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Walmartcareplan scams customers through its care plan

Walmartcareplan is nothing but the sales tactics, No one will come to your rescue when you submit the claim for the product, It just a waste of time with Walmart care plan customer service. I can say that, they are CON.

It was Christmas week and I was planning to buy a TV. There were sales going on everywhere. I am a regular customer of Walmart and usually get my groceries from this outlet. When I went there to check about any interesting plan, I found a 50” TV on sale. The price was charming, and the model was great too.

So, without thinking twice, I bought the TV. When I was at the cashier’s counter, the manager came and convinced me to buy their Walmart Care Plan. He stated that if anything happens within three months of purchase, the item would be repaired or if required will be replaced without any fee.

He said that it would only cost me $150 extra for the plan. I was not sure about getting into that warranty plan but I also knew how these electronics work. So, I decided to take that plan and pay the extra $150 for it. At least, I thought, I would be saved from higher costs later if the TV damages.

It was in the month of December when the Christmas was close. The TV worked fine for few months and in August, it stopped working. It did not start at all. That was the only moment when I felt right about the decision of buying that care plan. After that moment, I never thought that it was ever a clever idea.

I contacted Asurion who is the Walmart’s Care plan provider. The person on the other end said that there was no way he could adjust the sale price with the current market price of the TV. He did not have that model at the comparable price.

They said that they would provide a reimbursement. However, that would still be of no use. The reimbursement was for the TV and not the plan. On top of that, that money would not have bought me another 50” TV unless I waited for the Christmas sale.

This was stupid, and I started calling local stores to get some insight on the matter. After talking to more than 5 people from the local store, one guy asked me to bring the TV to the store and they would exchange it.

I did as they said. When I got to the store, I saw the exact TV with same UPS on the shelf. When I talked to the manager of the customer service, I was again put down. He said that he would not be able to give me the TV at the same price and I needed to pay an extra $200 to get the new one.

He further stated that the sale price is no longer available and he would not be able to provide a new TV of a similar model in exchange. If that was the case, why he asked me to bring it in the store. He only ate my time and effort.

If I would have been informed about this, I would have never got the care plan that was worth for nothing. I was kept in dark and would never have been disappointed like this before.

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6 reviews on Walmart Care Plan

  1. Should have listened to reviews!!!

    I don’t even know the end result yet, but so far it’s not been a good experience…when you can, use Square Trade…they are professionals. These people do not know what they’re doing, whether they hire anybody off the street or they don’t train properly..They have tempers, they argue with you, they’re rude, and you NEVER get the same answer twice. Some are belligerent, some defensive and some just smooze you and tell you what they know you want to hear. NEVER, NEVER, again..I’d rather smash the phone into a brick wall than deal with these morons..

  2. replacement plan a load of crap

    So I bought the warranty for my son’s phone. Ok, I sent the phone back and they sent me a gift card for the purchase price of 49.99. I go online to reorder and the phone is now 25.00 more… what? ok, call customer service, surely they will honor the org. price right? what a joke… i have ordered a lot of stuff from Walmart. notice i said “have”. this will be the last. not because i don’t have an extra 25.00 but this is bullsh*t!!!

  3. This was the worst plan I ever bought. There customer service was even worst. I would never purchase any warranty from them again.

    The customer service is a nightmare. Was told I would be receiving a email to take a pic of my reciete and have never received one and have called 4x to get them to send me one. Then was told to call at normal business hours. By the way I alao work the same hours. So I apparently have to tell my business meeting to hold while I take care of this. This was the worst warranty I have ever purchased. I will promise I will never make this mistake again. This will be interesting to see how my business partners react to me walking out on our meeting to make this phone call.

  4. Nothing but a scam

    Don’t waste your time on this crock of crap. Bought warranty plan and registered phone and uploaded receipt. 9 months later they say I need to send in original receipt again or there is nothing they can do. Who the hell saves receipt after it is uploaded with the warranty plan. Worst purchase I’ve ever made. Total waste of money. Go ahead and buy the plan and see for yourself if u don’t believe me

  5. wait-wait -wait

    tv has been going on and off -have been waiting /started 9/25/18 finally on 11/6/18 they replaced parts the repair left with tv not working at all!!-really-now they said they ordered more parts this tv was $439.99 and they will repair twice and god knows how much in service and probbly still will not work/asked for supervisors -no help -contract is good as long as you dont need it!!!

  6. Beware of Walmart Care Plan and Straight Talk

    Years ago the Walmart Care Plan seemed to be legit. I purchased phone and plan and when I had issue I called and returned phone and opted for Walmart e-card. Worked fine. But since 2015 they’ve added all these little things not even in small black print that allows to screw you out of your money. This is the second phone in 4 years that they refused to give me my money back on even though I filed the claim within the warranty time limit. I’m just tired of being taken for a ride by Walmart. Might as well deal with the big cell phone companies and at least you know what you’re in for. Stay away from Walmart and Straight Talk. You’re lucky if you can even speak with a person who understands you anyway. They use people from Asia and Central America in their Customer Service Call Centers and it sucks trying to communicate with them.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : lucy1
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