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Dr rand and his active PK are worth for nothing

Dr. Rand Mcclain cares about money and that is all about it. I went to Dr. Rand for an altogether different issue and he recommended me his Active PK pills that do not work. The entire experience was worse, and I have never met anyone like him.

This guy is full of crap. He will do anything to sound right. Just like the salesman of the used cars who do everything to make their crap car look awesome, even better than the new ones.

Have you watched his youtube videos? If yes, you may have given thoughts about buying his shit. But, trust me, all those fancy jargons and knowledgeable talks are worth nothing.

He knows nothing. I have never found anyone as bad as him. He isn’t smart and he tries hard to seem one.

He has not even graduated from a fancy school. He is just a scammer trying to look legit.

This guy is a real pain. He has no respect for his patient time and money.

I did look for his reviews online and ignored all the bad things mentioned about him because of the long list of positive reviews.

Which is no doubt, are fake and paid ones.

The only time you will listen to him would be the time he would be advertising himself.

He likes to brag about himself. He would tell you why he is so successful and what all he can accomplish or have already accomplished.

When I first met him, he aligned me with some HCG and I could not figure out what I was supposed to do.

He charges $800 for an appointment. Are you kidding me?

This price can get me the entire treatment of three months which he made so difficult to pay for. On top of that, he left me on my own.

After putting me up with HCG, he told me that he would call me within 24-48 hours. However, he never replied. He leaves his patients on their own.

I had to email as well as call several times for getting a reply.

The front staff were not cooperative at all. I did not know if they directed my message to dr. Rand or not, but he never called me back.

It went on and on for many days. In the entire three months of my treatment, I got to talk to him once. I had to google for all my problems.

I was having some side effects and had to find answers on google. I adjusted my own medication as per the direction listed on the internet.

This guy did not bother if I was making the changes correctly to my medication or not.

I informed the front staff about the changes in dosages and medication that I was planning to make. They never called me either.

When I called them to check after three days, they said, I cannot bother them for no reason.

They said that the changes were all right and if there would have been any problem, they would have contacted me.

I know they would have never called me back. And, the changes were supposed to be made by the doctor and not the patient himself.

Moreover, he would ask for multiple checkups in between of the treatment for no said reasons. For which, he charges $150 each time you visit the clinic for these checkups.

I believe he did nothing for my case. I was kept on hook for months and at the end, he just got furious because I disputed the charges through my bank.

Never during the three months he had the etiquette to provide me with the right consultation. Whatever he ever said can be easily googled on the internet.

The only thing he did was that he gave me the HCG prescription. Which anyway failed miserably.

After HCG did not work, he put me up with the second treatment option. I had to stop the first treatment on my own accord.

This guy never ever replied so as to assure that the decision was correct. The side effects were gone once I stopped the treatment.

He saved his notes and that was the reason how the staffs were able to find out the next step of treatment in my case.

But, no one was able to order that for me and for the same reasons, after experiencing too many failed attempts, I finally decided to give up.

I called the front staff and asked for a refund. I was very uncertain about what I would do with the medication and treatment that dr. Rand prescribed me.

Being so doubtful, it would have been a complete ignorance from my end to follow his instructions. So, I finally asked for a refund. I wanted to settle it the silent way.

I never wanted to dispute the charges from my bank. That was the reason why I asked for a refund before approaching my bank.

But, these people never gave any considerations to my situation. They right away told me that I will not be getting even a penny back.

This further provoked me to use my rights. When I finally got dr. Rand on line, he said that it was my mistake that I changed the dosage and medication.

And, told me that he never approved those changes. This was certainly not the case.

He did give me green signals. And, if not, his staffs lied to me. In both the cases, he is at mistake.

He is the most irresponsible person I have ever met. And, his active pk did not work either.

This man is nothing but full of delusion. Whatever you see on the internet about dr. Rand is fake and misleading.

Why to pay $800 for an unreasonable consultation which will get you nothing but headaches and frustration.

I consulted another doctor and my problems were solved in a month’s time. Dr. Rand is worth nothing.

Is Dr. Rand Mcclain DO legit?
Dr. Rand Mcclain DO is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 7 consumer(s) was/were given a Dr. Rand Mcclain DO as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Dr. Rand Mcclain DO located?
Dr. Rand Mcclain DO is headquarted at 2701 Ocean Park Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Dr. Rand Mcclain DO by dialing +1 310-452-3206 or visit their website psrmed.com/.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Rand Mcclain DO’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Dr. Rand Mcclain DO’s customers, US $1000 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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7 Reviews on Dr. Rand Mcclain DO

  1. Send you to Collections for a service that was never provided.

    CCOLLECTIONS!!! Do not use their service. It is over PRICE and they will send you to collections. I moved on, after not receiving the full service. 5 months later, 11/2020 I received a Letter from a Cheesy “Legal Action Collection Agency” guy name Blake. I told blake that I did not receive the service that he was sending me to collections for on the behalf of Dr. Rand. Later I received an email from Michael Bell who attached the signature for the LAB test that I authorized to be charged at the beginning of my consultation for $300. I asked for the consent from where I’m obligated to pay $800 for a service that was half-ass and never received.

