Al Trade Review: Trading Bot for Generating ROI or Ponzi Scheme

AI Trade claims to own AI Trading Bot for generating ROI. But, lacks the evidence to back the claim.

Al Trade has not provided any information about the owners of the company on their website. Their domain ( registration information is also set to private. Hence, I was not able to find the name of the owner of the domain as well. The domain was registered on 9th May 2018. Hence, the company seems to be a new addition to the niche of MLM Programs.

I came across an official AI Trade’s video featuring Mark Davis. I even referred to his personal website to gather more information. On his website, Mark Davis claims to be an Australian Speaker and Author. He is also engaged in promoting cryptocurrencies. The involvement of Mark is not very clear as far as his relations with AI Trade is concerned.

There are other videos as well which suggests that the company is operating from Ukraine. However, this all information is not explicitly confirmed on the website of the company.

Moreover, the company does not have any products or services that can be retailed. Apart from Autoship program there is nothing one can use to earn the ROI. There is a free membership plan. However, to enjoy the full participation, one needs to invest in bitcoin.

AI Trade – Compensation Plan

The AI Trade also offer recruitment commission. An affiliate receive commission on adding new affiliate to the platform. But, how the payment is made is unclear.

There is a lot confusion about the compensation plan offered by the company. There is no clear specification on their website. Only to confirm that the program is a Ponzi Scheme. The company encourages the affiliate to invest bitcoin for receiving ROIs which is not lucidly specified.

AI Trade do utilize binary as well as matrix commission structure. One of these is used to pay the residual commission and other for the residual ROI payments.

AI Trade – Reviews

Russell: Not Interested in joining. My friend tried to refer me to this platform. I found it a lot tricky and would not end up sulking later.

June: I joined this during the first few weeks after the launch. I even recruited few of my friends to this platform. They still show pending confirmation of the payments. This is a crap program. I tried contacting these guys, but no luck. My friends whom I referred are facing similar issues. God knows, if they actually work.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

The platform is fake and trying to make money by fooling gullible people around. There is not much information shared on the website which makes it flimsy to trust this company. The people working behind the program are also unknown. There is a lot that is not right about AI Trade. So, why to invest?

The Verdict

The AI Trade anonymous admins have tried to pretend being the smartest by making claims that may sound genuine to many naïve investors. They claim that the company is only using the 55% of the invested amount to generate ROI through their own AI Bots.

However, they sound no different from the many other cryptocurrency scam projects that soon died after few months of their launch.

The company, as many other existing in the market, do not have any evidence to back any of its claims. There is nothing to prove that they do own the AI trading bot.

Every company which claims to have the successful AI Model, forgets to clarify why would they want it to use with the money of other people in the world. And, why are they sharing the benefits if they can have it all.

There is no doubt that the companies that claim to generate ROI through the AI bots, are simply planning to take away all your invested money. IN reality, the company is using the funds invested by the new affiliates to pay the existing ones. This makes it a Ponzi Scheme.

As always, once the recruitment will stop, the ROI will stop as well. Few who would be investing early may get some benefits from their investment. However, the majority of the affiliates will lose money.

The anonymous admins will be the first to run away taking all the money left with the platform. Hence, I would suggest staying away from AI Trade.

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