EnerBank USA

Terrible Company!

Please, save yourself, if you don’t have an EnerBank USA loan, please DO NOT get one.

This was one of the worst decisions I have ever made; they are an absolutely terrible company.

I have an EnerBank USA loan and was, again, disappointed by them.

My draft date is the 20th of each month, but yesterday on 01/28/2019, I noticed the money still hadn’t come out of my account from the 01/20/2019 draft.

I received an automated Payment Receipt email from EnerBank USA on Friday 01/25/2019, stating that the money had come out; but it was for a different amount than I have withdrawn each month, and on a different date, showing 01/25/2019 and not 01/20/2019.

Looking at my checking account, the money was still not out of my checking account.

I called and spoke to a rep named Mindy. Mindy did not verify any of the necessary security questions to protect customers against fraud (such as my name, address, DOB, etc).

She immediately began speaking with me about my private, sensitive, account information.

This made me very concerned and upset, as this leaves ALL EnerBank USA’s customer information at risk; anyone could call in and get this information.

Mindy stated that the website did “something weird,” and did not draft on any loans with a draft date of the 20th in January 2019.

I requested to speak with a Supervisor, as Mindy did not sound confident in what she was telling me.

She stated that no Supervisors were available, and that I would have to leave a voicemail.

I told her I would want, because I wanted to handle this while on the call. She said I could not wait on the line until a Supervisor became available.

She stated she could try to get a Specialist on the phone. I was put on hold for over 10 minutes.

She came back and stated that no Supervisors and/or Specialists were on the phone, but that she was speaking to her Trainer, a woman named Taylor.

Taylor apparently conveyed to Mindy that the fact that the normal scheduled amount did not occur on 01/20/2019 was a system glitch, and it should go back to normal February 02/2019.

I do see today, 01/29/2019, the money is as a Pending charge on my checking account.

All in all, this call took 35 minutes, or more, to find out something that should have taken 3 minutes, tops.

I am, again, astounded at how bad EnerBank USA’s customer service is. If this was indeed a system glitch, why not send out a quick email to customers with those draft dates, letting them know? Terrible company!

Is EnerBank USA a legit?

EnerBank USA is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 52 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is EnerBank USA located?

EnerBank USA is headquarted at 1245 Brickyard Rd Ste 600 Salt Lake City, UT 84106. You can contact EnerBank USA by dialing (888) 390-1220 or visit their website enerbank.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by EnerBank USA’s customers?

According to EnerBank USA’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3252 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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52 Reviews on EnerBank USA

  1. Trying to make a payment

    I’ve been trying to reach them for a week to pull a payment from my account…the recording says if I don’t want to wait leave my number and someone will call me back…NEVER HAPPENED.. the company that put my furnace financed me thru ENERBANK, when I talked to HOME COMFORT about my AC, they asked me who financed my furnace I told them ENERBANK, he said he never heard of them…WOW ..Attorney said something up with this place so he is digging..BANK RUPTCY it is…When I talked to a girl from another ext. I heard a baby crying, they need to close that place, ripping people off..My attorney is investigating 🔎

  2. EnerBanik

    My mom pasted away of Cancer she was sick for a while whomever the Contractors scammed her get a roof for extra $3000

  3. EnerBank USA Scam?

    So I get a letter today from EnerBank, claiming that I owe over $4,000 on a debt that paid off over a decade ago

  4. Payment issues on their end makes not my fault

    Reading others comments seems to have had the same issue I had. Seems they had a issue in the beginning of 2019 and no automatic monthly payments were processed. They did nothing to correct this besides charge late fee’s. Also they charge a fee for auto pay. And have fun logging in to see what is left on the loan.

  5. Do not accept financing

    I finally got the list of payments I requested. Had a contract for no interest for 6 months. Most of my payments were applied to intrest that did not exist!

  6. I am trying to pay my bill.All of the seven numbers are out of order.What is the problem?

  7. These guys are nothing more than a loan shark

    I called to get a payoff and obtained one gave it to my closing attorney and we mailed a check for full payment then I get a statement for more interest. They did not honor their payoff number. On top of that they posted the payment 3 days after they received and additional interest was accrued. When I called customer service they read their cue cards and when I asked for a supervisor they said it would be 2-3 days before I would hear back. This guy had had this conversation before I was not his first rodeo. DON’T USE THESE PEOPLE GO A DIFFERENT ROUTE OR DO WITHOUT THEY ARE LIKE THE BUY HERE PAY HERE CAR DEALERS.

    1. They are loan sharks, I was trying to pay off my loan , there was cell phone problems.. this was a Friday…call back the following Monday…they want 900.00 more because I was in default .. by what 8 hrs….I refused to pay and called them loan sharks…to this day…2 months later , they now want 1500.00 more because…I’m going to give a lawyer the money before them. This world has gone crazy, but I’m not giving in to bullies.

Reviews: 52
Reported Loss : 3252 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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