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I have been contacted back in early December by the name of Evans Williams in IG. His profile is evanswilliams1125 (as of this writing that profile has been deleted). He introduced himself as a widower for 3 years with a child. After a few days of talking to him he asked me to move to hangouts.

We have been communicating til this week when I figured he is indeed a scammer when he asked me for money due to some emergency. He has been sending me a pic of what he claims is how he looks.

His email address in Hangouts is [email protected]. His US number is +14242863217 and his malaysian number is +601117225728.

He started out professing his love for me and has been consistent in sending me daily messages. Naive as i was, and i am embarrased to admit but i fell for it. You could he say he set me up for a very rollercoaster romance and elaborate scam.

He claims at first he was originally from Munich Germany who is now based in the US and is working at Connair as a subcontractor and he was looking to find another job since he plans on being an independent subcontractor. During the weeks of our conversation he was telling me of being selected as final interviewee for bidding in malaysia where he was invited for the final interview. And finally getting the contract. (attaching copy of contract he sent)

A few days after getting the contract. He made up a story of his bag being stolen which contain all his bank cards and passport. He was claiming for now his friends weŕe covering for him but he needs funds urgently saying he cant keep asking his engineer friends to pay for since its his responsibility to take care of them during the duration of the contract.

I told him to sell or pawn whatever he has since i want comfortable withe the idea of offering money to someone i did not know.

This is when he set me up for another story. I guess just to make sure I believe he has money in the bank and he will pay me if i loan him. He asked me to access his bank acct for me to gain his trust. He claims internet in Malaysia is slow so he wants me to check if the check for the contract has been deposited. And if it was he wanted me to make the payments to his suppliers.

I included below the screenshots of his fake onlone banking with the login details. At that time i did not realize the bank was fake so i just processed everything he asked of me.

But i guess i had my doubts because i checked the website of the supplier as screenshot shown below. At first glance everything seems legit so i did not really mind it. A week after he is now telling me that the hotel management where he is staying is asking them to move out as they have not paid a few days of the hotel fees. He said he already borrowed money from hia friends and they need to come out with an amt. So he was asking me to loan him money and i can get it back from his acct after a few days. He said he can not make anymore transfer as his acct officer has warned him he already made trnasfer to his suppliers for more than his required bank limit.

I guess I wasnt in my right mind that day and i dont know why i agreed i sent him money via western union. receipt attached.
He claims since he did not have his IDs with him and since its a payment for the hotel. An employee at the hotel will collect it for him.

I was totally exhausted that day from being rushed by him to make the payments that he kept on bothering me at work i guess thats why i sent him the money.

A day or two past, i cant really get the feeling that he is scamming me so i started checking the name of the supplier we paid online. if u check on the screenshot attached, the contact us info has a chinese and a nigerian address which for me is already weird.

And then come another time he is asking me again to make the transfer from his acct to pay the malaysian tax since he is a foreign contractor. When we processed the payment. He told me got a notification for a stop order in his acct which screenshot i attached below. So now his problem is that he needs to pay for the delivery of equipment he ordered from china. This is were my suspicions grew as he is asking me again if i can send him money. I told him i no longer have the money to lend him. So he keep insisting to find other ways since he will pay me back as soon as the freeze on his bank acct has been lifted.

I was already agitated at this time, as i dont know how to handle him and to stop him from bothering me.

I guess he felt I was upset by his insistence. He started being nice and has been sending me picture of the site where he worked and how he kept my photo as his screen saver. (i included pics below)

This is where he made the mistake and where i confirned he is not an american and possibly a nigerian.

I did a image search of the site he sent and it showed up as a site in malaysia totally not in sarawak where he claims he is and the project was completed in 2017. Another picture is from mainmark site which i also searched on google. What really confirmed my suspicion is when i saw the screensaver of my pic he sent. The very top shows MTN-NG which after research is a network in Nigeria. This is when i started confronting him with my suspicions and of course he was adamant in defending himself.

I decided to check back his IG acct just to get more clues. He has been following a lot of women. And the previous comments that was on his pics has been deleted except for one lady.

So i decided to contact that lady and said lady said he knows the guy and is her fiance. Turned out she was also duped.

I have searched all the pics he sent me in google and found out he was using a photo of a Model in Spain (not mentioning nane for privacy of that person) in IG.

For now i stopped communicating with him and blocked him in IG, FB and hangouts.

I know there is a slight chance of getting my money back but i just want to make sure this guy or probably group of people is caught. As it seems there are other a lot of people being scammed.

Is Evans Williams a legit?

Evans Williams is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Evans Williams located?

Evans Williams is headquarted at CA US. You can contact Evans Williams by dialing +14242863217 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Evans Williams’s customers?

According to Evans Williams’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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