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I was a member for quite a long time, as well as other members of my family. It was a bit weird for me to hear the stories of what was going on in the spa – I will spare you the details, but let’s say men can’t have good things. The barber chair was used for something else, and the overall men area suffered a bit of decline…

I will spare you the details. By the end of my membership customer service, etc. suffered and the decline in value was not worth for me. As one of the most expensive Spa places in the city, I was always shocked at how crappy the installation was in the men’s area in comparison with the women’s area.

My family gave me a gift certificate to this Spa for my birthday as I was ending my membership. I struggled since because I don’t want to go back to this place, even if they pay me to go.

So I am stuck with a gift certificate that we can’t return, exchange or do anything with it. I hang up with a manager (Kelly – Client Services), the bottom line is their gift certificates, and cards are a crappy way of holding your money and holding you hostage, I know what you are thinking, well isn’t that how everybody else does it. The answer is yes and no, there some special rules in the State of California that may or may not apply to this, that’s another story., However, their printed terms in the card are essentially this:

Give us your money, and we may or may not accept this certificate. Obviously, in other words, I did a fast search on the internet and found a bunch of similar stories concretely with Burke’s William.

If you are still reading, stay away from this place and do not all for her deceptive gifts certificate practices and promotions.

DO NOT BUY ANY GIFT CERTIFICATES FROM THIS PLACE, in fact, make sure you actually go and get a massage somewhere else, they pay almost nothing to their therapists, so if you are willing to pay that amount go and find a better place maybe a local place not in the mall.

Is Burke Williams Day Spa a legit business?

Burke Williams Day Spa is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 4 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Burke Williams Day Spa located?

Burke Williams Day Spa is headquarted at us. You can contact Burke Williams Day Spa by dialing (415) 694-7984 or visit their website burkewilliamsspa.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Burke Williams Day Spa’s customers?

According to Burke Williams Day Spa’s customers, a monetary loss of US $450 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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4 Reviews on Burke Williams Day Spa

  1. They steal your money

    Look up Burke Williams on the Better Business Bureau website and you will see they have a grade F. I recommend you stay away from this place unless you want to be ripped off and disgusted. I was a member with Burke Williams for 5 months, but after my most recent experience I have cancelled my membership and tried to obtain the remaining funds ($180) on my spa account. I will start by saying that my first experience at Burke Williams was shortly after businesses had started opening back up from COVID lockdowns. The spa was clean and I had a pleasant, relaxing massage. I decided to get a membership so I would commit to some self-care. Subsequent experiences have been okay, but not really as nice as my first time there. On my most recent visit, I booked massages for a guest and myself. The spa was beyond noisy. There were people yelling at each other from across the spa. The cleaning staff in the spa made no attempt to ask people to be quiet. I ended up asking two different groups if they could please be quieter and pointed out signs indicating that this was a quiet area. I honestly felt like I was doing the job of the staff. While relaxing in the hot tub, my guest pointed out that there was a layer of dead skin floating on top of the tub. We were both disgusted and immediately got out of the tub and showered off. We spent the remaining 30 minutes in the lounge area because we were concerned about the cleanliness of the spa. My massage was nice but unfortunately my guest’s massage was uncomfortable and she ended up with several bruises the next day. When I spoke to the general manager I was informed that she would cancel my membership, but that I had $180 available in my membership account and that could not be refunded. I was pretty shocked that she would not refund that amount and expected me to use the money to schedule another massage. When I told her I had no interest in returning she suggested that I gift the credits to someone else. Why on earth would I want to give someone a gift certificate to a place where I had such a terrible experience???? I’m beyond frustrated with Burke Williams inability to refund the money and really question the business practices of this place. I have now decided to settle for a gift card to use on products, as I have no interest in returning to the spa.

  2. Very Bad

    Horrified, Embarrassed, Shocked and Mortified! I am in San Francisco for work from out of town and had a free day so wanted to treat myself as I have been working extremely hard and struggling with some health issues that have impacted my weight

    I called last minute this morning (November 6) after reading on-line reviews of nearby spas to see if there were any last minute openings for a much needed massage and pedicure. All goes well from my check-in, services and the entire surroundings of the spa. I couldn’t have felt better and was so impressed with everything and re-vitalized and ready for the rest of my work trip.

    I go to check and out give my name and the lady exclaims ‘oh, I was the one that booked you this morning” , then starts around the desk and says “oh -I didn’t know you were pregnant” and is actually reaching out to me to touch my stomach!!”” Really, I was shocked and mortified, and am not pregnant, and anyone who has struggled with weight, knows that that is such a devastating comment to hear.

  3. I think you need to retrain her to avoid any future conflicts.

    I know what I’m talking about because I did the same treatment with another person and it was absolutely different. It looked like she just started and ins’t familiar at all with the routine or she just hates her job.

    I would like to highlight one thing specifically. When I first got there I mentioned to her that my eyes are very sensitive and if anything gets too close they swell up.

    She said okay but then when the time came she applied it to my whole face including my eyes. Luckily she put a piece of gauze first because otherwise it would have been worst. I payed extra for the brightening serum and she didn’t apply it at all. I think you need to retrain her to avoid any future conflicts.

  4. I will not be returning here

    terrible customer service and not helpful in offering any alternatives since my appointment was cancelled and rescheduled I did not find out untill I checked in no one bothered to call me before hand the Burke Williams in SAN jose is a much better option I will not be returning here

    October 31, 2018

Reported Loss :450 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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