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You have to know that some words you heard from your employees w

Therefore, I can tell you that you ddon’tget blindfolded in front of your employees.

Although I did test many lipsticks, I only looked at the ones I liked. I promise I swear that I was gentle.

They were not wholly rolled out because I am a lipstick lover, and I wwon’tthat again.

I DID NOT TEST YOUR EYESHADOWS NOR EYEBROW PENCILS. I ddidn’teven open any of the covers.

I noticed that your eyebrow pencil was getting out of control, so I turned it a few more times to ensure nothing was coming out.

Your employee informed me about this, so I returned them right away.

Your employees were impatient and looked at us as if she was about to hit me.

I am grateful that she ddidn’tthat. You might think I am a liar.

She thinks we were playing games with our employees.

Although I found what I liked at that time, I was too disappointed not to spend any money.

Your employees should have a better attitude towards customers looking for what they desire.

I have no intention of saying I will return because I wwon’tthat. Your staff may want to hide the truth to protect their jobs.

As a manager, you can tell your employees to respect all customers, not just those who purchase your product.

Regrettably, you ddidn’tapologize to us for the things your employee said. IIt’snot necessary to apologize.

If you apologize or state that you have a better understanding of fixing this situation next time, I will remove your comments and reviews.

It seems impossible for me to do that because I ddon’tsee any trust between you and your business.

Why ddon’tyou ask your employees what they said before we left the store? So that next customers wwouldn’thave to search for the numbers, we put all the lipsticks back in their places.

I was a little confused because I saw all the numbers upside-down.

Before we left, we both said “hank You” and walked out.

At that time, I had no complaints about your services.

Instead, I was told by your employees that we are here for fun. It’It’sfunny how you asked for repentance from me, but your employees did not.

Your employee did not ask us if we needed any assistance other than asking what we were looking for.

Sdon’tdon’tthink I could remember the product namedidn’didn’trecollect it.

Perhaps that is why you we’re wwe’replaying. After I have finished swatching the CPB lipstick,

Your employees begin to talk about how expensive those products were.

I suppose that was a sign that these parents are aaren’taffordable for young people like me.

Your employees should not judge customers based on their looks.

It is essential to recognize that certain words spoken by your employees may not have been correct.

Is Facial Plus a legit?

Facial Plus is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Facial Plus located?

Facial Plus is headquarted at 2033 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States. You can contact Facial Plus by dialing (415) 664-5763 or visit their website thefacialplus.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Facial Plus’s customers?

According to Facial Plus’s customers, a monetary loss of US $450 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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6 Reviews on Facial Plus


    Although it is a great place to get hydrating treatments, it is not recommended for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Many of the products that they sell contain pore-clogging ingredients. They also promote products that can be harmful to your skin.
    I had a facial there a while back and was utterly stricken. The lady couldn’t remove a few whiteheads from my chin. Two days later, the whiteheads turned into inflamed zits. I WILL NEVER COME BACK HERE AGAIN.

  2. Great place!

    Great place! Very relaxing and through facial. Will definitely be back!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful sujrprise

    Wow! What a wonderful sujrprise – I received a call from Stephanie, the Spa manager, inquiring what happened that made me so disappointed that I would write an unfavorable review. After a providing an explanation, I received an apology, reassurance that I am, indeed, a very valued customer,

    and confirmatin that she will oversee my next eyebrow treatments to make certain that they are satisfactory. What more ccould a customer want? I’m impressed with the inquiry, and happy to be able to return for the quality service I have known in the past. Her call might just set a new gold standard for customer service!

  4. Great place!

    Great place! I went here with a friend after lunch and they were so clean and friendly and well priced. loved my facial and will go here again forsure!

  5. I will find out her name and update this review with it!

    I don’t remember the name of the person who gave me my facial, but she did a darn good job! I’ve been back a couple of times and I’ve been a happy camper each time! Am due for another very soon!

  6. I can not believe how people can be so disgusting.

    “Dee C.” also pledges to encourage professionalism in Facial Plus. Is Dee C Dee C an employee or the owner? Dee C private masked me after I had a terrible experience at Facial Plus and made rude and sexist remarks about me.
    This is an excellent way for professionals to promote professionalism. Wow! It’s incredible how disgusting people can be.

Reviews: 6
Reported Loss : 450 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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