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I ordered a few drops from APLGO LTD. There were three variants of them. One was for active concentration and focused, another for immunity, and the last for relaxation and mental calmness. It all cost me around $700.

After completing the order, I received confirmation that the products would reach me in a week. Although I received those products one by one and pretty late, this is not the reason why I am here writing this review.

I was okay with late shipments and distributed delivery. What makes me angry is the lies that these guys tell us. These products are claimed to be restoring health naturally with the help of herbs and other natural ingredients.

But trust me, this is completely fake.

There are no such results that I felt even after completing the entire course of three months. Yes, I took these for three months continuously because I had ordered these in that amount.

I was positive about finding some great results by the end of the third month. In between this period, I called these guys a few times regarding the confusion I had. I kept asking why the drops were not making any difference in the way I felt.

And, these guys kept telling me that I needed to wait a little more. They said that these things work slowly. Because these are naturally created, these work from within and show results in some time.

They claimed that the products were very effective and I must wait a little longer to feel the difference. And, I waited for three complete months. Can you imagine the frustration I built up when the third month was about to come to an end?

By the end of the third month, my calls to their customer care surged. I started calling them every second day to ask for the progress I must feel. And, they kept asking me to continue for a little longer.

I had given up by then. I knew that these drops were no good than the sugar candies. These were even worst. At least they do not promise to give your good health back.

I was very skeptical about asking for a refund as I knew that these guys wouldn’t bother sparing time to sort my issues. After all, I had spent my hard-earned money. As expected, they said that the refund was not possible. However, I still did.

So, I mailed them my request as well. But they never replied to my mail. So, I started calling them and the same reply they gave, no matter what reasons I provided them. Now I know that they won’t be refunding my money.

They did offer me discounts on the next purchase. Are you kidding me? This was the same expression I had. Why would I pay even a penny for the products that do not work?

That is why I am writing the complaint here. I want everyone to find out what scammers these guys are. They would rip you off with their lies and fake claims. Do not purchase from Aplgo.com.

Is APLGO LTD a legit?

APLGO LTD is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is APLGO LTD located?

APLGO LTD is headquarted at United State. You can contact APLGO LTD by dialing +7(495)133-90-88 or visit their website aplgo.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by APLGO LTD’s customers?

According to APLGO LTD’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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8 Reviews on APLGO LTD

  1. The above review has so many falsehoods in it, I am amazed the owner of this site should be ashamed of posting things without checking them out 1st

    1st let me say the above “review” and I use the term loosely, caught my eye due to the following:
    THEY DID IT ANONYMOUSLY, if its true, and you stand by it, why not put your name?
    1. Aplgo’s products have over 30 certifications, you do not get those without your product going thru many rigorous tests. If the person writing it had bothered to look up the certifications, that are posted right on the website, not hidden at all, they would have seen there is no malice in how the products are marketed, nor are there any falsehoods.
    2. They offer a 30 day $ back guarantee on their products. MOST companies would never and do not do such.
    3. ALL ingredients used have THOUSANDS and TENS of THOUSANDS of peer reviewed studies proving they do what is claimed.
    4. The person above says they ordered 3 products for focus, relaxation, immunity and paid $700.. NOT! Those three products would add up to $130 plus tax and shipping.
    5. The person writing the “review” says they felt no results.. do you feel the potassium coursing thru your veins when you eat a banana? do you feel the surge of vitamin C when eating oranges? NO…

    YES… myself and THOUSANDS of others have seen immediate results, and others do not, depending on many factors. Those factors have to do with your personal health, the products your taking and what else your putting into your body. Educated people understand that just because you do not feel something right away does not mean its not good for you.

