremely happy with the results.

    Also, her staff is incredible, invaluable. You will feel comfortable, like a friend or family member, truly. I highly recommend Dr.Horton’s practice, for surgical procedures or med spa procedures. You won’t regret it!

  4. Bad Service Provide

    None the less by the breast reduction pre consultation my husband was in the room and heard when we talked about the technique. Even after surgery by my first follow up, I was wondering about the big long uneven horizontal cuts one 7 inches the other 8 inches.

  5. Never Again

    She removed so much tissue on one breast (not sure why, all the other doctors who I have consulted with aren’t sure why she did it) that my breasts look 1000% worse than when she worked on me.

    I was left with extreme symmastia that I’m still dealing with two corrective surgeries after she first saw me. The left breast has too much tissue removed that in order for any other doctor to fix it,

  6. I really wanted to avoid yelping about Dr. Horton but I feel I owe it to her and other ladies out there to voice out my experience.

    I really wanted to avoid yelping about Dr. Horton but I feel I owe it to her and other ladies out there to voice out my experience. I have talked to her about how extremely disappointed I was/am with my surgeries with her. I hope my experience would help her become a better, more careful surgeon.

    Yes, she seems very very nice. She’s got a great personality and she was definitely easy to talk to which makes most women like me gravitate towards her since this is a very personal procedure. But my breasts were butchered to a point where so far I’m still in the process of having them fixed four years and two other expensive surgeries later.

    I’ve spent so much time, tears and money. I’ve spent too much even if I cannot truly afford it. I scoffed at my tax guy when he suggested I should save money for a down payment for a house. All my extra money (and credit) has been spent to try to recuperate and reclaim my self-esteem.

  7. I told her I wanted them like they were before, but she just went ahead and did what she wanted to.

    I had an unpleasant experience with Dr. Karen Horton that began in 2007 when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She seemed very caring and knowledgeable, the office staff was kind, especially Mary, the office manager. She convinced me the best way to go was to have immediate reconstruction with expanders.

    I developed a severe infection 3 weeks after the first surgery, had to go back in for another surgery to debride the wound and 2 days of IV antibiotics. On the right side she put a saline implant that was much lower that the mastectomy side. She also made huge areolas, where my real ones were tiny, and they look stretched and awful.

    I told her I wanted them like they were before, but she just went ahead and did what she wanted to. I had to have another surgery after the mastectomy implant caused a severe capsular contracture. A few months later I had another surgery to put another implant in. I was on antibiotics for a full year because of all of the corrections.

  8. She was one of the surgeons who totally botched me up in partnership with Dr. Loren Eskenazi.

    She was one of the surgeons who totally botched me up in partnership with Dr. Loren Eskenazi…see my review of Dr. E and take note that Dr. Horton was the assistant. Not trustworthy and still using an antiquated, proven problematic technique to reconstruct post mastectomy breasts. Had multiple operations with their practice after the initial one…still trying to get it corrected and most surgeons refused to touch me because my case was so difficult to correct;

    all agreed huge mistake on part of these two surgeons’ questionable method. Afterward when I thought she might be my only option in terms of trying to correct my problems I went and consulted with Dr. H and she told me I was now “an implant cripple”…gee thanks, nice terminology. She failed to recognize her part in the situation.

  9. How could I or anyone trust and put my life in such an unprofessional outfit??

    Made an appointment and got a call 2 hours prior as I was leaving to change it. I thought it was unprofessional but went ahead and changed it. I thought the professional response was to waive the fee and give me another appt. they did not, but I decided to reschedule anyway. I Met the doctor, she was okay BUT the office was run very unprofessionally. The office manager never got back to me to give me the cost of procedure despite my calling her and reminding her.

    How could this be?? I strongly suggest that rather than spending a lot of time adverstising through social media, etc., Karen Horton must work on running a professional practice. How could I or anyone trust and put my life in such an unprofessional outfit??

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 415 $
Severity : High
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