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The lady at the counter was rude

I had a nightmare of a day when I found out someone stole my debt card and took a sweet vacation on my account, leaving me -$1000. The fraud department takes up to ten days to refund my money. My bills are overdue and I bit the bullet and contact a title loan place.

The lady over the phone was so sweet. I was crying so hard but she reassured me I would be okay and they would take care of me. She pre approved me for $4,000.

I go to the location nearest me with all my needed documents. The lady at the counter was rude from the start.

She said that I shouldn’t have listened to the girl on the phone and that she didn’t know anything.

She also said she highly doubts I would get that much (great customer service).

I hand her my 3 months of bank statements and tell her about the recent fraud on my account with the attached report number.

She asks for pay stubs. I tell her I’m self employed. She said she needs pay stubs. I guess 3 months of deposits doesn’t count.

I told her I work on call for the VA and haven’t had a call in over a month and that’s the only pay stub I receive. I showed her My bank statements prove my full time income.

She rolled her eyes and asked what I do. (She looked at me like I was a drug dealing prostitute). Im a hospice nurse!

She said she was going to speak with her manager and walked away.

At this point I’m crying again. Thinking about how I am going to lose my house and nobody will help me. I’ve never felt so low.

She walks back and simply says “we can’t help you. You have no proof of income and fraud on your account”.

Wow. Merry Christmas to me.

Is CASH 1 Loans a legit?

CASH 1 Loans is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is CASH 1 Loans located?

CASH 1 Loans is headquarted at 2415 E Thomas Rd. Ste 2 Phoenix, AZ 85016. You can contact CASH 1 Loans by dialing (602) 892-3540 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by CASH 1 Loans’s customers?

According to CASH 1 Loans’s customers, a monetary loss of US $475 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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2 Reviews on CASH 1 Loans

  1. StayStay away! away!

    So I needed a loan to help with court fees. I spoke with Andy Hunt first. Then I spoke with his “senior loan officer”, Mark Brown. When I refused to give them my login in username and password for my banking institution and told them they could verify my account via Plaid like every other reputable company out there, he got very angry. I told him to chill out, no need to be aggressive. He kept pushing for my login. I told him no, I’ll only verify via plaid and that I didn’t need the loan that bad, nevermind. He said “well I’m not giving you the loan so get lost!” Who TH does business this way? SCAMMERS DO. Phone number was 219-600-0161.

  2. Cashone loans-SCAM

    I received a call today saying that I could borrow 5000.00 with a 7% interest rate, so I fall lol for it. I communicated with the guy throughout the day. He needed my banking info to verify direct deposits, I didn’t feel comfortable giving it to him at first, but he assured me that it was okay.

    I know that I should’ve known better and can’t believe that I fell for it… well at 5:00, he told me to go to an atm and check by balance because there were conflicting balances on my account.

    I immediately knew something was off, so I headed to my bank, and when I got there, I pretended that I had checked my atm balance and gave it to him. I logged in to my online account and changed my password.

    I then Had to log back in with my new PW and was locked out. I tried to reset it, but he had changed my email account on file to his. I called the bank because the lobby was closed, and they reset my username, PW, and email.

    Then I learned that he made three remote deposits with bogus checks, and I can’t do anything about them until in the morning when they clear…. He said his name was Andy Hunt, and the loan officer was Mark Brown Phone number 219-600-0161

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 475 $
Severity : Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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