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Me and the scammer started chatting on WhatsApp since April this year. He was talking well on phone and always telling me that if we need any sort if help, me or my daughter he is here. He said if we need any money he is here to give. But I never asked. He even mentioned that he was soon going to get 250 dollars since he did a project and the client told him to go to Thailand to sign some papers to be able to get his money and he has to pay 5 per cent of that amount to be able to get that money which will cost around 14 000 dollar.

So he started praising me that i was so lucky for him as soon as he started knowing me he got that sum of money. So he said that the money is mine too. So when he left to go to Thailand and the day he reached when I phoned he was saying that while going to his hotel he lost his wallet which consists all his cards and money too.

And he had only some money for his living and he had to pay his client the 5 per cent. He acted so emotionally nearly going to cry saying he doesn’t have anyone to help him. And he said there was no way for him to comeback to uk because he had to sign the paper first otherwise he won’t get his money from his Thailand.

So I asked him get another card from your bank here. He gave another story saying here his account is on hold since he lost his card and he had to be there in his bank to be able to get his bank card. The reason for that he gave because he ever lost his card long before that, so he made it in such a way that he had to be present himself to the bank to be able to get his card. So by using all these mitigating circumstances saying he doesn’t have an account too if someone wants to send him money.

So i was feeling so sorry for him and he waited for me to ask me if I wanted to send him money since he made me believe that there is no one apart from me. So me as I had a strong feeling of trust in him due to the fact that he always asked me whenever he phoned me when he was in uk asking if I needed money.

Then thinking all these good words making me judge that he is a honest person I finally asked him I could send money. So he was much satisfied and said ok. And he will return me when his client will pay him. So to get credit I transferred 5000 pounds the same day to his friend account no. It was his bank manager where he was staying. And after 5 days the money was out from my account but not reached the beneficiary bank for weeks. He keeps on telling me to chase my bank since it was my money. So the bank says to wait another few days to see if his hotel manager’s bank got it.

Then the bank said they are going to investigate to it. After a month the money wad credited to my account. Then he gave me two different accounts nos one in uk and one in Turkey. And had some problems in sending since I was not in the country. So he told me to transfer when I came back to another person company name which was changer4u.

He said the company was asking for my driving license details. So I took a picture and send and after a few mins he said not driving license but passport. So i took a picture and send it too . So I transfered when I came back and he got it the same day since it was an EU country. After a few days he said that money was not enough to pay his 5 per cent and was to settle everything and come back and asking for another 5000 pounds.

He says if I will send him he could pay his expenses too and be able to come back to see me. So since I wanted him to come back said to him ok. He immediately send me an invoice from changer4u with the amount 6500 Euro which makes nearly 6000 pounds.

So when i said to him u said 5000 pounds and now in the invoice the amount was more. And lack a few hundred pounds, so he asked if i can add it . So i had put more more on my current account to make it round. I had to transferred from my ISA which had money.

Si I transferred nearly 6000 pounds and got it the same day. And he told me the beneficiary bank didn’t want to release the money since it was a big amount. And asking for the last 3 months statement so i send him. And he asked me for the other account the ISA one which he knew i had because i told me had to transfer on my current account to be able to pay him.

So i send him and saw how much money was left .After a few days I thought everything is cleared with is client business. He text me and said to me he was at bank. He email me a tax receipts too. He phoned me saying that he couldn’t open a bank account because is not a citizen there. So the bank said to him he must invest around 17 000 pounds to be able to open an account. And asking if I could send 17000 pounds.So I tried from then on to use my intuition not to send him any more . I came to know when he saw that amount on my ISA left his eye became big. Thinking I could give more. But I said I don’t have. Then he replied “ O I thought u have when looking at your bank balance.” I said I am not allowed to withdraw money from than account then he said quiet. Then he said to me to take a loan. And said the bank declined it when I asked. Then from that day he stopped phoning me.

Is Amrit Kumar a legit?

Amrit Kumar is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Amrit Kumar located?

Amrit Kumar is headquarted at 39-41 high streets peterport, Moffat GY1 2JT, UK. You can contact Amrit Kumar by dialing 7480059307 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Amrit Kumar’s customers?

According to Amrit Kumar’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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