Dionisio Romero

Dionisio Romero runs a Ponzi Scheme Banco de Crédito de la mamad

Dionisio R runs a Ponzi scheme under the pretense of a bank. One of the most prominent con artists wanting to defraud your cash.

I am a bank enthusiast and am always looking for suitable bank investments to boost my investment portfolio. However, this one got through my scrutiny for just one reason – my friend recommended this to me, BCP by Dionisio Mamada. I do all the due diligence before investing in any company or its ICO.

When I first saw his pictures online, I couldn’t believe that he was capable of doing something so unethical and unlawful. He seemed like an empathetic person by face. But that is why people believe in him without doubting his thoughts.

And I was among those people too. Usually, I am very strict about reviewing companies. I would not have invested in his company if my friend had not talked so much about Dionisio M.

After investing over $10,000, I cannot withdraw the money and transfer it to my account. When I connected with customer care, they won’t listen. Instead, they asked me to stay invested. This is seriously against the rights of the people in our country.

I wish Dionasio must go to prison because he deserves to stay there. After such a huge shock, I checked every little detail I could find on him. And I found a lot of red flags to prove that this guy is not a businessman but a scammer.

BCP is nothing but a Ponzi scheme by Grupo Romero global. The company address is a virtual address with no physical address to carry out its operation. Not just that, six more companies operate from the same address.

Dionisio company has multiple services to offer to its customers. He claims that his apps serve different purposes and offer other solutions.

This guy has his coin issuer based in the British Virgin Islands. Not only it’s an offshore location and has no proper regulations for the crypto industry. Therefore, crypto scammers love this place for launching their fraudulent schemes. Hence, Dionisio has chosen this place for issuing coins to users.

Not just that, MeMe global has already become a hub of Ponzi schemes in Dubai and would continue to fool people unless they boycott the company and ask for refunds. Which I am sure it won’t agree to anyway.

Dionisio claims that he is a Peruvian, but he stays in Dubai. Again a strong connection with MeMe Global and its Ponzi Scheme.

You can invest in BCP and buy their tokens, but they won’t let you convert the same to any other coin. Isn’t that a fraud?

One of the solutions, BCPfi by Dionicio, offers 900 days of daily return. This is an MLM scam and a complete replica of what MeMe global used to run. Right after the scheme got uncovered and failed, MeMe Global used a new company under Dionicio to continue the scam.

BCPTRADE from the BCPAY ecosystem offered by Dionicio is an exchange that helps traders to invest in crypto. The business claims to be charging a low fee and promises high returns. You must look at more things before planning to use BCPPAY.

However, what’s scary is that the exchange is licensed in Georgia. Once again an offshore location with negligible regulations.

When investing in crypto, it is always important to check the complete authenticity of the exchange and its owners. You can easily find many complaints listed on the name of Dionicio, who scams people out of money and never comes back to resolve the problems. In this case, neither of which is doubt free.

In addition, the company has weak or no licenses and operates with a virtual office. What else could be a significant indicator that this guy is a scammer? There are tons of such cases already pending to be resolved in the courts. And one more would only create more chaos among traders.

Dionicio is a very cunning man and has been operating the company making it seem like a legitimate entity. My friend was very confident about it, but he was heartbroken when he started facing the same issues with the platform. He had invested much more than I had. And many people would have invested their life savings in this company.

Dionicio company offers cards to users for their investments. However, neither my friend’s nor mine was shipped. It has been over months, and we are waiting for our cards, trying to convert our tokens into Euro, and wanting to withdraw the money to our accounts. But who cares?

Everything is in vain as these guys are prepared to ditch the investor and fly to different countries to make the most of their loot.

So, if you are reading this, never invest in the company that says the CEO is Dionicio Quispe Mamada. He is a con artist. He is a scammer, a fraudster, and everything but an honest man. So, stay away from this person, or you will lose all your money. Please do not go on his innocent face. It will only entice you to believe in him.

Is Dionisio Romero a legit?

Dionisio Romero is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Dionisio Romero located?

Dionisio Romero is headquarted at Lima, Peru Calle las mamadas . You can contact Dionisio Romero by dialing +51997537501 or visit their website www.bcp.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Dionisio Romero’s customers?

According to Dionisio Romero’s customers, a monetary loss of US $10000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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Reported Loss : 10000 $
Severity : Medium
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