Print Profits by Michael Shih

The chances of success are there definitely as would any business model. However, it is slim and not really favourable for anyone new to this system. Please try somewhere else.
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Graphic designs and printing has almost become synonymous with computer use nowadays. It is so lucrative that just anyone would consider leaving a regular job for it.

Now, there is the new flow: Print on Demand. This is an advancement in this direction providing many people avenues to get sums into their accounts.

You should have known the by now how attractive the Print on Demand business is.


Whether you are smart or not, you should have known by now that a good number of entrepreneurs have gone ahead of you to blaze trails.

One such person is Michael Shih. Alongside his partner, Fred Lam, he created a business course to educate persons interested in Print on Demand. They called it Print Profits.

Print Profits is a video course, which teaches you how to set up a business that prints a design a client sends to you on the item they want it printed on and ships it directly to the client. Printing could be done on cups, T-shirts, caps, jugs and various other objects as they choose.

It tries to cut off dropshipping and keeping of stock by the business owner.

As I mentioned earlier, the design market is increasing by the day and customers opt for their own unique designs instead of taking to designs by other entrepreneurs.

The Print on Demand Marketplace

The trends in eCommerce have been increasing to ever-newer dimensions. In the past eight years alone, it has witnessed an increase somewhere around 16% each year.

Indications are that it will go over and above this in the coming years.

If you want to try an eCommerce model, then, be sure that you can have a sustainable lead with POD.

You can be sure of being in business in the coming years; and having your expectations and dreams in earning high met just with one business model.

I cannot tell you this will happen in one year, but surely, with some consistency and practice; you are sure to be there. Yes, there!

I am sure you can have a picture of the possibilities as I try to explain its mechanism.

With the right business model and guidance from right source like this, you are sure to get there.

As I would always say, provided it does not utilize a get-rich-quick approach, you are sure to make a headway.

It is possible. Very possible.

You will have to employ a classic and honest tutoring, and with the proper attitude from you, you are sure to achieve your dreams at just the right time.

Next off, is Print Profits by Michael Shih and Fred Lam the ideal model for this kind of job?

Is it worth the risk? Will it pay off?

Well, there is always a way to find out. Please join me as I take a close look at this pair and their program.

By the time I am done, you will be sure to know if this model is anything near reliable for a long-term business to embark on and with which you hope to get to greater heights.

The information is just somewhere in between the lines of this article.

A Review of Print Profits by Shih and Lam

As I would always say, the internet business environment is flocked by so many scammers trying to defraud one person or another.

Have you fallen into any of those? I am sure you have. That’s probably the reason you would want to think twice and watch closely before you will try any.

Obviously, you will also have a cynical look at Print Profits as well. There are many wolves nowadays arrayed in sheep clothing for their own benefits sake.

It would not be unusual for you to be sceptical about these companies coming out here and there.

Have you considered the wealth of the administrators and presenters on these platforms and that of subscribers? If there is so much of a disparity, then you should take a second look if you don’t want to contribute to their wealth and complain of another defrauding.

By the time I am done, you would know the category these administrators fall into. If they want to help someone considering a career in eCommerce or just want to enrich themselves at the expense of these persons.

Well, you would have thought of the good reviews they have and also loved what they promoted. That is no guarantee these days as just anyone out there could be making himself a fortune, doing it for a profit or writing for anyone as a promoter.

The reputation of the reviewer should be a point of consideration in this regard. So, look closer.

Let’s face it. Most persons who create those reviews haven’t ever subscribed. If you want an unbiased reviewing, read on.

As you read further, it will all become clearer to you.

A Look at Both Sides

As I promised earlier, I would provide an unbiased reviewing to Michael Shih’s Print Profits and hope it will be beneficial to you in deciding if you would want to join the program or not.


  • The program takes you off competition as the relationship between you and the customer is unique for each customer you do business with. You would not be under the pressure of competing. Everything from order to design and delivery is unique for each client you do business with. You do not have to outdo anyone to impress someone. It is just you and the client.
  • The programme allows newcomers to thrive as the competition is cut off remarkably. You can have a chance at hitting the market from day one and will have a chance at remaining in the market. It also does not relate whatsoever to any previous experience you have had on the internet. It stands by itself.
  • Print Profits provides an avenue for you to relate with other users on the platform and share in their experience as well as share yours. You can be sure to meet someone who would have had your kind of experience or something similar to it and this is really beneficial for upcoming entrepreneurs. You can always see persons with a similar niche or someone who has been there at some time or another. The environment is provided for such interactions and this can add to motivating you to do better or remain optimistic about the business model you have chosen to work with.
  • Unlike dropshipping and Amazon FBA, it does not require you to keep an inventory. This overcomes concerns related with dealing with suppliers not keeping their part of the bargain. Here you simply collect the order, send it for printing and sent to the client. The bulk of the part where you do not have control as in dropshipping and Amazon is cut-off.
  • Being a part of the program provides you an avenue to receive direct mentoring from the founder himself, Michael Shih. This is besides the video courses he makes available to you in the course of your development on the platform.


  • The absence of inventory looks fishy. Without inventory, how would you keep track of procedures? What if there is an issue in the delivery path caused by downtimes and interruptions. It is just not safe for you to try something that takes off the ‘path’ from you. Many scam programs are like that. With the many explanations offered, you just need to know the mechanism clearly.
  • The platform is not beneficial as they make it seem. With each person on his own unique trajectory, you would wonder when you will find someone with a similar experience as yours. Almost everyone would want to gain experience in his own niche of interest. Whatever guidance or support you will receive from anyone would not be as good as that you would have received if everyone did not have his own unique workspace.
  • Cutting off competition is not traditional and would require much more effort meeting a unique client with the unique experience you are offering. Haven’t You wondered? What if you don’t meet his expectations? That would be another search for both of you altogether. It is quite novel with its own attending challenges. Frankly, anyone who boasts of this kind of model is shy of competition. I wouldn’t bother you if you do not like competition anyway.
  • There is greater effort required to promote your unique brand. Come to think of it. No classifications? That means each person stands by himself competing with thousands, or so, of others with a skill he would have just joined to offer somewhere and be found with a single click.
  • The total video concept is unusual and may not be ideal for some persons. There are people who want to also access typed content and do some self-tutoring. All of this is putaway for complete videos. It is quite funny. Its like delivering content to children. It can also cause a binge watching of videos without corresponding actions.
  • The program is expensive. What? Have you seen their packages? The system makes little or no provision for beginners because you need to have up to a thousand bucks before you should think about enrolling. It is actually ridiculous and should easily communicate to you what the creators of the program want to achieve with it. Of course, we know they need to benefit but that is too much for the kind of business this represents.

Succeeding with Print on Demand actually requires so much effort and learning. The developers of the program may have made a good effort but certain questions remain unanswered.


Having looked at the business on all sides I would tell you that it does not guarantee success. The developers would succeed though but not others like you and me.

See, you need to be smart. This business has much more challenges than meets the eye. Michael Shih maydefinitely not tell you that.

The chances of success are there definitely as would any business model. However, it is slim and not really favourable for anyone new to this system. Please try somewhere else.