CORT Furniture Rental

I'm very underwhelmed and would not use them again.

At first I was impressed with Cort furniture rental because it was relatively inexpensive and had a good selection of products. Although, their customer service is AWFUL. I’ve written several emails asking very simple/understandable questions and they either don’t answer for days or will pass me off to another employee. Their furniture was also very poorly made and broke too easily. Overall, I’m very underwhelmed and would not use them again.

Is CORT Furniture Rental a legit?

CORT Furniture Rental is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is CORT Furniture Rental located?

CORT Furniture Rental is headquarted at New York Avenue Northwest 1100 DC US. You can contact CORT Furniture Rental by dialing (202) 223-9241 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by CORT Furniture Rental’s customers?

According to CORT Furniture Rental’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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5 Reviews on CORT Furniture Rental

  1. Terrible experience . Don’t use this company

    This has been a terrible experience from day one. I advise everybody to avoid this company. I ordered a furniture rental package from CORT, a 3-room package consisting of the bedroom, dining room, and living room. The package rental cost was 398.72$ per month, and the initial delivery was reduced with the promo code.. after ordering,g I received an email confirmation about the transaction.

    Based on the agreement, CORT was supposed to give me a delivery appointment at least 24 hours ahead. I was surprised about getting such short notice while, per the agreement, they need to provide me with a delivery notice of at least 24 hours. On December 14t I received a call from a CORT driver telling me he was on the way to my apartment to deliver the furniture.

    I ran back to my apartment to be there for delivery, and on arrival, they told me that due to lack of supply, they brought a bedroom with a dresser mirror that needed to be fixed to the wall. I told them I ordered one that stands alone, and the apartment community does not allow it to attach anything to the wall. So they delivered only the dining room and the living room and took the bedroom back to the warehouse to change.

    The furniture I received from CORT was deficient and in terrible condition, contrary to the contract that says they deliver furniture in excellent condition. I waited a long time to receive a call regarding the room set. I contacted the accounts manager, her name is ChantiGattis, by phone and e-mail and she never gave me any confirmed date, then again she called me on concise notice, which is less than 24 hours, telling me that the bedroom would be delivered.

    I told her this was the second time you are notifying me about the delivery in less than 24 hours, and due to being at work away from my apartment at the time of delivery, I told her that the delivery date needed to be changed. I need to be given at least 24 hours’ notice.

    The account manager rescheduled the delivery to another date. However, she charged me an appointment cancellation fee of 185.00 $ although it was their mistake as they did not give me enough notice of delivery per the contract, and I never agreed to pay any extra fees. I talked with the account manager and her supervisor, but they refused to solve the problem.

    I consider CORT’s behavior fraudulent,t and they are trying to collect money from me for no reason other than their own mistake and inability to deliver their business responsibly.

  2. Totally unprofessional organization.

    Totally unprofessional organization. They’ve been here twice with the wrong furniture. After renting an office desk, they informed me that they don’t have any office equipment, so they sent something else instead. The “dining room” table is really simply a free-standing table that can’t be used for eating because there’s no place under the table for your legs.

    They sent two unmatched chairs the first time and “forgot” the correct one the second delivery. They sent a king frame and queen mattress. After the second delivery they left the incorrect items they were replacing in the middle of the floor.

  3. Be very careful renting from this place. I am paying from shitty items.

    Terrible rental experience with this business. Old used furniture with crap from pervious renter still in sofa creases. Old burnt out used washer especially the dryer. I told them i need new item and they told me items were new prior to rental.

    I could have gotten way better from the thrift store but i need new item and that was what they promised and didn’t get. I took pictures and i called them to report what i got and they said the will send someone to fix dryer.

    I saw note that someone came and fix it but it was still not drying. Even a small quantity of item taken up to three cycle to dry. Rubbbis!!! Be very careful renting from this place. I am paying from shitty items.

  4. I will NEVER EVER shop here again nor will I refer anyone to them.

    If I could give a zero I definitely would. I purchased 4 bed sets from Corts. Paid In FULL. Out of four bed sets one has bedbugs. I called Corts to discuss the concern and the mangervtold me they could have came from my previous house.

    I explained to Deigo this is a brand new house I just moved into. Their delivery company delivered to my new house not old house. Further more I took nothing from my old house to my new house. I asked the manager to have someone to come and expect the furniture.

    He stated that he had to call someone and he will get back in contact with me. I have yet to hear back from anyone there about when someone is going to come. I placed the bed set outside of my home. If I had a truck I would definitely go and drop it off at the front door of Corts. I will NEVER EVER shop here again nor will I refer anyone to them.

  5. Stay away from Cort Furniture, they are scam

    Bought their furniture and found that there were issues with the furniture after the 14 day retun policy. Asked for a full retun but was only able to get my money back for selected furniture at a 70% cheaper than what I’ve paid. Stay away from Cupertino Cort Furniture as it’s not a place to buy anything from them or you’ll be scam like me. I guess this is their biz model to scam others and make money.

Reviews: 5
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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