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Monthly Subscription fees

I received an email advising that I will be billed a monthly subscription of $8.95 to be paid to this exclusivitystore.net.

There is a transaction date of 27th Dec 2017 and a order number #3643478 and the above subscription charge to be billed to my credit card.

I was shocked to receive such a billing and also that it is monthly recurring.

I immediately followed the instruction to send to [email protected] and received a message that this address was not found.

I also tried to go to the website and a red flag warning sign that this website is not safe, so I stopped there.

All these points to a malicious internet scam being operated.

And there is no way for me to reach them via online also points to a fake account.

Is Exclusivity Store legit?
Exclusivity Store is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 10 consumer(s) was/were given a Exclusivity Store as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Exclusivity Store located?
Exclusivity Store is headquarted at Tablas Strait, Philippines. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Exclusivity Store by dialing 1-844-324-9278 or visit their website www.exclusivitystore.net.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Exclusivity Store’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Exclusivity Store’s customers, US $9 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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10 Reviews on Exclusivity Store

  1. If you are getting credit card bills for Gear Prime or Exclusivity Store

    If you are being billed for services from Gear Prime or Exclusivity Store – call the 800# on the credit card bill. Someone DID answer and I received a credit fro 7 months of billing. The email address I received the credits from is [email protected] – I have not actually receiveed the credits yet, I have been notified they have processed them however I have not received them to my credit card.

    This email address may work to content someone.

  2. No possibility to get in touch with this fake store. Only solution to stop the monthly payments is to block my credit card.

    Since a few months I get message about my so-called membership. All the given communication addresses are fake or unreliable. My bank advised me to block my credit card, as they cannot help me in any other way. Ridiculous

  3. Ripped Off

    I purchased what turned out to be a useless piece of garbage, a clip on telescope for my iphone, and apparently Exclusivity Store began charging me $8.95 per month which has continued for a year. Repeated efforts through the phone number were fruitless but may have been finally answered today as I think I have been able to cancel this recurring charge. It was the same amount as a Netflix charge so my bank wasn’t interested in pursuing it until I got through on the phone number to determine if it was not indeed something I had agreed to pay.

  4. The "exclusivity store" just sent me the same email advising me that they were charging $8.95 to my credit card. I have made several attempts to email and phone them. All attempts have been unsuccessful. It is a SCAM and we NEED to find a way to shut them down and PROSECUTE THEM!! HOW CAN WE REACH THEM??

    I am going to my bank to put a stop-payment order on that card.
    These people NEED to go to prison!!

  5. And they steal your money

    They did the same to me. I thoght they werent taking anything, because it showed on statements as different amounts all the time, always about 11.50 sand showed as being paid to Top Choice. These people are liars, thieves, dirty mongrels having stolen nearly $140 from me.

  6. VISA PURCHASE (OS) LeadingSave 8662206927 3651 OS Amt 8.95 USD
    absolute rip offs! they have been scamming my account without permission, I dont even know who they are!! please someone find them and put them in jail, I will have to cancel my card again because of them!!!

  7. Absolute scam

    Thank you Wong for a very detailed report. I have exactly the same experience but have let i continue for far too long. Rather than try to call them, i shall hand the case over to my bank.

  8. Agreed - total scam

    I got the same email. Called the number and she started asking me for my personal information. I asked her what her business was and she insisted “we have a lot of businesses and we need your information before I look you up.” I told her she needs to take a good look at her life and how could someone do such an evil thing scaming people and to f-off.

  9. Exclusivity Scam

    I received an e mail advising me that $8.95 will be billed to me for a monthly subscription to exclusivitystore.net.

    The transaction date was the 12/08/2017 and was billed to my Credit card.
    Was a shocked when I realised that this is a recurring monthly payment.

    I e-mailed this company only for a message to be sent back saying the address could not be found.

    I have now put this into the hands of my Bank.

    I also tried to go to the website and a red flag warning sign that this website is not safe, so I stopped there.

    All these points to a malicious internet scam being operated.

    And there is no way for me to reach them via online also points to a fake account.

  10. Exclusivity Scam email

    I received exactly the same email from Excusivity as above, claiming I was a member with a number and would be billed $8.95 per month. I have ignored it, not clicked on anything at all. I will watch my credit card carefully to see if $8.95 is deducted. I believe it is a scam, and would like to forward the whole email to a body to report it, but don’t know who I could forward it to.
    It is very authentic looking and many people will think it real.

Reported Loss :9 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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