    After my labs, I was supposed to get my medication. Two weeks later I received a “forward” email stating that my medication was being delayed due to a hurricane. I waited for 3 weeks before I call Dr. Rand’s office. I was told that the person who was handling my file was on vacation (09/2020) and that someone will be in touch. 2 weeks later, I called them back and that someone will reach out. No one got back to me and I moved on….
    On 11/2020 I get a letter and send it to collections on the behalf of Dr. Rand and “Michael Bell” for $800 for a service I never received.

    It has affected my credit and now I have to deal with their half-ass service. BE AWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reference: File #2020-1420

  2. Good Ole Dr Mcclain

    I’m sorry this guy is a paid endorser. After the fact I have tried three products he has endorsed and each was a rip off. Thank goodness I only try items with 100% guarantee so my mistakes don’t cost me money. Try the products based upon the actual people that review it not the BS’ers.

  3. Doctor Ran mcclain is greedy car sales man

    My short story as a patient with this con turn out to be doc is that it started really smooth especially with his old staffers Bernie and so forth which they all quit and he had serious problems with ordering my stuff from the pharmacy which I use to get wrong or short of what I am supposed to take. last year and half since he hired new staff especially this so called office “officer” mike or “Michael” he thinks his really the cherif in town all he needs is a badge, he tried to force to order things that Im not even in need to take plus, he mess up couple of my refills which pissed me off cause I had im on “trt” and I missed my shots. The more of patients he gotten since he moved to new location with more …. The stiffer he got and more policies he created so you wont BE ABLE TO ORDER FROM YOUR OWN PHARMACY no more. In the end he became greedy and its a slow killer and his staff are trained scam artist.

  4. What's up paid reviewer?

    if you wanna earn money, live honestly. I feel very sorry for your life of getting paid and ass-kissing scammers like Rand.

  5. Placebo effect

    Placebo effect. Chances are you lost 5# and two sizes because you started watching calories.

    Many overweight people can lose up to 20# in first month or longer depending on amount overweight by calorie reduction without the product.

    I have myself as a research subject as well as friends. I use My Fitness Pal free version to track calories and types of calories to try to bring more balance. ( proteins / fats / carbs/ minerals etc )

    HCG does work, but I gained back weight when it was discontinued. And when I was part of an FDA beta group for it, we didn’t change our diets we just tracked what we were eating. I lost as I recall about ten pounds over three months. Dieting and reducing calories works better.

  6. Anyone with a brain can see this "doctor" (DO not MD) is a scam artist,

    I have NOT seen the doctor, and I am an MD, who was trained at Stanford and USC. I have reviewed many of McClain DO’s written claims, and it is all bull shit, and not very cleaver bullshit. Sort of like, eat beets, and that will cure all that ails you. I assume that he overcharges, and like all con man is a glib talker, while saying nothing of substance, but very charming. . That is the person to whom so many people gravitate to, because they like the simplest claims, and can not understand real science, which is rarely glamorous, or as simplest as the claims of McClain. If you want to be ripped off, while you hear some outrageous, false claims, this is your guy.

  7. Active PK really does work!!!!!!!!!! NO SCAM

    Dr. Rand McClain has been a life saver for me. I have been taking Active PK and watching my calories for a month and I have dropped 2 waist sizes and lost 5 pounds. The key is to monitor your calories. If you listen to his preentation and follow his directions, this will work. You can’t just depend on Active PK, he specifically said to monitor your calories. I went on to a website put in my height and the weight I wanted to get to and it gave the calorie range which for me was 1600 to 1800 depending on if I exercised or not. I feel a 1000% times better. THIS IS NOT A SCAM

  8. Thank you for your review. It does appear that this guy is a fake, and chiropractors often fit into this category, of course, not all. I am wondering how you found out that he is a chiropractor, as I did not see this information.

  9. quack alert

    The guys a chiropractor, that’s not really a doctor.

  10. Bad Service Provide

    These new snake oil salesmen come along once a week. Sites like Science Based Medicine and Encyclopedia of American Loons have not had time to review them yet.

    Damned if they aren’t successful though in parting fools from their money! Quackwatch can’t keep up with them either. In the meantime, they grow rich.

Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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