Clickbank University 2.0: A Concise Review

Do you know you could make yourself some cool cash creating traffic for your products as well as someone else’s ....
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Do you know you could make yourself some cool cash creating traffic for your products as well as someone else’s content? This has been in practice in very many forms already.

How about enrolling in a course that will take you through the nitty-gritty’s of this business?

Well, if you want to know I will let you in on it. Just keep reading.

Affiliate marketing has been a major breakthrough in eCommerce and serves as a possible means to reach your goal of earning sums from your very comfort.

Developing content and selling it has also been another awesome avenue to achieve the same.

We know this is possible. Of course it is.

How about I tell you that you could make yourself a fortune trying them out.

Well, I’m not the one to tell you how.

Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan have gained much experience trying out eCommerce and are offering you the lessons in a program they call Clickbank University 2.0.

That is trailblazing. Smart.

Consider their goal:

Training their customers to be able to effectively create their own informational courses and sell them on the e-market.. They also teach them how to sell other people’s products and receive commissions.

The University

Clickbank University offers you its lessons after you register for its program, as would any other university.  The lessons are usually given on schedule and not all at once.

They offer a training on being a vendor, creating a customer avatar, setting up a landing page and funnel, getting your product on Clickbank University and scaling your business.

The lessons are between 3 to 25 minutes in length and are included in different sections of the programme.

They ‘faculty’ area is very much improved to allow for maximum interaction between teachers and students. It also has a phone support to enable direct reach.

The program focuses more on training you on how to get your products onto the market. The part of affiliate marketing is less intense in approach and content on this platform.

It is more like an addition.

Clickbank University: Scam Test

For their product creation package, ClickBank University is quite impressive and straightforward in its approach.

What can beat that?

I can tell you that they have a good package for you if you are interested in making a headway creating and selling products.

However, if you are more interested in passive income via its affiliate program, better forget it.

Clickbank University does not have very much impressive content to deliver in affiliate marketing.

I advice you look elsewhere instead if that’s your major interest looking their way.

Statistics of its reviews would reveal that it has done more teaching its students how to create and sell products than it has done teaching affiliate marketing.

If you are up for affiliate marketing, I advice you forget about it.

Click University is not a scam by any means. It is just one scheme carrying a tag bigger than what it delivers.

Looking Both Ways: Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • They offer a money-back guarantee. I’m sure you have had doubts about various programs before. What would you do if the program doesn’t offer you what you thought it would? This feeling is not limited to you my friend. People fall into the hands of hungry entrepreneurs who take advantage of them, making them pay without delivering what they promised. With Clickbank University, you have an immunity against such victimization. You could actually get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product delivered to you. Need I say more? Just don’t forget to check with your calendar because the offer is made available within 30 days of subscription.
  • You are offered access to a great resource of lessons. Clickbank University shows no restraint in offering lots and lots of lessons week after week. You would sometimes get carried away with the amount of material that you could even feel pressured to keep up with following up with the program. They also provide written content for you. This is quite convenient and allows for easy assessment of your progress. This part in particular thrills me and makes me have some liking for it. It’s not unusual to find such materials in a university.
  • You can participate in weekly question and answer webinars. This is really interesting to join in. Imagine having access to the controllers of the empire. You have an avenue to ask any questions and present any challenges you have on the platform. You can have your doubts cleared in one experience. This provision makes them standout among others.
  • They have a responsive support community. You cannot be alone in the Clickbank University. You have access to whatever questions you want answers to. You just need to post it onto the members area and responses will start thronging in. This is a good feature that would be helpful for everyone especially the new. If you need a platform where you could easily ask questions and are answered, then Clickbank University would be favourable. Ever wondered how some online businesses have excelled these days? Customer support has great dividends and Clickbank University understands this. With just anyone being able to be of help, you have continuous access to answers for whatever challenges that you may have. In addition, the phone support is an unusual innovation. It puts Clickbank University ahead of many other training programs that offer similar services. Such level of attention to service is unusual. Believe me, you will feel more secure knowing you have someone ready to respond to your complaints at the other end of the line. You don’t have to send some email and wait for a day or more before some agent will read and begin to plan a response.
  • In addition to their extensive program content, Clickbank University offers a crash course on the use of YouTube Ads. This is a very useful tool for the promotion of products given the amount of traffic generated on YouTube. It is not a major part of the program, though. This addition is a useful feature necessary for the heightened promotion of any product in the market.
  • The cost of enrolling for the program is fair. With $47/month you could have a chance at the dream of your life. The content provided is a good means to scale the cost and, by all means, it matches the content. This is much more impressive than some programmes out there where you pay much more and yet get content that is less than the price.

The Cons

  • Too much attention is given to the program than is necessary. This could be an indicator that the creators are very much interested in the program itself than its subscribers. They need to know that the customer is king. Since we want to achieve our goals of financial freedom and have put some level of trust on these guys to help us get there, I don’t see why they shouldn’t give us the treatment due. Besides, they wouldn’t be running a platform if we weren’t there. The basic purpose of the course would only be met in little measure if they stick with this approach. It is not ideal because it portrays the managers as being selfish and less interested in the progress of their subscribers than they are in themselves.
  • Too much of the program’s content may be found elsewhere online. This may be an issue of incompetence on their part. Imagine going to pay to study for a program which you can get for free from another site. It must have contributed, in some way, to the massive content which the site boasts of. The designers of the program should commit time to producing more of their own content for their subscribers.
  • The truth about the amount of work required to be successful in promoting your own content and marketing it not effectively communicated. As I always said, you need more than joining a training program to succeed at eCommerce. You need to study, practice, share challenges and commit yourself to a consistent follow up before you will make a sure headway. They have shielded the real truth from their students on the platform.

Know this; succeeding at any online business platform requires that you put in the necessary effort. You need a significant amount of knowledge and practice to command a following or gain the attention of the section of the market you want to serve.

Adam Horwitz and Justin Atlan have made an impressive contribution to the e-market – sellers and buyers alike, sellers being their main target. They need to be given credit for their awesome program.

Meanwhile, they should understand that the market is competitive and communicate that message clearly to their students.

You must know better by now that the program is for those persons interested in selling their own content, not affiliates.

The idea of earning a passive income using affiliate marketing learnt from Clickbank University is only an attachment to make you more interested in the program.

My Conclusion

It is pertinent that I tell you the truth regarding this program.

Clickbank University is a good platform to learn relevant knowledge for your product. If you want to be an affiliate marketing expert, you should just go elsewhere.