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Alfa Romeo of Calgary Alberta Car Dealer scam $1500.

Alfa Romeo of Calgary, Alberta. Andrew Fagan, Finance Manager, and Jian Gao, Sales rep. The integrity and credibility of the Calgary, Alberta, ALFA ROMEO dealership and its finance manager Andrew Fagan are appalling in my personal experience.

I was defrauded out of $1500 by Andrew Fagan, Finance Manager, and his salesperson Jian Gao (groomer) in Calgary, who was also part of the process used to facilitate the scam in August 2019.

They both lied, leading me on a wild goose chase to purchase a Stelvio to defraud me out of $1500 right from the beginning.
Andrew Fagan and Jian Gao set me up to take my credit card number to secure a $1500 deposit on a vehicle they repeatedly proved they could not deliver to me.

They both lied and told me the $1500 was to secure a truck for delivery; he then repeatedly told me after my repeated follow-up calls that he couldn’t get ahold of a delivery company to deliver the vehicle to Ontario.

He kept prolonging this to ensure the ten-day contract cancellation period would be reached soon so he could steal my $1500 deposit unethically.

Therefore I canceled before the ten days were reached because of several red flags of deception, lies, scamming, unreliability, and not showing any facts or goodwill that a truck had been set up for delivery as they did not provide me with the necessary dates, truck company, tracking information for the logistics within ten days of the contract. This was an online order which they claimed they did regularly.

By the way, the SUV was sitting in their building in the basement storage.

In August 2019, AFTER securing my $1500 deposit, he repeatedly told me the vehicle could not be delivered to my home and had to be delivered to an unknown location on an unknown date. I suggested he send the SUV to the Alfa Romeo dealer in Vaughan, Ontario, which he refused.

He could not give me the delivery location name, date or delivery truck company, or logistics. He repeatedly told me he was ‘playing phone tag’ with the truck delivery company. He said he couldn’t get all hold of any delivery truck companies and couldn’t provide me with any logistics after almost ten days.

Yet the sales associate and finance manager told me (before my deposit) that they always do online orders and always deliver vehicles to ONTARIO customers.

Towards the end of this Car-Con-Job, but within the ten days to allow a consumer to end a contract in Ontario legally, he sent me on another wild goose chase where he provided me with a fake dummy account to ‘deposit ‘the balance of this vehicle.

We went to the bank to give this dealer one last chance and hope for the best. During the process of creating the bank draft for the balance of the SUV, the CIBC bank immediately red-flagged their dummy account and advised us to halt all further payments to this dishonest Calgary Alfa Romeo dealer who provided us with a shuttered bank account information to ‘draft and deposit’ money for the balance of this imaginary vehicle.

Why would they do this, you ask? Con-Job. To make $1500 from selling THIN POLLUTED Air to suckers. And they have made it look like I broke the contract so they could keep the heisted $1500 on my Visa.

Get it?

By this point, alarm bells went off that this was a typical car scam facilitated by corrupt, dishonest dealers like the one representing ALFA ROMEO in CALGARY by finance manager Andrew Fagan and his accomplice Jian Gao (who was used to create a false illusion of integrity, over fake- friendliness and fake-trustworthiness with me from the beginning, ) basically to hook me in for part 2, the heisting of my credit card.

This dealer defrauded me out of $1500.
Is this who represents ALFA ROMEO in Canada?

I’ve contacted Alfa Romeo Canada, Alfa Romeo North America, and Alfa Romeo Europe to inform them of this delinquent dealer. This incident occurred in August 2019. It’s now March 2020, and these blood-sucking leeches are fighting Visa to keep my deposit taken on false promises. False bill of sale. A car sales -con job.

$1500 I was defrauded by this particular group in Calgary representing the ALFA ROMEO brand. Which is such a shame.

ALFA ROMEO should take much better care and consideration of who represents their brand here in Canada. It’s the year 2020. Scamming and defrauding clients is unacceptable in today’s marketplace, and that’s exactly what Andrew Fagan and Jian Gao of Alfa Romeo Calgary did to me and the dealership, who obviously won’t return my money. when

They could not provide important truck delivery information to prove they would deliver the vehicle.

They refused to deliver the SUV to our home or the vehicle to the Alfa Romeo dealership in Vaughan, Ontario. They could not provide us a location for pick up of the car nor any transport information once they scammed me out of $1500.

They provided us with false banking information that CIBC immediately red-flagged, whereby the bank would not issue a bank draft with incorrect and shuttered banking information provided by this dealer.


Is Alfa Romeo of Calgary a legit?

Alfa Romeo of Calgary is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Alfa Romeo of Calgary located?

Alfa Romeo of Calgary is headquarted at Calgary, Alberta . You can contact Alfa Romeo of Calgary by dialing 1-877-230-0563 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Alfa Romeo of Calgary’s customers?

According to Alfa Romeo of Calgary’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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    The owner of this dealership called me and sincerely apologized for what had transpired with this incident as he had no idea this was going on as he owns many dealerships and businesses.
    He then graciously refunded $1500 back to my Visa promptly.
    Because of his actions to immediately remedy this situation I now understand this above incident does not accurately represent the Alfa Romeo brand or the Calgary dealership; that the behaviour is the responsibility of one or two individuals working there who may need some retraining in certain areas.
    Thanks to the owner of the Alfa Romeo Dealership in Calgary for his immediate remedy and respect to this incident. We have both moved on and things are now on a positive note.
    Wishing the Alfa Romeo dealership in Calgary lots of success moving forward and it’s been a learning experience for all involved.

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