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Allan H. Nakata & Associates LLC is a bully behind the face of b

Allan H. Nakata works for Bankers Life and Casualty Co. in Honolulu as a Manager and has succeeded in many endeavors as per his assessment which is completely wrong. He is an abusive manager who does not step back while hurting the agents emotionally. I have no idea if the management is aware of his techniques, but if they are, the entire company is run by fake people.

Allan H Nakata never misses a chance to praise himself. However, the truth of the story is, more than 95% of people staying in Hawaii are unaware of his existence as well when he says he is famous in insurance industry. Allan H Nakata is an unethical and cruel person who keeps on abusing agents verbally and emotionally to lead the team. I feel that is the most disgusting way of making people realize your power and importance.

You would occasionally listen him talking about the National Republican Award which he was honored with. However, this award has nothing to do with the insurance industry. Anyone can get the award by donating a plentiful of money to the National Republican Committee. If you have money, you can get this award in the name of charity.

He loves himself and the love is so intense that he does not pardon his professional meeting from showcasing his achievements. Every agent is required to give a lengthy presentation on his success and abilities before every client and he calls it the pyramid presentation. He has the audacity to kill clients time for lying about his stand among top 5% of all the Hawaii insurance managers.

I am sure he is not out of the era where dictatorship was at its peak. He is against the democratic society and wants everyone to listen to him even if he is wrong. If you ignore his suggestions which feels like one but are orders, he will show you the hell on earth.

How can we believe that everyone except him is bad and that does not only include the office staff but his wife and father in law as well? He regularly bitches about his friends and family infront of others just to prove himself right. He has two faces. One that is sweet and friendly and you can see that face before he gains your trust.

The other face is cruel and abusive which you will get used to once he has the emotional power over you. He wins your trust and then shows his real character.

The very first line during your joining will be, “This is your second home and we are family.” However, that line is only a trap to make you dependent.” He likes to make others feel that they will require him all the time.

He will start taking decision on your behalf. Either professional or personal, he will have his feedback on everything. Believe me, he doesn’t like if anyone ignores his feedback. He will tell you what to wear, how to talk, what colour of hair you should get, what should be your weight, whom to date, whom not to date.

Come on! Give me a break. Allan H Nakata never leaves you alone, once you are inside his trap. And he loves dictating everything. He is an insecure pervert and will not bother about your feelings. Once, he told one homosexual male agent that he cannot sell insurances because he was acting gay. That agent left the office.

He does not even leave female employees and keep commenting on their looks and weight. This is totally unacceptable. But this is what gives him energy, by taking out the life from others. At an occasion, he bluntly told few females that they were fat and that was the reason they weren’t good at selling insurance.

He asked them to reduce weight and gave them tips on doing that. He forced them to have broccoli diet for a week and be on fruits and vegetable. He pointed the weight of a girl saying she was 160 lbs and she should come down to 120 lbs.

Do you think someone so concerned will make a fun of you publicly? I doubt that. His hunger to win over other does not stop here. He motivates girls in the office to stay away from relationships as it comes in the way of career.

He keeps his eye on every movement and have his take on everything. If you ignore, you are his next target. You would be surprised to know that three of the girls who were married and worked for longest, are either divorced or separated.

This is what he likes. A bully and wants to be the ring master. But, we are not working in a circus. It is a Bank and you should know the rights every individual has.

His insecurity has made him put 6 different designation after his name and those are shouting on the office plaque. He likes exaggerating about his achievements and popularity. We know the truth and he is in denial.

I would rather say, he like to be in denial and wants to keep following his unethical means of team and people handling.

There are two categories of employees in the Bank. One who hates him and the others who are not confident enough to go against him and seems to worship him. But this will not help them grow and will make them paralyzed at the hands of Allan H Nakata.

He is a fraud who acts to be a hero and make people love him either they like it or not. If you work for him, you have to praise his all decisions and do as he says.

Is Allan H Nakata a legit?

Allan H Nakata is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Allan H Nakata located?

Allan H Nakata is headquarted at Bishop Street 1003 HI US. You can contact Allan H Nakata by dialing 808-548-7526 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Allan H Nakata’s customers?

According to Allan H Nakata’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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Reported Loss : 5000 $
Severity : High
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