Dr. Christine Huynh Tran

How Rude She Sounded

I went to see Dr. Christine Tran about 3x and then switched to a different pediatrician after my experiences.

My first visit she gave my baby his 1 month shots, and she was very nice in my opinion.

The second visit, I didn’t like how I was treated and felt I was being judged based on a inexperienced doctor.

She told me I was over nursing my 1 month old baby and if I continue to do so, he would have major health problems.

Uhm no doctor, when you nurse on demand, it’s great for baby and for mama.

She was literally the only person that said other wise.

I even mentioned about my son’s rash that was concerning, and she told me to switch lotion brands.

The third time I came back because my baby’s rash got worse and once again she wouldn’t prescribe anything.

She kept telling me try all these other didn’t brands of lotions.

My husband asked Dr. Tran if she did exemptions and she asked us for what? Vaccines? We could tell how annoyed she looked and how rude she sounded.

I finally found a better caring doctor that immediately told me my son had severe eczema and treated it right away.

Hes a great pediatrician, I’m so glad I switched doctors!

Is Dr. Christine Huynh Tran a legit?

Dr. Christine Huynh Tran is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dr. Christine Huynh Tran located?

Dr. Christine Huynh Tran is headquarted at 12665 Garden Grove Blvd Ste 204 Garden Grove, CA 92843. You can contact Dr. Christine Huynh Tran by dialing (714) 537-7373 or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dr. Christine Huynh Tran’s customers?

According to Dr. Christine Huynh Tran’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3667 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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6 Reviews on Dr. Christine Huynh Tran

  1. My 3 kids have seen Dr. Tran since birth.

    My 3 kids have seen Dr. Tran since birth. We love Dr. Tran because she is gentle, patient and truly cares. However, her office is ALWAYS super busy and the wait time can be really long. In May last year, my husband decided to change doctor because of the long wait time.

    We have been taking the kids to their new pediatrician in HB. This doctor is nice but she is NOT Dr. Tran. We get in and out of the office faster but we don’t have the comfort knowing that the kids receive the best care possible. We finally changed back to Dr. Tran last November.

    We were very surprised when we returned. Her office is newly remodeled. It’s big and BEAUTIFUL. We talked to Dr. Tran about our wait issue. She suggested that we make appointments AND come on time or early for our appointments. For the past 3 months, we saw Dr. Tran twice and both times, she saw us within 10 to 20 minutes.

  2. My son has been going to his doctor ever since he was born.

    My son has been going to his doctor ever since he was born. There’s been a lot of things that have bothered my wife and I about this office, but we stuck with the doctor because she herself had seemed pretty good and friendly. However, the incident this last week is the last straw; I will be changing my son’s primary physician.

    Last week, Dr. Christine Tran wrote a prescription for albuterol for my son’s cough. The pharmacists couldn’t read her writing and thought 3/4 ml (three-quarters) looked like 3-4 ml (three to four). So, they called the doctor’s office to verify the numbers. Apparently, the office confirmed it, and my son ended up getting taking the wrong dosage for a week, three times the intended amount…

    At first, I thought it was entirely due to Dr. Christine’s writing, but after inspecting the prescription paper more carefully, I found that I personally wouldn’t have mistaken 3/4 ml (three quarters). I am bewildered at how the pharmacist can misinterpret the prescription paper and equally astonished that the doctor’s office miss-confirmed it during the call.

    My son is two years old; luckily he seems to be doing okay. However, I am dissatisfied that neither the doctor nor the pharmacist would take responsibility.

    Aside from this incident, we have regularly experienced difficulty with her office staff. Even with appointments, 95% of the time my son would not be seen till over an hour after his scheduled time.

    Once, he had to wait 2 hours after his 9am slot. Her staff is inefficient, unfriendly, and have bad customer service. They have placed our calls on hold and hang up.

  3. Avoid Dr. Christine at all costs.

    We have 2 children have been going to this office since 10 years. We really like her back then but then the last few years thing started to go downhill. The wait time is terrible .They nerver stick to your appotment time, 1-2 hours wait is normal even when u have an appotment and her husband alway tries to take over and he charges a lot more because he’s a specialist but he doesn’t do anything extra.

    There’s been a lot of things that have bothered us,but we stuck with the doctor because we thought anyway my kids have been a long time. However we can’t stay with her anymore one a day when she writes a presciption for my daughter and she said believe it or not she said tell the pharmacy do not call her if the insurance not cover because she doesn’t want waste her time and her fax’ paper.

    And one more thing very important, if you go the doctor now she will refuse to write presciptions and she said she has the medicine for sale but she just sells generic medication and it is way more expensive than the pharmacy’s.
    With my other kid (who is 18 years old), I changed the doctor becauce my kid is a boy and he doesn’t want to see a female doctor.

    However, when the new doctor wanted the old medical records from Dr. Christine she became really annoyed and it’s been 4 months now and she has yet to send any records to my son’s new doctor. Avoid Dr. Christine at all costs.

  4. My daughter was shocked because Doctor is very rude and unpolite.

    My daughter was shocked because Doctor is very rude and unpolite.
    Doctor didn’t listen to what we want to tell her about her decision of treatment.
    Doctor thinks she is always right.She was very upset when we suggested our opinion. We are going to change the primary Doctor for our daughter and never come back.

  5. She hope all the kids in her school won't come to see this bad doctor.

    My daughter commented” Christine Tran is the worst doctor ever”. Christine is very rude, im polite, not professional. She hope all the kids in her school won’t come to see this bad doctor.

  6. NOT recommended.

    NOT recommended. I would not take my kid here. She doesn’t care for your kids.

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