    Not only have APLGO’s products worked for me, they have changed my life. Some of them I take, I feel and see results within 30 mins, others, like the immune boosting product, NO ONE is going to “SEE” results, until you realize that hey, I was around so and so and did not get the cold they have etc…

    I am VERY VERY particular what I put into my body, even grow all my own food. I do not eat fast food, nor do I smoke. so overall, I am pretty healthy. Even so, APLGO’s rapid melt lozenges continue to make my busy, hectic life much easier. I no longer have the aches and pains I once had, I no longer am in constant pain, and I do not have to worry about killing my liver or kidneys with caustic chemicals found in such things like ibuprofen, acetaminophen and the like. (just check the inserts on those types of products for the side effects)

    I continue to see daily results not only in myself, but in friends and family as well. When you give the body what it needs, it will create miracles for you. I have given thousands of FREE product out for people to sample, they always end up purchasing, because they too see results.
    I NEVER put much credence in sites that allow people to post without their names. WHAT ARE THEY HIDING?
    If you read the above and are now reading mine, take a second and do your own research.. I am HAPPY to answer questions, I am a no bs person. I am HAPPY to SHOW you what others are saying.

    THE BOTTOM LINE: APLGO’s products live up to and surpass all expectations. If your looking to be healthier, they are a great addition to your lifestyle.

    In conclusion. I have not put my name to ANY health related product in 30 years in direct sales. APLGO is the first. BECAUSE OF MY RESULTS. You CANNOT argue the science behind the products, you CANNOT argue the certifications they have, You cannot argue the published, peer reviewed white papers they have.

  2. APL go total SCAM!

    APL go total dirty scam!
    I made a research about their so called product which helps to enproove health conditions.
    1. the APL factory is in so far away from any eyes country like MOLDOVA, its near Romania if you are not sure, its worlds shit hole!!!
    2. The sertificate for production is given to APL go by MOLDOVA government for making CANDYS!!! with diffrent tastes!!!
    CANDYS!!!! and nothing about health products.
    3. They are selling banana, strawberry etc. taste candys for about 1000 US Dollars per 1.KG, amazing scam!
    4. One blister of their candys realy cost like 40-50 cents because these are candys, and selling one package of 50 grams for about 80 dollars is just unbelievable.
    5. So total scam, company selling candys for health products.
    6. And of course pyramid scheme!


    Complete BS. Exaggerated Health claims NOT backed by Science. ALL HYPE.

    Expensive as F8 Life Savers.

    Hope the FTC cracks down on them and their “Candy Nutrition”……

  4. Best product I've ever taken!

    These products have changed a great deal in my life/health. The owner is absolutely amazing and truly cares about his associates. A successful and growing business for almost 10 years! You won’t find a better compensation plan or a better product. I’ve been in other companies and never had the support I do with this company or a product that works as well as these!

  5. Just the facts

    One person’s bad experience or great experience doesn’t make a company or its products bad or great. Only the facts. Over eight years, the company has been around for over eight years with over 250,000 distributors and satisfied customers in 30 countries. Will everyone have a life-altering experience from the products? Of course not, but many will feel it when a negative ion-charged product hits their body. An overall feeling of well-being, as Dr. Earl Mindell, outlines in his book “The Happiness Effect.”

    You can get the straight scoop on this company here:
    https:// truemlmreviews.com /aplgo-review-usa

    Scam? I don’t think so. Life-altering products? Not for most Overall Sense of well-being? Yes, for the majority.

    1. Says who?

      APLGO was AGEO before, so it hasn’t just started in the US. Their Florida base is just the address of an incorporation company: there is no physical presence in the U.S. Their phone number is a Moscow phone number: how’s that for a Florida corporation? None of their claims can be verified, except on their website.

      Your review makes no sense, unless APLGO pays you…

  6. These products changed my life

    First, the company did not launch the U.S. market until July 1st. It is September 1st. The person writing this review did not take the products for 3 months. Second, I have taken the products for pain, allergies, and energy. I love these products. Third, everyone that I have spoken to within the company has been very helpful.

  7. Ignorance has no bounds

    It’s funny how so many have an unbelievable experience, and anyone can write a crap article. 8.5-year-old company with proven results… Welcome to America – be one of the first to profit off of their launch

  8. The best product I have ever encountered in my life!!!!!

    I have tried this product myself and had amazing results within 15 minutes!!! I am no example, so I gave it to a few of my friends to see the reaction and received the same results. It’s unbelievable. It works!!!

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